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Bullet Blog (August 2011)
  - Pension values to fall by 60%
  - Rescue Fund Hits Snags in Germany and Finland
  - Merkel`s Cabinet Approves Larger Euro-Rescue Fund as Dissent Ebbs
  - European banks `may have inflated balance sheets over Greek debt`
  - Finland on Greek collateral: `It`s not about the money`
  - Commission to organise EU budget conference
  - Poland keen for EU to spend its way back to growth
  - ECB fails to lift demand for Italian debt auction
  - Outcry in Italy as Berlusconi rows back on austerity plan
  - Italy defends bid to delay EU oil ban on Syria
  - Crossrail competition for trains contract delayed
  - Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday: Talks about FEMA, Libya, Mises...
  - No checks, no guards ...easy way into UK for illegal immigrants
  - German constitutional court may rule against EU bailouts
  - EU officials defend health of European banks
  - MEPs rally behind ECB as saviour of euro
  - Update on the EU`s 4.5 billion-euro green fund for projects in non-EU countries
  - Ron Paul Asks If Libya Is Indeed `Mission Accomplished`
  - Pro-Al Qaeda brigades control Qaddafi Tripoli strongholds seized by rebels
  - These green taxes are throttling the British economy
  - Global Warming Analogies Forecasting Project: Comparing scare strategies of the past to global warming alarmism
  - UKIP welcomes poll showing voters moving from other parties
  - The back-door migrants
  - EU orders petrol stations to spend £80m on new pumps
  - Euro bail-out in doubt as `hysteria` sweeps Germany
  - IMF issues warning about European banks
  - Italy Tests Appetite for Debt When ECB Is Absent
  - Polish finance minister says Europe at risk of `collapse`
  - Greek state assets seen as collateral for new bailout
  - Turkey to Return Seized Religious Properties in Effort to Join EU
  - Prime Minister Orban says Hungary must strive to prevent uniform EU taxation
  - Modern enslavement: Families in Ireland skip food to pay the mortgage
  - Iceland Revives Carry Trade as Swaps Show Default Risk Is Below EU Average
  - A European Fiscal Union
  - The demise of central planning
  - EU calls 10 states to order over free movement rights
  - Libya is the new Afghanistan
  - European Investment Bank stops loans to Syria
  - Immigrants cross seven million mark for first time in UK
  - Net rise in immigration `at odds with Tories` pledge`
  - David Cameron has to stop immigration crippling Britain
  - New EU job rights `will derail British recovery`
  - Greece forced to tap emergency fund
  - Finland abandons Greek collateral deal under German pressure
  - Our politicians wouldn`t dare
  - MEP claims EU is `fundamentally hostile` to IFAs
  - Reports: UK and French troops in action in Libya
  - UK aviation industry under attack
  - The Climate Change Con - Christopher Monckton interviewed in New Zealand (Video)
  - Net immigration up by more than 20%
  - Legal doubts over Europe`s bond buying
  - Merkel Rejects Euro Region Breakup, Presses Allies to Cut Sovereign Debt
  - Germany fires cannon shot across Europe`s bows
  - Helmut Kohl joins cacophony of Merkel criticism
  - Greek Banks Set to Lose 5 Billion in Bonds Swap
  - France tightens its belt with 10bn austerity plan
  - France calls Libya victory summit, warns Syria
  - EU targets Iran`s elite unit in Syria sanctions
  - Lesson For Britain: Germany Shelves Climate Change Bill
  - If EU students get free tuition in Scotland, English ones should
  - Asylum system cost `reaches £10bn`
  - Europeans overwhelmingly against immigration: Poll
  - German president questions legality of ECB bond buys
  - Germany May Want PIIGS Gold as Security for `Bailouts` Merkel`s Officials in Damage Limitation Mode
  - German MPs to have limited say on euro rescue fund
  - Merkel rejects ally`s call to use gold as bailout loan collateral
  - Italy: Is there a way out of the woods?
  - Finland threatens to withdraw Greek bailout support
  - Ratings agency says EU bailout deal at risk
  - Euro is `breaking down` says the architect of the dollar`s demise
  - Is The US Next? Germany Demands `Extensive Surrender Of National Fiscal Sovereignty` To Secure Bailouts
  - Eurozone manufacturing sector shrinks
  - Hurling democracy into the volcano to appease the market gods
  - EU, NATO allies to release frozen assets to Libyan rebels
  - British troops may act as peacekeepers if Libya descends into chaos
  - EU `may propose Kyoto Protocol extension`
  - Merkel Says She`ll Resist Pressure for Euro Bond
  - French PM: euro bonds could threaten French rating
  - 70 Tory MPs set to join new group to fight EU integration
  - Countries seek `Finnish-style` deals with Greece
  - New Rift Over Terms Threatens Greece Aid
  - ICAP chief Michael Spencer says broking giant would quit EU over `silly tax`
  - Nato and EU prepare for imminent end to Libya conflict
  - Million drivers face losing licence under EU diabetes diktat
  - The BBC steadfastly avoids the facts about the wind farm scam
  - Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion in Fed Loans
  - Britain faces £50bn bill under Brussels tax raid to bail out euro
  - Dancing with danger
  - Markets in meltdown as global fears grow
  - Overseas spending is madness
  - Why won`t our cowardly leaders stand up to these arrogant bullies?
  - The bonds that tieor untie
  - Bankers, economists see eurobonds as inevitable: Poll
  - US and euro zone `close to` recession
  - Domestic roots to German wariness on EU solidarity in Berlin
  - `German conquest` claims rebutted
  - Finland puts Greek bailout package under pressure
  - Europe `on course to become one country`
  - Calls for a referendum on EU membership after David Cameron's U-turn on tax
  - Speculation hots up over eurobonds
  - Merkel and Sarkozy in euro make-or-break crisis talks
  - Northern Europe should make a break for a new mark, says Lord Leach
  - Majority of Dutch want Greece out of euro zone - poll
  - Why police were so soft on London looters: They `were ordered to stand and observe` as capital burned (but in Manchester they were hunting looters within hours)
  - MPs ready to lash George Osborne over euro
  - Markets plunge again as 10bn wiped off French banks
  - Nicolas Sarkozy pledges drastic austerity measures as French bank
  - UK banks are battered as fears grow France could lose top-notch credit rating
  - Weaker euro states could lose local banks
  - Germany criticises Danish border control plans
  - Top global fund says ECB policy of buying bonds is working well (for them)
  - EU, IIF study extending Greek swap to longer bonds
  - German June Exports Drop, Adding to Signs of Economic Slowdown
  - PM approves emergency police powers for `as long as they are needed`
  - Lending dries up between Euro`s banks
  - Trichet calls on EU leaders to implement crisis plans
  - Germany to propose unelected `stability council` for EU
  - Bail-outs chip away at France and Germany too
  - UK pushes for EU fiscal harmonisation
  - ECB Buying May Reach $1.2 Trillion in Creeping Fiscal Union
  - London Riots: 16,000 police, plastic bullets, change of tactics
  - Spanish, Italian Bonds Rise for Third Day as ECB Purchases More Securities
  - Q&A: Inside the E|CB`s bond strategy
  - Commission backing for ECB bond buying
  - Could The ECB Actually Perform QE Even If It Wanted To?
  - ECB pays a premium for breathing space
  - Netherlands joins Germany in opposing bigger EFSF
  - 3 non-EU countries release 32 mln euro for Greece, agree to a 63-mln-euro grant
  - Greece In Panic: Masses Race To Pull Cash From Banks Causing A Great Depression Style Bank-Run
  - Analysis - ECB fumbles between fire hose and sprinkler
  - Who `made $10bn on 10-1 bet that U.S. credit rating would be downgraded`?
  - Dollar to Be `Discarded` by World: China Rating Agency
  - Alan Greenspan: We can always print more money (well, not forever)
  - UK shipping industry rejects EU`s carbon reduction programme
  - ECB bond buying may reach $1.2 trillion (leading to federal fiscal union)
  - EU speeds up `anti-crisis measures` after US downgrade
  - European shares fall as ECB decides to buy Italian, Spanish bonds
  - George Osborne calls for Eurozone fiscal union
  - Debt crisis: Is this the end for the euro? (or the beginning of an EU Treasury Department?)
  - PM: No need for an EU referendum
  - Nigel Farage: UKIP supports the Daily Express e-petititon for an EU referendum
  - Full Statement From The President Of The ECB
  - Bank of England to warn of hard times ahead
  - Delingpole: 10 Stupid Ideas that led to the Global Economic Meltdown (excluding central banks and unlimited debt, which he`ll write about on his 50th birthday)
  - Merkel faces a Hobson`s choice on eurozone
  - Irish minister says debt forgiveness inevitable: report
  - Did rock-throwing teenage girl`s `beating` by police spark London riots? Pictures that show how Tottenham turned into a war zone
  - Christopher Monckton talks about climate swindling in Whangarei, New Zealand (Video: 2nd hour in 3 parts)
  - Explaining how the just announced ECB market rescue pledged 133% of German GDP to cover all of Europe`s bad debt
  - Crusade for referendum on EU goes into overdrive
  - Pension funds on meltwown
  - Too many migrants say 71% of Brits
  - Barroso admits latest eurozone deal is failing and calls for action on fund
  - Europe`s Central Bank in Crisis Mode
  - Crisis crashes holidays leaders in urgent talks
  - Rehn warns of global impact of spiralling euro debt crisis
  - World markets plunge amid worsening euro-crisis
  - Brussels: Loose talk, fear and greed to blame for crisis (not just central bankers)
  - S&P`s and Moody`s face Italian raids
  - Where`s the credit crunch?
  - Plan overboard! Off with the Euro-federalist baggage!
  - Inquiry Is Ordered on New IMF Chief
  - EU countries wary of oil sanctions on Syria
  - Shares Plunge in Euro Crisis
  - Fears rise over Europe`s health as economy stalls
  - ECB to protect Europe by buying more eurozone debt
  - Herman Van Rompuy for `President of the Eurozone`?
  - Berlusconi says Italy is sound, but fails to convince the markets
  - Barroso raises alarm about severity of euro crisis
  - Barroso asks leaders to stand firm on pledges
  - Bailout Fallout: Italy, Spain next on Eurozone crisis `death list`?
  - Spending cuts hit defence capabilities
  - Egypt, Europe, and the Seeds of a Crisis
  - Monckton finds no takers in NZ
  - Cycling mayor drives tank over illegally parked car in mad stunt (video)
  - End Game For Benghazi Rebels?
  - Euro faces meltdown in the August heat
  - European debt crisis reopens as Italy, Spain under cosh in bond sell-offs
  - EU `astonished` at soaring costs for Italy and Spain
  - Greece in panic as it faces change of Homeric proportions
  - Austerity can rescue Greece, says OECD, but serfdom works better
  - Statement by President Barroso on the euro area sovereign bond markets
  - Global banks fire thousands in Europe, but hiring in China
  - Commission launches inquiry into UK postal service
  - Turkey and the risks to EU security
  - Wall Street tumbles despite debt deal agreement
  - Rep. Paul introduces bill to cancel $1.6 trillion in debt held by Federal Reserve (which they created out of thin air)
  - Former Comptroller General: `Sudden and Very Painful` Economic Collapse
  - Green taxes `hit tipping point that will damage jobs and investment`
  - Heads in Sand: Israel`s biggest anti-govt protests ignored by media
  - 40,000 people support call for EU referendum
  - Italy in eye of the storm as cash runs low
  - European stocks slump and Italy`s banks suffer as Greek relief wanes
  - Greece begins 50bn privatisation drive
  - Cyprus bank warns against `bad` EU bailout
  - Credit ratings: which country will be next in the firing line?
  - Let Turkey into Europol, British MPs say
  - Act of war: Syria defence minister on new EU sanctions list
  - Libyan rebels can`t win, Fox admits, so we need a traitor in Gaddafi`s circle
  - House Approves U.S. Debt Ceiling Raise
  - The Imminent $2.5 Trillion Debt Ceiling Hike Will Unleash A Gold Price Surge To $1,950 And Higher
  - Ron Paul Sounds Alarm on `Disturbing` Super Congress
  - Massive demand for EU referendum
  - Dutch Finance Minister: Greece Selective Default Almost Unavoidable
  - Plans would push EU financing for develepment projects to 95 percent for 6 weakest economies
  - Iceland`s loud No
  - Spanish bank fields Ronaldo as collateral
  - And They`re Off! What Will The Spanish Elections Mean For The Eurozone And The UK?
  - Where is Germany`s Gold?
  - Europe blames it on American ratings agencies
  - UK `throwing away £1bn of cod`
  - Turkey battles to keep control of its army
  - Turkey Joining EU Would Pose Border Risks
  - EU border guards seek more powers
  - EU borders open to Kaliningrad citizens
  - `Child protection` wreaks havoc on a loving family once again

Strasbourg plenary
22-25 October 2018


Strasbourg plenary
01-04 October 2018


Strasbourg plenary
10-13 Sept 2018


Strasbourg plenary
02-05 trickJuly 2018

Strasbourg plenary
28-31 May 2018


Brussels mini-plenary
02-03 May 2018


23 OCT 2018: Jonathan Bullock: European Asylum Support Office an absolute waste of taxpayers money

23 OCT 2018:
Jonathan Bullock: Tory betrayal means taxpayers will be giving billions to Brussels for years to come

23 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Commission on collision course with UK and Italy

22 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU trying to push out UK biodegradable technology

22 OCT 2018: Raymond Finch: Theresa May's abject surrender: EU budget 2019 ignores Brexit

11 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Labour MEPs dream of keeping UK in EU Single Market post-Brexit (IMCO committee, 10.10.2018)

11 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Not all nationalism is extreme ethnic nationalism (CULT committee, 10.10.2018)

10 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Brexit is on everyone's lips in Ireland (AGRI committee, 09.10.2018)

10 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Paying farmers to produce less (AGRI committee, 09.10.2018)

09 OCT 2018:
Stuart Agnew: EU regulating re-used water for irrigation (AGRI committee)

09 OCT 2018:
Stuart Agnew's (EFDD) Draft Opinion on Climate Action amended beyond recognition at committee stage (AGRI committee)

04 OCT 2018:
Jonathan Bullock: Estimating EU budget error rate is "like taking an opinion poll", says ECA president (Budgetary Control committee)

04 OCT 2018:
Margot Parker: China appears to have crossed the line in fight against radical Islam

04 OCT 2018: Tim Aker: Keeping money in the local economy

03 OCT 2018: Jonathan Bullock: EU squeezing every penny from the UK to fill its coffers before Brexit

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Greens MEP Scott Cato thinks plans for EIB carte blanche status in London is Russian disinfo  (Bluecard Question to Greens MEP Molly Scott Cato)

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: European Investment Bank mucking about in London (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Brian Hayes)

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Unregulated EU bankers let loose in London

03 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten: EU sweeping away our liberties with Theresa May's acquiescence

03 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten urges all UK MEPs to reject Eurojust enhanced powers

03 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU ideology treats humans as just another factor of production

03 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: British firm defrauded in Romania gets no redress

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Strict vote entitlement system in UK is not for EU to judge

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Socialist MEP thinks all nationalists are 'fascists' (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Lopez Aguilar)

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: The rise of extremist violence in the EU is a result of the EU itself

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Eurocrat obsession with revenue blinds them to harm caused by VAT

02 OCT 2018: Julia Reid: EU measures to mitigate climate change a self-defeating feat

02 OCT 2018:
Margot Parker: Saudi Arabia and Iran must stop their proxy war in Yemen

02 OCT 2018: William Dartmouth: EU has weaponised trade to threaten poor countries

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn unmasks EU's two weights and two measures over Brexit

02 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten: Theresa May is a Remainer who does not want to leave (01.10.2018)

02 OCT 2018: Bill Etheridge: Liberal MEP outraged at democratic rejection of her noble European ideas (Bluecard Question to Liberal MEP In't Veld)

02 OCT 2018: Nigel Farage: EU's centralising authoritarian tone sounds like the old Soviet Union

01 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Tax evasion hysteria: fearing a massive capital flight from an over-taxed, financially incompetent EU (TAX3 committee)

01 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: MEPs reject EFDD group motion to debate audiovisual media directive before they actually vote on it

26 SEP 2018: David Coburn: Blacklisting London will bring the whole house on your head (TAX3 committee)

24 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Farmers finding it hard to access regional development funds (AGRI committee, 24.09.2018)

24 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU's unfair trading directive deemed unfair by both retailers and processors (AGRI committee, 24.09.2018)

24 SEP 2018:
Patrick O'Flynn: 'European Social Fund Plus' a mere sticking plaster (CULT committee)

12 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Green lobby preventing new breeding techniques that reduce antibiotics use

12 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Foreign MEPs seeking to extinguish British innovation

12 SEP 2018: Tim Aker: British pensions in a parlous state of decay

12 SEP 2018: David Coburn: An enormous strike against freedom of speech on the internet

12 SEP 2018: Nigel Farage: Let's get Brexit sorted - it's time for a trade deal

11 SEP 2018: David Coburn: EU 'Weimar State' introducing cash and gold controls

11 SEP 2018: Nathan Gill: Libyan crisis and illegal migration is of your own creation

11 SEP 2018: Gerard Batten: EU copyright legislation aimed as a means towards online censorship

11 SEP 2018: Nigel Farage destroys Eurocrats at the 'show trial' of Viktor Orban

10 SEP 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU youth volunteer scheme more about propaganda than public spiritedness

03 SEP 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Standing up for core European values transcends Left-Right politics (CULT committee)

30 AUG 2018: Stuart Agnew: Greens and Socialists in panic mode as Stuart Agnew decimates EU's Climate Action programme (AGRI committee)

30 AUG 2018: William Dartmouth: Different ways to define trade surpluses, says Commissioner Malmstrom (International Trade committee)

30 AUG 2018: William Dartmouth: Trade negotiations with Australia expose EU prejudice against the UK (International Trade committee, 29.08.2018)

29 AUG 2018:
Mike Hookem: Fisheries committee chair dismisses UKIP request to debate French attack on British fishermen (Fisheries committee)


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