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Bullet Blog (June 2011)
  - Walter Russell Mead Takes On Al Gore, and Scores a Devastating Knockout!
  - Now cabinet ministers want UK to quit the EU
  - London to bear brunt of tax on finance to fund higher EU spending
  - EU snubs Cameron with a triple tax grab as his close aides ask if it's time for Britain to quit Europe
  - Brussels seeks financial tax in new EU budget
  - Commission unveils `austerity` package for EU officials
  - Austerity aside, EU plans to spend more
  - Barroso tables 1 trillion budget for EU until 2020
  - Athens police worse than anything we`ve seen before (Videos)
  - Greek parliament saves euro but sparks riots by voting for savage cuts (with video)
  - Papandreou Seeks to Turn Enforcer in Drive to Keep Default Danger at Bay
  - Greek finance ministry burns after vote
  - Tale of Two Visions for Euro Boils Beneath Fight to Fix Greek Debt Crisis
  - Is a Greek default so bad for Greece?
  - Farmers` aid from EU to drop with CAP pay freeze
  - Pollard: We must regain right to kick our foreign criminals
  - WeAreChange Talks to London (video)
  - Greek parliament passes cuts plans
  - As police crush protests, EU narrowly wins Greek vote
  - Greek PM explains why enslaved nations have no choice
  - Athens riots: Mediterranean Summer of discontent?
  - Britain told to find extra £1.6bn a year to fund EU
  - Britain set to clash with Europe over proposal for EU-wide tax
  - Lagarde-ing the International Monetary Fund
  - The joke of `secure Britain`: banned militant extremist strolls through Heathrow immigration as 200 Somali criminals are allowed to stay due to `human rights`
  - Up to 15 EU banks to fail stress test, say sources
  - Bail-ins were once unthinkable. Now they`re all the rage
  - MEP calls for urgent inquiry into two hospitals `that sold confidential patient details to accident claim firms`
  - Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks
  - EU to Greece: No more solidarity if you vote No
  - EU leaders `have no Plan B` to deal with Greek crisis
  - No Plan B To Avoid Greek Default, EU's Rehn Warns
  - The EU is determined to postpone the Greek default until taxpayers have assumed the banks` liabilities
  - France`s Sarkozy strikes deal with banks to restructure Greek debt
  - European bankers mull French plan for Greek rollover
  - Enter the eurozone bond
  - Greek Unions Strike as Papandreou Seeks Support
  - Focus on Athens, Brussels and Karlsruhe?
  - European Commission Likely to Propose EU-Wide Taxes, FT Reports
  - Wen: China will continue to buy European debt
  - Greece to debate austerity package under EU pressure
  - What If Greece Says No?
  - European leaders prepare for a Greek default
  - Anger of ordinary Greeks facing a Spartan future
  - Can a Parliament be `instructed` how to vote?
  - Greece in the dock at high German court
  - Mark `set for comeback` as German euro crisis deepens
  - Never mind Greece look at BRITAIN`S deficit
  - Profligate Britain risks suffering its own Greek tragedy
  - Where Greece goes now, we will soon follow
  - Presenting the (only) four outcomes to the global public debt crisis
  - EU, IMF may block Irish plan to use up spare bank-bailout cash to fund Exchequer
  - Brainwashing the Corporate Way
  - Greece granted 120bn EU bailout
  - Greek PM pressured to ensure vote on austerity plan passed
  - Van Rompuy`s `egg` goes down badly at EU summit
  - EU leaders: `A nation undivided will not be abandoned`
  - The euro crisis: If Greece goes
  - Charlemagne: Default options
  - Number Of European Banks Resorting To 1 Week ECB Liquidity Jumps To Two And A Half Year High
  - Growth across Europe falls to 20-month low
  - Leaders back Mario Draghi as next ECB president
  - MEPs demand action from Barroso over Commissioner`s climate sceptic remarks
  - US Congress Rejects Measure Approving `Limited` Military Intervention In Libya
  - EU urged to block Greece bail-out
  - Greek government survives vote as Barroso pushes new plan
  - Greek crisis could cost UK £336bn: British exposure `significantly underestimated`
  - Second Greek bail-out could push eurozone bill to 1,450 per household
  - Verhofstadt unveils `Hercules` plan for Greece
  - Euro banks scramble for ECB funding
  - Greece must be allowed to leave the eurozone
  - UKIP leader on collision course with EU parliament
  - The Spanish Revolution
  - Alarm as EU budget commissioner questions global warming
  - Poland blocks climate efforts in `dark day` for Europe
  - Brussels tells states and companies to use less energy
  - Danish Opposition to Euro Rises in Poll
  - Europe braced for MEPs` expenses storm
  - Egypt declines World Bank loan as incompatible with national interest
  - EU agrees 700 bn euro bailout plan for debt-ridden nations
  - Greek chaos sees £100bn wiped off our shares
  - Britain must be protected from euro crisis fallout
  - Cameron says Member States `won't allow euro collapse`
  - Euro crisis: Greece will not be allowed to fail
  - IMF urges EU to stump up extra cash for Greece
  - IMF orders the EU to stop `unproductive debate` and integrate `now`
  - Barroso draws Commission`s red lines ahead of summit
  - Ireland `impatient` at being treated like Greece
  - Abandon ship: Time to stop bailing out Greece?
  - S&P Says `Consensual` Greek Bailout Would Be An Event Of Default
  - Hungary Fin Min: EU Inches Toward Final Agreement On Econ Governance
  - UK treasury pondering breakup of the eurozone
  - SocGen Tries To Make Sense Of The Complete Chaos That Is Europe Ahead Of The Greek Vote Of Confidence, Fails
  - Greek Film Makes Case for Default: Debtocracy (Video: 75 mins. - English Subs)
  - 41% Of Belgian Central Bank Gold Has Been Lent Out
  - Barroso supports `temporary` border controls
  - French foreign minister predicts Syrian leader will be next to fall as Western destab efforts intensify
  - Brussels launches `EU peace corps` pilot programme
  - Groundbreaking US Supreme Court Decision on the Tenth and Ninth Amendment
  - Now Cameron`s top adviser says: `We must quit the EU`
  - European banking plan to rival London`s Libor
  - EU to Greece: New austerity package or no loans to further enslave you
  - Debt-hit eurozone `will break up in two years`
  - UK to stay out of second Greece bailout, Osborne will insist
  - Let Greece go bust and leave euro, urges Boris Johnson
  - Is breaking the Union for an English referendum on Europe the lesser of two evils?
  - British student: my ordeal at hands of Greeks over trumped-up death charge based on `lies`
  - Foreign Office red-faced after leaked memo says EU chief Cathy Ashton is not up to the job
  - EU takes king`s side in Moroccan protests
  - Turkey to host NATO ground forces
  - A blunder of staggering proportions by the IPCC
  - Chinese government is buying up economic assets and huge tracts of land all over the US
  - How Lords on the EU payroll blocked Europe referendum
  - UK banks abandon eurozone over Greek default fears
  - Europe must deal with Greece or suffer, says International Monetary Fund
  - EU and IMF to buy time with 12bn loan for Greece
  - Dramatic ground shots of Athens riots, mass scuffles in Greece (Video)
  - IMF urges US Congress to raise debt limit in Catch-22 entrapment
  - War On Syria: EU Imposes Sanctions
  - Obama Overruled Two Top Lawyers, Who Told Him War Must Be Terminated
  - Test drugs on pets says EU
  - Industry lobbyists behind `scientific` claims in IPCC press release
  - Goldman, JP Morgan Have Now Become A Commodity Cartel
  - Was deadly E.coli engineered? (Video)
  - Baroness Ashton defeats role-playing Hague in EU`s UN battle
  - Germans tell UK to give billions more to Greece
  - Commission, IMF offer Greece more enslavement loans to prevent debt restructuring and avoid pyramid-scheme collapse
  - Athens on `political suicide mission` to pass cuts after 12bn loan deal
  - `Greece on the verge of a precipice` as a `Lehman-like` avalanche could be set in motion as soon as Sunday
  - Brussels scolds Greek political class for lack of unity in embracing their country`s enslavement
  - Commission renews push for 2030 renewables target
  - EU calls for the return of funds used for Hungarian anti-abortion campaign, not in line with EU values
  - Fort Knox US gold Rrserves to be independently audited and assayed? Congressman Ron Paul pressures US Treasury
  - Chossudovsky: Bahrain killings approved in the White House
  - Michael Heseltine joins pro-Europe Lords to rebel against PM
  - UK may be forced into second Greek bail-out
  - Deadlock over second Greek bailout triggers shares to tumble worldwide
  - IMF to release Greek aid before EU
  - What`s going on in Greece now is war journalist (with RT video)
  - Greek crisis exposes growing rift between France and Germany (but it`s not up to them to decide)
  - Key MEPs back Draghi for top post in eurozone bank
  - Four states push back against EU fiscal dictat
  - Will EU overlords let us off the leash? (Ireland)
  - Swedish opposition to euro hits record high at 64%
  - Icelandic government to start EU accession talks against the people`s will
  - Czech Republic withdraws from US missile defense system (with RT video)
  - U.S. Invasion of Libya Set for October
  - UK battling against new EU powers to summon Treasury ministers to Brussels
  - IMF to further enslave Greece with a 2nd multi-billion-euro `bailout`
  - EU finance minsters split on new bailout plan for Greece
  - Mario Draghi Holds ECB Line Against Restructuring for Greece
  - PASOK`s majority slips as MPs resist measures
  - `Scandal` of tax cash to migrants
  - More new citizens in EU states than ever before
  - 2,500 illegal immigrants a week from North Africa flooding into Europe through Italy
  - Europol: Schengen enlargement will boost irregular migration (meaning: Europol needs executive powers)
  - EU agrees compensation deal for bacteria-hit farmers
  - No more lies on the global climate front
  - Ashton rejects criticism of Fiji staffing
  - Missing Iraq money may have been stolen, auditors say
  - Is gold in Fort Knox real? Congressman Ron Paul demands official audit
  - Greece on brink of default after downgrade
  - S&P cuts Greek rating to lowest in the world
  - Ministers attempt to defuse ECB-Berlin row
  - Poland, Germany and Romania top European Arrest Warrants table for 2010
  - EU could renew Kyoto Protocol in Durban
  - Our men in Fiji on £3m a year
  - Lithuania gets EU backing for confrontation with Communist past
  - Climate change should be removed from the national curriculum
  - Israeli Central Banker stakes claim to IMF top job
  - Farage: EU bail-out a burden too far
  - Britain handed out 204,000 passports to foreign nationals, latest figures reveal
  - Germany and ECB disagree over Greece
  - The Unwind Begins: Eurogroup President Juncker Redirects From A Broke Europe By Throwing US And Japan Under The Insolvency Bus: "The Debt Level Of The USA Is Disastrous"
  - Greece pays a heavy price as eurozone strives to protect its reckless banks
  - Those EU propaganda cartoons in full
  - Austria blocking visa deal between Turkey, EU
  - UK economy `Plan A` - Is George Osborne on the right path?
  - George Osborne attends Bilderberg 2011 as chancellor
  - US defence chief: Europe may no longer be worth defending
  - Croatia is latest EU burden
  - Barnier: Europeanise research funding, like agriculture
  - China says the U.S. is already defaulting on debt
  - Greek PM: Major Reforms Need Referendum
  - French Muslims use our cash to fight burkha ban in France
  - Greece set for new 120bn bailout
  - ECB: non-voluntary Greek restructuring would be `enormous mistake`
  - German court to hear euro bailout challenge July 5
  - Role-playing Hague dismisses Tony Blair`s vision of EU president
  - EU Presidents at war: Van Rompuy and Barroso fly to same destination in separate jets
  - Health Companies Say Spanish Regions Owe Them $7.6 Billion
  - Croatia to join EU in 2013
  - NATO chief Rasmussen grilled LIVE on RT over Libya assault
  - Taxpayers face another £8bn bailout for `bankrupt` Greece
  - Troika insists reforms in Greece at a standstill
  - EU to cost average British family £700 a year by 2020
  - Energy price rises are welcomed by the green lobby
  - `New system of European governance` demands still deeper austerity
  - Greatest Britain: UK population will hit 79m by 2060
  - 17 million more to swamp open-door UK
  - Lords demand 40% turnout for EU referendums
  - The hubris of Ashton`s EEAS diplomatic corps
  - European MEPs slam Assange extradition warrants
  - EU closes in on contract law for consumers, SMEs
  - EU warns member states over economic plans
  - EU Commission approves UK Government plans for deficit reduction
  - IMF leadership contest intensifies as Carstens puts case against Europe
  - Germany fears `full-blown bankruptcy inside the eurozone`
  - ECB expected to signal July rate increase
  - Greece Should Follow Iceland`s Lead, Reject Debt Slavery
  - True Finns back at the negotiation table
  - EU court orders MEPs to publish report on expenses
  - Join the fight to dump Europe`s fishing policies
  - European Central Bank risks being `wiped out` by bail-outs
  - 444bn exposure to weak eurozone economies risks bankrupting the European Central Bank
  - Second Greek Bailout is dead on arrival
  - German economist sees dangers in ECB support for Ireland
  - Commissioner Rehn says Eurobonds are on the table again
  - British recovery dependent on EU bail-out success, says IMF acting boss
  - French let 100 illegals a week slip into Britain
  - Eight more Eastern European countries could join EU by 2018, President of Romania says
  - Poles still heading abroad despite economic conditions
  - EU to monitor anti-corruption measures in member states
  - Greek solution looks to eastern rescue plan from 2009
  - Anger over EU alert system as E. coli scare hits producers
  - E.coli: Germany says it might not be bean sprouts
  - `Abrasive` Schulz could lose parliamentary crown
  - Pan-European Parties: a battle of pragmatism vs. conspiracy?
  - Trucks in Europe Will Face EU Toll Charges for Air Pollution, Noise
  - China threatens trade war over EU emissions trading scheme
  - Turkey says accession to EU a strategic imperative for integration
  - Swiss request for EU membership remains shelved
  - How EU spends £20m a year promoting left-wing causes in the U.S.
  - Osborne rejects call for plan B
  - Spiegel reports second Greek bailout to surpass 100 billion
  - Poland: A `Stakhanovite` at the EU`s helm?
  - Deadline looms for mammoth eurozone reforms
  - Teresa May urges co-operation on migrants
  - All aboard! How smugglers charge £3,000 for ticket to UK
  - Was the European e.coli superbug bioengineered?
  - Christians take prejudice row to Strasbourg
  - Give Brussels power to veto Britain`s tax policies, urges Euro bank chief
  - Greece To Receive Next Bailout Installment In July
  - Will Germany and France stave off a Greek default?
  - The big fat Greek sell-off
  - Thousands of Greek protesters assemble in the capital
  - Portugal elects new government but youth abandon country for opportunities abroad
  - Libya: Britain to step up attacks against Colonel Gaddafi
  - We should share aircraft carrier, say French
  - Former official in charge of `shambolic` immigration service earned £1m
  - UKIP leader joins grammar schools row
  - MPs urge changes to fishing quota management
  - EU under fire for £3.5 million grant to daughter of Uzbek dictator
  - Pope tells Croatians EU too bureaucratic, sometimes ignores local cultures
  - No proof vegetables behind E. coli outbreak: lab
  - German bean sprouts blamed for E.Coli outbreak as hospitals face running out of beds under pressure
  - IATA chief warns EU over `illegal` carbon plan
  - EU offers solution to China in row over aviation CO2
  - Max Keiser explains `financial terrorism` (video)
  - A terrible blow to hopes of getting a grip on migration
  - ECB`s Trichet pushes for an EU finance ministry
  - Nigel Farage on last years`s 40% reduction in armed forces recruits
  - European Commission spends millions on private jets, luxury holidays, jewellery and cocktail parties
  - German Government Bonds Decline as EU, IMF Ready Greece`s Second Bailout
  - Greek Default Risk Raised by Moody`s as European Countries Ready Bond Aid
  - Greece can avoid restructuring, says Rehn
  - Germany says EU and IMF will back Greece bail-out
  - Johann Hari: The IMF itself should be on trial
  - Global war on drugs a failure, high-level panel says
  - Madrid calls for compensation from Germany over E.coli cucumber claims
  - Finnish government formation talks run aground
  - World Bank warns of `failing` international carbon market
  - EU Mulls Wider Tax Mandate
  - £3 billion a year in `stealth taxes` to be levied on Britain
  - Greece nears IMF-EU deal, dismisses drachma talk
  - Greek aid talks to be separate from bailout discussion
  - Weary Greeks fear the never-ending bailouts
  - Greek Day of Reckoning Looms in Ponzi Europe: Mario I. Blejer
  - Banker bailout plan is set as Greek islands about to hit Ebay and fund another record Wall Street bonus season
  - Fury at £1m-a-month `bribes` to send illegal migrants home
  - Christopher Monckton on European Union and democracy (Prague, Czech Republic, 28 May 2011)
  - McKinstry: Officials are often out for what they can get
  - EU - a confederacy of dunces
  - Germany retracts link between E coli outbreak and Spanish cucumbers
  - Parliament to back single EU-wide constituency
  - EU aid policy to target fewer states and good governance
  - Reuters Exclusive: EU energy plan threatens carbon billions
  - Fed Ready to Print More Funny Money on QE3 Rumors
  - NATO extends Libya operations to September
  - UK admits training Saudi forces used to crush Arab uprising
  - EU considering Yemen sanctions as Arab diplomacy falters
  - Israel plans Mubarak`s escape, says Egypt`s Justice Minister

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08 APR 2019:
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27 MAR 2019: Mike Hookem: Brexit betrayal: depth of public anger continues to go unnoticed

27 MAR 2019:
Gerard batten: Never before have the British been governed by such a pack of traitors, quislings and collaborators

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Gerard Batten: Copyright Directive is about shutting down dissenting voices

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Stuart Agnew: Green lobby cannot have it both ways

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07 FEB 2019: Stuart Agnew: Are Australian farmers required to reduce production in order to get subsidies? (AGRI committee)

31 JAN 2019: Margot Parker: Gender quotas are counterproductive

30 JAN 2019:
Gerard Batten: Preventing No Deal Brexit is an open rebellion against the British people

24 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew: No-Deal Brexit under WTO rules will benefit UK not EU (AGRI committee)

24 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew to Commissioner Hogan: New breeding methods needed to tackle colder weather ahead (AGRI committee)

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15 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew: By which treaty did the EU gain power over our clocks? (AGRI committee, 14.01.2019)