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Brussels mini-plenary
26-27 April 2017


Strasbourg plenary
03-06 April 2017


Strasbourg plenary
13-16 March 2017


Brussels mini-plenary
01-02 March 2017


13 APR 2017: Stuart Agnew: EU rules making it impossible for organic farmers to operate (AGRI committee, 12.04.2017)

13 APR 2017: Stuart Agnew: 30bln euros a year trying to improve the world's weather by reducing greenhouse gases from the EU (AGRI committee, 12.04.2017)

12 APR 2017: Stuart Agnew: Limestone and calcium deposits in Europe possibly unfit for agriculture? (AGRI committee)

12 APR 2017: Jonathan Arnott questions Hungarian nominee for Court of Auditors (Budgetary Control committee)

12 APR 2017: Stuart Agnew: Global Warming: Assured by Prof. Hook, Dr Line and Mr Sinker (AGRI committee, 11.04.2017)

12 APR 2017:
Stuart Agnew: Field-scale trials tell us something, lab tests and Green lobby tell us little (AGRI committee, 11.04.2017)

11 APR 2017:
Stuart Agnew: Correctly defining 'consumer' according to EU law (TRAN committee)

06 APR 2017: Tim Aker: EU top-down agenda forces changes that no one voted for

05 APR 2017:
Roger Helmer: EU once again abandoning free markets in favour of central planning

05 APR 2017: Tim Aker: Those you call 'populists' are patriots

05 APR 2017: Nathan Gill: Brexit: Unreasonable demands will get you nowhere (Explanations of Vote)

05 April 2017: James Carver: What 'British aggression' over Gibraltar?! (Point of Order)

05 APR 2017: Nigel Farage: A sensible deal in the spirit of good neighbourliness

05 APR 2017: Paul Nuttall: A solution to prevent Gibraltar being used as a pawn in Brexit talks

05 APR 2017: Nigel Farage: We're being given a ransom note

04 APR 2017: Jonathan Arnott: EU accounting ruse is now a whole knotted mess

04 APR 2017: David Coburn: EU report on migrant movements aimed at shutting down reasoned debate

04 APR 2017: David Coburn: An open-door Europe with lots of Jihadis (Bluecard to EPP MEP McAllister)

04 APR 2017: James Carver: EU report condemns ban on migrant jihadists returning from Syria

04 APR 2017: Julia Reid: Avoiding EU bureaucracy in the medical devices sector

04 APR 2017: David Coburn: Sturgeon's desire to emulate Greece beggars belief

04 APR 2017: Bill Etheridge: How far is too far a regulation? (Bluecard question to EPP MEP Schwab)

04 APR 2017: Margot Parker: Another opportunity to engulf us in more EU legislation

03 APR 2017: Stuart Agnew: Relying on the EU's hack-up process of food traceability

03 APR 2017: Julia Reid: Rainforests sacrificed on the altar of 'antropogenic global warming'

03 APR 2017: Margot Parker: Criminals using EU system for human trafficking

03 APR 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Unelected EU bodies a major failing

23 MAR 2017: James Carver: Foreign Affairs committee meeting with U.S. head of Mission to the EU (Foreign Affairs committee, 21.03.2017)

23 MAR 2017: David Coburn: What of Nicola Sturgeon's latest fantasy, Mr Commissioner? (Fisheries ommittee)

23 MAR 2017: David Coburn: Full Brexit the only way to escape EU's Common Fisheries Policy (Fisheries committee, 22.03.2017)

23 MAR 2017: Mike Hookem: Stolen Seas: Brexit is an opportunity to right a grevious wrong (Fisheries committee, 22.03.2017)

22 MAR 2017: David Coburn: Will the ECB chief Mario Draghi respond to questions on conflict of interest? (ECON commoittee, 21.03.2017)

22 MAR 2017: Stuart Agnew: When the EU Commission guarantees food safety (AGRI committee, 21.03.2017)

22 MAR 2017: Stuart Agnew: Agricultural subsidies can work against the market (AGRI committee, 21.02.2017)

22 MAR 2017:
Stuart Agnew: EU wants farmers to monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions (AGRI committee, 21.03.2016)

21 MAR 2017: Stuart Agnew: A 'sustainable' debate that goes on and on and on... (AGRI Committee, 20.03.2017)

21 MAR 2017:
Stuart Agnew: Importing food from outside the EU that we are banned to grow inside the EU (AGRI committee, 20.03.2017)

21 MAR 2017: Stuart Agnew: Solving the challenge of Black Grass - AGRI committee (AGRI committee, 20.03.2017)

21 MAR 2017: Stuart Agnew: Reverting to methods that produce less food will kill more people (AGRI committee, 20.03.2017)

16 MAR 2017: Julia Reid: Cooperation between NGOs and migrant smugglers benefits Islamic extremism

16 MAR 2017: David Coburn: Search & rescue NGOs colluding with migrant smugglers in the Mediterranean

16 MAR 2017: David Coburn: The sloppiest piece of proposed legislation

16 MAR 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Philippines: the case of senator Leila M. De Lima

16 MAR 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Zimbabwe: the case of Pastor Evan Mawarire

16 MAR 2017: Mike Hookem: EU fisheries report ensures that the UK will remain under the hegemony of the CFP

15 MAR 2017:
Patrick O'Flynn: Idea of a common European defence identity is pure folly

15 MAR 2017: David Coburn: Great fear that the EU will become an Orwellian nightmare (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Atondo)

15 MAR 2017: David Coburn: This place can not call itself the Mother of European Democracy (Bluecard Question to Liberal MEP Marinho)

15 MAR 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Which is it going to be: Orwellian group-think or Democracy?

15 MAR 2017: Gerard Batten: The more Islam you have in Western populations, the more terrorism you will get

15 MAR 2017: James Carver calls attention to tragic drought across the Horn of Africa

15 MAR 2017: Paul Nuttall: You are fiddling whilst the Treaty of Rome burns

14 MAR 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Two ways for Brexit

14 MAR 2017: David Coburn: Unknowing socialists failing the citizens of Europe

14 MAR 2014: David Coburn: The EU's corporatist agenda to maintain Europe's tax cartel

14 MAR 2017: Julia Reid: Further harmonisation of agri food chain rules means more EU control

14 MAR 2017: Raymond Finch: It is not for the European Parliament to tell the American government what to do

14 MAR 2017: Stuart Agnew: Farmers 'income insurance' is a nice easy word  (AGRI, 13.03.2017)

14 MAR 2017:
Stuart Agnew: Food safety hypocrisy (AGRI committee, 13.03.2017)

14 MAR 2017: William Dartmouth: How does the European Parliament's Brexit negotiator fulfill his role? (Point of Order)

14 MAR 2017: Julia Reid: EU 'circular economy' legislation binds only the EU

13 MAR 2017:
Margot Parker: The UK does not need the EU for women's rights

13 MAR 2017: Julia Reid: Restricting exposure to mercury

07 MAR 2017: Jonathan Arnott: EU promotion of Internet connectivity in local communities (Budgets committee, 06.03.2017)

02 MAR 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: You're wasting your time and our money

01 MAR 2017: Roger Helmer: Green energy is eating its own tail

01 MAR 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Gender balance among EU judges not a valid target

01 MAR 2017: Raymond Finch: EU treating expats as bargaining chips

01 MAR 2017: Gerard Batten: Thousands of unaccompanied migrant children victims of open-borders racket

01 MAR 2017: Gerard Batten: More EU power to solve the problems EU created

27 FEB 2017: Stuart Agnew: The collectivisation of the EU milk market

27 FEB 2017: Stuart Agnew: Greenhouse gas contradictions (AGRI committee)

17 FEB 2017: Paul Nuttall: Hijacked Labour has nothing in common with the working class communities it's supposed to represent (UKIP Conference, Bolton - with intro by UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden)

17 FEB 2017: Nigel Farage: UKIP is a radical party, or it is nothing! (UKIP Conference, Bolton)