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Brussels mini-plenary
02-03 May 2018

Strasbourg plenary
16-19 April 2018


Strasbourg plenary
12-15 March 2018


Brussels mini-plenary
28 Feb.-01 March 2018


25 APR 2018: Gerard Batten: What would happen if the European Parliament rejects UK withdrawal agreement? (Constitutional Affairs committee)

24 APR 2018: Stuart Agnew: No way to run an agricultural policy (AGRI committee)

24 APR 2018: David Coburn rebukes UK Greens MEP for going completely native on EU project (ECON committee, 23.04.2018)

19 APR 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU obsession with 'ever closer Union' spells its own undoing

19 APR 2018: Gerard Batten: UK should repeal all EU legal instruments

18 APR 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU legislation on organic farming creates anomalies and contradictions

18 APR 2018: David Coburn: Over-regulating business in the name of preventing terrorist financing (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Gualtieri)

18 APR 2018: David Coburn: Terrorism is just a convenient excuse for Orwellian state control

18 APR 2018: William Dartmouth: The gruesome reality behind Facebook

18 APR 2018:Nigel Farage: The Soros-funded attempt for a second referendum has run aground

17 APR 2018:
David Coburn: No one seems to know where EU external funds really go (Bluecard Question to UK MEP Diane James)

17 APR 2018: David Coburn: EU 'external financial instruments' seem more like some Machiavellian slush fund

17 APR 2018: David Coburn: Brexit offers possibility for British counter-view to balance mad EU decisions (Bluecard Question to ENF MEP Janet Atkinson)

17 APR 2018: James Carver: Worsening EU-Russia relationship a damning indictment

17 APR 2018: Gerard Batten: Who benefits from chemical attacks in Syria?

17 APR 2018: Gerard Batten: Flooding Western nations with millions of illegal migrants

16 APR 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU Greenhouse Gas Contradictions

16 APR 2018:
Margot Parker: Why would Assad bomb his own people on the verge of victory over ISIS?

12 APR 2018: Stuart Agnew: Post-Brexit transition period could undermine Groceries Code Adjudicator (AGRI committee)

11 APR 2018:
Julia Reid: Is recycled plastic exported to China ending up in the Ocean? (ENVI committee, 26.03.2018)

10 APR 2018: David Coburn: Is it wise to punish the City of London for Brexit? (ECON committee, 09.04.2018)

27 MAR 2018:
David Coburn: Is the EU Commission working against a Brexit deal, Mr Commissioner? (ECON/TAX committee)

22 MAR 2018: Stuart Agnew: How a German corporation dealt with a small English firm it couldn't compete with (IMCO committee)

22 MAR 2018: Stuart Agnew: A glaring example of the single market not working (IMCO committee, 21.03.2018)

21 MAR 2018: William Dartmouth: Brexiters advocate friendship and free trade with the rest of Europe (International Trade committee)

21 MAR 2018: William Dartmouth: You don't need a trade agreement in order to trade (International Trade committee)

21 MAR 2018: Stuart Agnew: IMCO committee rejects Commission proposal for internal market Directive on goods and services (IMCO committee)

21 MAR 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU-banned cultural goods imported by asylum seekers (IMCO-INTA joint committee meeting)

20 MAR 2018: Stuart Agnew: Across the EU people want to keep trading with Britain after Brexit (AGRI committee)

20 MAR 2018: Stuart Agnew: Fiddled Brazilian lab tests underline the benefits of home produced meat (AGRI committee)

20 MAR 2018: Stuart Agnew: Animal welfare: put your house in order first (AGRI committee)

15 MAR 2018: Nathan Gill: Fair trade for Africa, not aid

14 MAR 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Multinational corporations have undermined the standing of free-enterprise economics

14 MAR 2018: Bill Etheridge: EU corporate tax harmonisation will push more businesses out of Europe (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Bayet)

14 MAR 2018: Bill Etheridge: A Wet Blanket of Endless Taxation

14 MAR 2018: Bill Etheridge: Slushing taxpayers money into the EU distribution system (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Stetina)

14 MAR 2018: William Dartmouth: Tariff wars is what you get with a protectionist EU

13 MAR 2018: James Carver: EU must not impose its trade neocolonialism on Cuba as it emerges into free world

13 MAR 2018: Raymond Finch: All EU foreign policy has done is destabilise the Middle East

13 MAR 2018:
Stuart Agnew: EU commission to define 'family farm' towards future of food and farming (AGRI committee, 12.03.2018)

13 MAR 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Time for the EU to come to a sensible deal - it can't afford otherwise

13 MAR 2018: Bill Etheridge: Sooner or later you will run out of other people's money

13 MAR 2018: Bill Etheridge: European project needs to reflect its dwindling budget (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Jens Geier)

13 MAR 2018:
William Dartmouth and David Coburn: The 'Master of the Politically Correct' goes over the top

13 MAR 2018: William Dartmouth: Will the European Parliament vote in favour of a Brexit deal? (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Hokmark)

13 MAR 2018: Name-calling SNP MEP smitten by UKIP MEP William Dartmouth

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