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Strasbourg plenary
03-06 July 2017


Strasbourg plenary
12-15 June 2017


Brussels mini-plenary
31 May-01 June 2017


Strasbourg plenary
15-18 May 2017


22 JUN 2017: David Coburn: Our shipyards are dying to build a fishing fleet post Brexit (Fisheries committee, 21.06.201

22 JUN 2017: David Coburn: We are now leaving the EU and we want our fishing grounds back (Fisheries committee, 21.06.2017)

22 JUN 2017: Mike Hookem: British fishermen view Brexit as a way to control our waters again (Fisheries committee, 21.06.2017)

21 JUN 2017: Stuart Agnew asks for a delay in deadline for the Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant scheme
(AGRI committee, 20.06.2017)

21 JUN 2017: Stuart Agnew: Soil quality is not a competence of the European Union (AGRI committee, 20.06.2017)

21 JUN 2017:
David Coburn asks Commissioner Dombrovskis why the EU is so keen on increasing financial risk (ECON committee, 20.06.2017)

20 JUN 2017:
James Carver: The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya (Foreign Affairs committee)

20 JUN 2017: Stuart Agnew: CO2 is an essential plant food and we need it badly (AGRI commitee)

20 JUN 2017: Stuart Agnew: If you're going to ban all the things you want to ban... (AGRI committee)

20 JUN 2017: William Dartmouth: When will WTO liberalisation of services take place? (International Trade committee, INTA)

20 JUN 2017: William Dartmouth: Opening up public procurement in third countries, or promoting the EU's political agenda? (INTA committee)

20 JUNE 2017: William Dartmouth: Politicised trade agreements are destructive of jobs and investment in the EU (INTA committee)

19 JUN 2017: Stuart Agnew: Potential problems in EU scheme on unfair trading in food supply chain

15 JUN 2017: Raymond Finch: You cannot legislate yourselves into prosperity

14 JUN 2017: Jonathan Arnott: European Political Parties exist only because we subsidise them

14 JUN 2017: Margot Parker: Child poverty in UK has risen by over 400,000 since Conservatives took power

14 JUN 2017: David Coburn: MEPs pushing forward agenda to ban economic competition between countries

14 JUN 2017: Raymond Finch: Anti-democratic EU vision based on opportunism, corporatism and neo-colonialism

14 JUN 2017: Roger Helmer: COP 21 climate agreement: An eye-watering amount of money for virtually no return

14 JUN 2017: Nigel Farage: Unless Theresa May delivers on Brexit, her own party will get rid of her

13 JUN 2017: Bill Etheridge: Western civilisaion clamping down on freedom of expression in the name of fear

13 JUN 2017: James Carver: Listen to South Yemenis' peaceful call for a say in their future

13 JUN 2017: Stuart Agnew: The Green lobby are determined to kill agriculture

13 JUN 2017:
Julia Reid: EU weeding off one of the few herbicides that farmers have at their disposal

13 JUN 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: Don't deepen the euro. Dump it!

13 JUN 2017: James Carver highlights Scleroderma Awareness Month - June

13 JUN 2017: Julia Reid: EU climate and energy policies perpetuate the same misguided path

13 JUN 2017: Roger Helmer: EU energy labelling: confusing consumers and creating problems for industry

12 JUN 2017: Gerard Batten: Both Tories and Labour dominated by Remainers who want to thwart Brexit if they can

12 JUN 2017: Gerard Batten: The Mediterranean illustrates flaws in Common Fisheries Policy

12 JUN 2017: James Carver: Wasting more taxpayers money on dead-end EU projects

01 JUN 2017: Gerard Batten: Lines between legal and illegal immigration becoming increasingly irrelevant

31 MAY 2017:
James Carver: Why criticise special trade status to Sri Lanka? (Bluecard Question to Leftist MEP Mineur)

31 MAY 2017: James Carver: Delay in Sri Lankan counter-terrorist bill is justifiable (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Jongerius)

31 MAY 2017: Gerard Batten: Stop mass migration of Muslims into European countries!

31 MAY 2017: Raymond Finch: Taxing the poor in Europe to chain poor nations worldwide

31 MAY 2017: Jill Seymour: Running small businesses off the road and out of existence

31 MAY 2017: David Coburn questions Jean-Claude Juncker on his epiphany on tax competition (PANA, 30.05.2017)

31 MAY 2017: Stuart Agnew: Support farmers who produce livestock without antibiotics (AGRI, 30.05.2017)

31 MAY 2017: Stuart Agnew: All this is about vilifying carbon dioxide (AGRI, 30.05.2017)

31 MAY 2017: Stuart Agnew: What is going wrong with bees in Europe? (AGRI committee, 29.05.2017)

31 MAY 2017: Stuart Agnew: What is the European beekeeper doing wrong? (AGRI, 29.05.2017)

18 MAY 2017: Raymond Finch: There is no such thing as EU funding

17 MAY 2017: Stuart Agnew: Norway's misgivings should dent Remain camp's obsession with Single Market

17 MAY 2017: Jill Seymour: Report on Single European Transport Area pushes anti-vehicle agenda

17 MAY 2017: Gerard Batten: EU open-borders policy has created serious security problems

17 MAY 2017:
David Coburn: The EU will quickly discover that an economic blitzkrieg is a double-edged sword

17 MAY 2017: James Carver: Why not negotiate a new Common Travel Area with the Irish Republic (Bluecard Question to Northern Ireland MEP Anderson)

17 MAY 2017:
Nigel Farage: Your attempt to bully the Brits is not working

16 MAY 2017:
David Coburn: Vacuous Macron wants to make an example of the UK so no country considers leaving EU

16 MAY 2017: Margot Parker: Persecution of homosexual men in Chechnya

16 MAY 2017: James Carver: Dadaab represents all that is wrong with the way we deal with displaced persons

16 MAY 2017: Margot Parker: Persecution of Christians in the Middle East

16 MAY 2017:
James Carver: It's Groundhog Day on Syria at the European Parliament

16 MAY 2017: Stuart Agnew: Hold your nerve against these people - they just want to stop farming (AGRI committee, 15.05.2017)

16 MAY 2017: William Dartmouth: EU regulations inhibit innovation and destroy growth

16 MAY 2017: Raymond Finch: Encouraging destructive migration and sowing discord amongst EU nations

15 MAY 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Clamping down on illicit trade at EU level

15 MAY 2017:
Julia Reid: EU bureaucracy and legislation is no solution to food wastage

15 MAY 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Getting off the train before it reaches Destination Superstate

15 MAY 2017:
James Carver objects to Israel being called a 'terrorist state' (Point of Order)

12 MAY 2017: Gerard Batten: Endless Brexit negotiations towards finding a way of reversing the referendum decision (Joint LIBE/PETI/EMPL Hearing, 11.05.2017)

10 MAY 2017: David Coburn: PANA committee seems to want to extend the EU empire's punitive tax policy worldwide (PANA committee, 09.05.2017)

09 MAY 2017: David Coburn: EU using PANA committee to extend its excessive tax programmes throughout Europe (PANA committee)

05 MAY 2017: David Coburn: British offshore territories do not want EU interference in their affairs (PANA committee, 02.05.2017)

02 MAY 2017: Stuart Agnew: If we want our own protein crops we must let farmers grow them properly - (AGRI committee)

02 MAY 2017: Stuart Agnew: EU tax to fill Brexit budget gap (AGRI committee)

02 MAY 2017: James Carver: Commission proposal underlines the EU's increased geopolitical and military ambitions (Foreign Affairs committee)

02 MAY 2017:
David Coburn: Orwellian over-regulation in people's finance will lead to lower economic growth (PANA committee, 27.04.2017)

02 MAY 2017: David Coburn: An excuse for bankrupt socialist EU states grabbing more tax money (PANA committee, 27.04.2017)

02 MAY 2017:
James Carver: More European integration is the cause of heightened nationalism (Foreign Affairs committee)

27 APR 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: Eurogroup chief Dijsselbloem is the Basil Fawlty of Europe

27 APR 2017:
David Coburn: The European Investment Bank must take Brexit into account

26 APR 2017: Gerard Batten: Erdogan's dictatorship vote underlines the folly of MPs who supported Turkey's EU accession

26 APR 2017: Nigel Farage: It's time for Hungary to join the Brexit Club, Mr Orban!

26 APR 2017: Stuart Agnew: Flippant committee chairman turns voting farce into Brexit joke (Fisheries committee, 25.04.2017)