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Bullet News (February 2010)
  - • I have nothing to apologise for - Nigel Farage
  - • Who are you, Mr President? Farage asks Van Rompuy
  - • European Public Prosecutor just round the corner
  - • When will they unleash the Euro Gendarmerie Force?
  - • Don’t tag all farms with unreasonable penalties
  - • A complex lesson on Europe
  - • Commissioner's Sea Angling pledges to farcical hearing 'worthless'
  - • A Greek Tragedy?
  - • Stuart Agnew MEP questions the Commission about Secret Talks in Mexico
  - • MEPs nod through Β£1,300 rise
  - • They have learnt nothing from history - Nigel Farage
  - • Hypocrisy rules in Commission Guantanamo Bay statement
  - • Greece first to feel Commission's 'iron fist'
  - • Tax harmonisation is for Thieves' Cartel
  - • Hours are Ours - John Bufton

Strasbourg plenary
11-14 September 2017


Strasbourg plenary
03-06 July 2017


Strasbourg plenary
12-15 June 2017


Brussels mini-plenary
31 May-01 June 2017


14 SEP 2017: William Dartmouth: Fires are local, the slow-moving bureaucratic EU has no role in putting them out

13 SEP 2017: William Dartmouth: Free trade agreements do not require free movement of people - William Dartmouth MEP

13 SEP 2017: William Dartmouth: Erasmus programme should drop its political motivation for an educational one

13 SEP 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: Erasmus+ programme will need to secure access to UK universities post Brexit

13 SEP 2017: David Coburn: Do you now recognise that Scotland is leaving the EU and that UKIP was right? (Bluecard Question to Scottish MEP Ian Hudghton)

13 SEP 2017: David Coburn: Brexit means there must be a UK fisheries plan

13 SEP 2017: David Coburn: EU venture socialism is no free market (Bluecard Question to ENF MEP Monot)

13 SEP 2017: David Coburn: Bureaucrats have no business involving themselves in entrepreneurial affairs (Bluecard Question to Leftist MEP Papadimoulis)

13 SEP 2017: David Coburn: EU and Soviet statistics have one thing in common: LIES (Bluecard Question to Gabriel Mato)

13 SEP 2017: David Coburn: European statistical programme is an exercise in propaganda

13 SEP 2017: Tim Aker: Grenfell Towers: Contracting out council repairs and maintenance is a disaster

13 SEP 2017: Gerard Batten: Did EU regulations have anything to do with the Grenfell Tower tragedy?

13 SEP 2017: Jonathan Bullock: Top EU officials mute for two years over VW diesel emissions scandal

13 SEP 2017: Nigel Farage: Mr Juncker's message is clear: Brexit has happened - more Europe without the people's consent

12 JUN 2017:
James Carver: North Korea: What role can the EU play?

12 JUN 2017:
James Carver: Arms exports should depend on the assessment of the electorate

12 SEP 2017: Bill Etheridge: You speak about diversity of energy supply but do you really mean it? (Bluecard Question to Kumpula-Natri)

12 SEP 2017: Stuart Agnew: Fipronil egg scandal demonstrates failure of European Single Market

12 SEP 2017: Tim Aker: Foreign-owned UK energy sold to Brits at higher rates to subsidise prices at home

12 SEP 2017: Jonathan Bullock: Internet connectivity the EU-way for 120 million euros

11 SEP 2017:
Stuart Agnew: Political Correctness causing enormous damage to the safety of women

11 SEP 2017: Margot Parker: Education is the best way to combat violence against women

11 SEP 2017: James Carver: Support for victims of Hurricane Irma must not be politicised

05 SEP 2017: Gerard Batten: The essence of democracy is that you can sack your government (Civil liberties committee, 04.09.2017)

05 SEP 2017: Gerard Batten: Brexit financial settlement is ZERO, not 100 billion! (Constitutional affairs committee, 04.09.2017)

05 SEP 2017:
Gerard Batten: Let European taxpayers know how much the EU is costing them (Constitutional affairs committee, 04.09.2017)

01 SEP 20917: James Carver: Does EU financial support for Somaliland election imply recognition? (Foreign Affairs committee, 30.08.2017)

01 SEP 20917: James Carver: Will New Zealand prioritise Brexit over trade talks with the EU? (Foreign Affairs committee, 30.08.2017)

31 AUG 2017: Stuart Agnew: EU legislation makes European farmers uncompetitive (AGRI committee, 30.08.2017)

31 AUG 2017: Jonathan Arnott: An extra 2 million euros for the chauffeur service (Budgets committee, 30.08.2017)

31 AUG 2017: Jonathan Arnott: 2018 EU Budget should prepare for Brexit in 2019 (Budgets committee, 30.08.2017)

14 JUL 2017: James Carver questions Jordanian foreign minister (Foreign Affairs committee, AFET)

14 JUL 2017: James Carver: EU-Africa Strategy: We can't have a one-cap-fits-all approach (Foreign Affairs committee - AFET)

13 JUL 2017:
Stuart Agnew: You can breed and patent an improved variety, but can you patent a new species? (AGRI committee)

13 JUL 2017: David Coburn: EU commission unable to differentiate between tax avoidance and tax evasion (ECON committee)

13 JUL 2017: Mike Hookem: A 16-foot rowing boat holds a fifth of the entire fishing quota for the South West of England (Fisheries committee)

13 JUL 2017: Bill Etheridge: Will EU forces in Sub-Saharan Africa get drawn into a Mission Creep? (Defence committee, SEDE)

13 JUL 2017:
Gerard Batten: Why should British taxpayers pay benefits for EU citizens who may not even live in the UK? (Constitutional affairs committee - AFCO)

13 JUL 2017:
David Coburn: British waters fished extensively by vessels from other member states (Fisheries committee)

13 JUL 2017: David Coburn: Recreational fishing goes beyond EU competence (Fisheries committee)

13 JUL 2017: William Dartmouth: You should treat Jordan at least as well as Turkey in terms of EU funding (INTA committee)

11 JUL 2017:Stuart Agnew: A Union Act that may, or may not strengthen the position of farmers in the food supply chain (AGRI committee)

11 JUL 2017: Stuart Agnew: A trillion euros down the route of utter madness (AGRI committee)

11 JUL 2017: Stuart Agnew: The many contradictions of EU 'Conservation Agriculture' (AGRI committee)

11 JUL 2017: Raymond Finch: Are you assuming that the UK will contribute to the EU's 5 billion-euro defence fund? (Budget committee)

11 JUL 2017: William Dartmouth: When will the EU-Japan trade agreement be finalised? (INTA committee)

11 JUL 2017: William Dartmouth: Which is more important to the EU? Negotiating trade agreements or implementing the Green agenda? (INTA committee)

11 JUL 2017: Stuart Agnew: The protection of organic farming should be left to Member States (AGRI committee, 10.07.2017)

11 JUL 2017: Stuart Agnew seeks reassurance from the EU commission for the Scots not to be shafted (AGRI committee, 10.07.2017)

11 JUL 2017: Stuart Agnew: EU support for young farmers is just a stitch-up (AGRI committee, 10.07.2017)

11 JUL 2017: Stuart Agnew: Common Agricultural Policy implementation bogged down in complexity for farmers (AGRI Committee, 10.07.2017)

06 JUL 2017: Gerard Batten and David Coburn: Obscene voting speed renders European Parliament a complete farce

06 JUL 2017: Tim Aker: The West should seek to prevent genocide in Burundi

06 JUL 2017: Margot Parker: China exerting undue influence on Hong Kong's political, legal and social life

05 JUL 2017: Roger Helmer: Two-seat parliament a perfect metaphor for the hubris and futility of EU project

05 JUL 2017: Raymond Finch: Stop treating other people's money with such contempt

05 JUL 2017: James Carver: Turkey is incompatible with EU membership

05 JUL 2017: James Carver: Conservative Party and Erdogan's AK party sit in the same Pan-European party (Bluecard Question to Tory MEP Charles Tannock)

05 JUL 2017: Raymond Finch: An EU post-Brexit economic war on the UK will see your huge trade surplus crumble

04 JUL 2017: James Carver urges France to resist pressure over permanent UN security council seat

04 JUL 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: We need to protect cultural values at home

04 JUL 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Taxpayers money for EU political projects

04 JUL 2017: Bill Etheridge: EU army and defence spending becoming a reality

04 JUL 2017: David Coburn to
Justice Commissioner Jourova: Politics before economics, that's your mantra (PANA committee, 03.07.2017)

04 JUL 2017: David Coburn: Locked up for catching a third fish

04 JUL 2017: David Coburn: EU tax disclosure proposal betrays a much wider ambition

03 JUL 2017: Julia Reid: Screening programmes required to stem rise in HIV and TB epidemics in Europe

03 JUL 2017: Margor Parker: Harmonisation of EU standards puts UK product quality at risk

03 JUL 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Is financial aid to Moldova a good use of EU taxpayers money?

22 JUN 2017: David Coburn: Our shipyards are dying to build a fishing fleet post Brexit (Fisheries committee, 21.06.201

22 JUN 2017: David Coburn: We are now leaving the EU and we want our fishing grounds back (Fisheries committee, 21.06.2017)

22 JUN 2017: Mike Hookem: British fishermen view Brexit as a way to control our waters again (Fisheries committee, 21.06.2017)

21 JUN 2017: Stuart Agnew asks for a delay in deadline for the Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant scheme
(AGRI committee, 20.06.2017)

21 JUN 2017: Stuart Agnew: Soil quality is not a competence of the European Union (AGRI committee, 20.06.2017)