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TTIP corporatist scam hurts workers and small businesses - UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall
Date 24/06/2015 15:49  Author webmaster  Hits 2805  Language Global
UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall address the Chamber during the debate on the preparation of the 25-26 June European Council meeting, Brussels, 24.06.2015

• European Parliament, Brussels, 24 June 2015

Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group -

• Debate: Preparation of the European Council meeting (25-26 June 2015)
Council and Commission statements


Mr. President,
Well during last year’s European elections we in UKIP were told we were mad and crazy when we spoke about a European Army. Now Mr Timmermans has just said, and I quote, “A European army is long term European objective”, so thank you very much Mr Timmermans for clarifying that position before the referendum.
Now it’s clear to me the three most important issues at this European Council are how the European Union will deal with the issue of immigration, the controversial TTIP deal and of course Greece.
Firstly, the problems surrounding migration were brought home to MEP's yesterday because a number of British representatives couldn't get here because of chaos in Calais.
A workers strike resulted in migrants running amok and boarding Lorries and cars heading for the UK. And as consequence the channel tunnel was closed.
But this is nothing compared to what is to come.
There are half a million migrants in the Mediterranean waiting to make their way through Europe. Frighteningly, there is another half a million making their way through Africa and the Middle East.
What is worse is that we don't know who these people really are. We are told that ISIS are using the chaos to import their wicked and warped ideology on to our continent which makes the next terrorist attack not a case of if, but when and where.
The answer is not a common EU Asylum policy, Mr Timmermans I have a better suggestion, the answer is an Australian style ring of steel which protects our borders and sends out a clear message that Europe is not a soft touch.
Now let's move on to TTIP.
We all know how worried you all are by this issue by way you behaved in Strasbourg earlier this month.
You cancelled the vote on TTIP. You silenced any debate on the issue and ignored millions of citizens across Europe who have legitimate concerns.  
Let me make this clear, TTIP is a corporatist scam which will hurt workers, consumers, patients, farmers and small business.
It gives unfair advantage to large corporations. It is a lobbyists dream.
There are 30,000 lobbyists here in Brussels - that's over 40 per MEP.  There are more lobbyists here than there are in Washington DC and therefore it's no surprise to me that the big groups in this parliament support TTIP.
People who are concerned about the damaging effects of TTIP. We should put aside their political differences we should stand united against this secretive stitch up. 
On a final note, my heart goes out to the people of Greece who are being impoverished by the European Union.
To witness the cradle of democracy being threatened by the Brussels bully boys is a truly sickening sight.
So let us stand together against TTIP and let's stand united in our support of the people of Greece.