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Strasbourg plenary
13-16 November 2017


Strasbourg plenary
23-26 October 2017


Strasbourg plenary
02-05 October 2017


Strasbourg plenary
11-14 September 2017


21 NOV 2017: Stuart Agnew: NATO airbrushed from Committee debate on Internal Market Information System (IMCO committee)

21 NOV 2017: Stuart Agtnew: Glyphosate has been around for 40 years with no evidence for a problem against human health (AGRI committee, 21.11.2017)

21 NOV 2017: David Coburn: Failure to reach Brexit deal will be an issue for European stability (ECON committee, 20.11.2017)

15 NOV 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: Prospect of Brexit spurring EU interest in trade deals with Australia and New Zealand

15 NOV 2017: Tim Aker: If you want to combat inequalities clamp down on zero-hour contracts

15 NOV 2017: Julia Reid: Environmental Implementation Review transfers additional powers to EU institutions

15 NOV 2015: Stuart Agnew: Anti-microbial resistance: EU needs to get its act straight on livestock prophylactics

15 NOV 2017: Jill Seymour: If you want electric vehicles let's remove red tape

15 NOV 2015: David Coburn: EU trying to achieve bureaucratic authoritarianism by sleight of hand

15 NOV 2017: Nathan Gill: Disturbing similarities between the USSR and blueprints for the EU superstate

15 NOV 2017: Tim Aker: Freedom is only ever one generation away from extinction

15 NOV 2017: Gerard Batten: 1917 Bolshevik coup proves just how fragile civilisation is

15 NOV 2017: Gerard Batten calls for removal of MEP Guy Verhofstadt as EP representative on Brexit talks (with David Coburn and Jane Collins)

15 NOV 2017: Stuart Agnew: 'Canaries in the mine' show herbicide is not hazardous (AGRI committee, 13.11.2017)

15 NOV 2017: David Coburn: If Poland is being dictated to by the EU it should join Britain in Brexit

14 NOV 2014: Nathan Gill: Nowhere has impact of EU-wide trade policy been felt more acutely than in Wales

14 NOV 2017: William Dartmouth: EU anti-dumping rules are too inept to work

14 NOV 2017: James Carver: EU seeking justifications for its defence ambitions

14 NOV 2017: Raymond Finch: Fear of Russia should not lead towards serfdom in Brussels

14 NOV 2017:
Raymond Finch: An opportunity for Malta to expunge EU gangsterism

14 NOV 2017: David Coburn: Governments, especially the EU, squander hard-earned tax-based money (Bluecard Question for Greens MEP Giegold)

14 NOV 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: EU's record on corporate tax evasion is shameful

14 NOV 2017: Nigel Farage: Nigel Farage exposes the political influence of George Soros

13 NOV 2017: David Coburn: Efforts by Moroccan king to prevent persecution of Christians a fine example to Muslims worldwide (Bluecard Question to Diane Dodds)

13 NOV 2017: Margot Parker: The widespread persecution of Christians must be addressed

13 NOV 2017: Gerard Batten: Request for a debate on the denial of access to human rights court for employees of the European Patent Office

13 NOV 2017: James Carver: Request for a debate on the situation in Catalonia

09 NOV 2017: David Coburn: We haven't proved that CO2 is the problem (Conference of Presidents with California governor Brown)

09 NOV 2017: Stuart Agnew: EU budget consequences of Brexit - Stuart Agnew MEP (AGRI committee)

09 NOV 2017: Stuart Agnew: Brexit: 100 billion-euro demand is losing us time on trade talks (AGRI committee)

09 NOV 2017: Stuart Agnew: Assumption that British taxpayers will have to pay for Brexit has no legal basis (AGRI committee)

09 NOV 2017: David Coburn: Banking Union: one-size-fits-all policy creates catastrophic domino effects (Economic Affairs committee)

09 NOV 2017: Patrick O'Flynn questions EU tax commissioner on VAT flexibility (Culture and Education committee)

06 NOV 2017: Stuart Agnew: We don't need to be told by the EU how we farm protein crops (AGRI committee)

06 NOV 2017:
James Carver: More taxpayers money for 'ever closer Union' makes it harder for Remainers (Foreign Affairs committee)

26 OCT 2017: Jane Collins: Who is to pay for the EU fund for environmental damage?

26 OCT 2017: Jane Collins: EU report aims to ensure strict enforcement of EU migration policy

25 OCT 2017: Nathan Gill: It will be Brussels that is judged, not Brexit

25 OCT 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: The flow of irregular migration is the height of political irresponsibility

25 OCT 2017: James Carver: With no effective control of our borders we remain vulnerable to terrorism and disease

25 OCT 2017: David Coburn: You're stereotyping southern and eastern Europeans, Ms Vautmans, would you take that back? (Bluecard Question to Liberal MEP Vautmans)

25 OCT 2017: Gerard Batten: Cases of sexual harassment in the European Parliament had been blocked from the press (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Kozlowska)

25 OCT 2017: Margot Parker: EU parliament has long been turning a blind eye to sexual harassment

25 OCT 2017: Tim Aker: The EU is riddled with panic

25 OCT 2017: Bill Etheridge: EU Entry/Exit System: Would you open the doors to anybody without knowing who they were? (Bluecard Question to Leftist MEP Vergiat)

25 OCT 2017: Gerard Batten: Building a criminal justice system for an EU Police State

24 OCT 2017:
Jonathan Bullock: 4000 bottles of champagne to celebrate the squandering of taxpayers money

24 OCT 2017: David Coburn: Taxpayers fed up having their pockets picked to pay for more grandiose European projects (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Morgano)

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