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Bullet Blog (April 2011)
  - The Eurostar migrants: North African refugees mass at the Paris gateway to Britain as Sarkozy and Berlusconi row about open borders
  - France and Italy get backing for changes to EU border rules
  - EU chiefs snubbed by UK royals
  - Eurogroup chair backs Italian banker for ECB job
  - Irish banks buying their own debt to gain more ECB loans
  - Europe Closes Week With A Friday Night M.A.D. Cluster Bomb, Warns Of Pervasive Bank Restructuring
  - Eurozone unemployment rate at 9.9%, EU27 at 9.5%
  - Alarm over EU `Great Firewall` proposal
  - Germany opens doors to Central European workers
  - Lord Monckton: The Hidden Agenda Behind Man-Made Global Warming
  - Liam Fox: British troops could be deployed to the Tunisian-Libyan border
  - Libya: pro-Gaddafi forces cross into Tunisia
  - EU urges delay in lifting air travel liquids ban
  - EU executive rejects Estonia`s carbon permit plan
  - English local elections: UKIP hopes to make gains
  - Britain `on the edge of a double dip recession`
  - Ken Clarke joins anti-Strasbourg (CoE) court bandwagon
  - Figures show Greece and Portugal`s financial debts far worse than expected
  - Greek, Portuguese deficits overshoot targets
  - Bailout method betrays ECB as unaccountable
  - Nicolas Sarkozy backs Italian Mario Draghi to be ECB president
  - EU readies for large-scale military operation in Libya
  - France and Italy propose reform of EU border rules
  - Austria opens labor market to all EU members
  - France and Italy appeal to the EU for tougher border controls
  - Over a million EU migrants seen set for Germany - study
  - Syria: EU will push for sanctions if violence continues
  - Estonia registers EU`s only state budget surplus by selling off pollution quotas
  - Single EU electricity market may force up price in Ireland, says ESRI
  - Nigel Farage: EU budget analysis
  - The Guardian: Labour, fear Ukip
  - EU budget hike lands UK with £10bn bill
  - India`s economy is booming - so why is the UK still sending millions of pounds in aid?
  - EU poised for Greece crisis talks
  - Portugal Revises 2010 Budget Deficit To 9.1% Of GDP From 8.6%
  - True Finns see Portugal bailout opposition growing
  - Spanish yields rise as debt fears spread
  - Greek, Irish, Portuguese Bonds Slump as Cost of Default Insurance Surges
  - Germany steps back from remarks on Greek debt
  - A growing number of French farmers reach the breaking point
  - Eurogroup chief: I`m for secret, dark debates
  - Divided EU Parliament tightens measures on economic governance
  - Christopher Monckton: European Arrest warrant spells demise of Magna Carta
  - Representative of Libyan rebels opposes EU force
  - UN humanitarian coordinator says EU soldiers could endanger aid workers
  - MEPs back plans for joint lobbyist register
  - Gold Rush II: It`s sell, sell, sell as prices hit record high, but this time it`s because America`s broke!
  - British taxpayers face £600m bill as EU defies Cameron`s calls for austerity
  - Gold hits all-time high of $1,500 an ounce (which means the amount Gordon flogged for £2bn would today fetch £13bn)
  - Legislators back tougher rules to police EU countries` debt
  - Greece forced to pay sky-high rates to borrow
  - None Dare Call It Default: Better an orderly restructuring in Greece than a Lehman re-run.
  - European Parliament Committee calls for eurozone bonds
  - Federalists want next EU chief chosen from elected MEPs
  - Italy proposes new Treaty change
  - Europol: Arab spring poses terrorist threat to EU
  - Fears of Libya mission creep as British-French advisory team sent to Benghazi
  - Nato admits `limitations` in protecting Libyan civilians
  - Gaddafi violence against Libya civilians exaggerated, says British group
  - There are now no Middle Eastern certainties: No good choices
  - Finland`s election: Truly amazing
  - Fed Data Reveals Trillions in Bailouts to Big Foreign Banks
  - Obama Embarks on Tour to Sell Debt Plan, Not Dwell on S&P`s U.S. Outlook
  - Schwarzenegger the next EU president?
  - Nigel Farage to stand at next General Election
  - Nigel Farage congratulates the True Finns
  - Finnish election threatens Portugal rescue
  - Portugal talks enter crucial phase
  - The public are capable of turning against their political class reassuringly quickly
  - Greece fails to reassure markets with 76bn debt `road-map`
  - IMF now pushing for restructuring of Greece`s debt
  - Greece asked EU-IMF at Ecofin to restructure debt-paper
  - EU`s Rehn Says Euro-Area a Debt Restructuring Would Cause `Chain Reaction`
  - France stops all Italian trains carrying north African immigrants
  - David Cameron`s moment to question the EU
  - Franco-Italian row over Tunisian migrants escalates
  - Nato mission in disarray as criticisms mount
  - Foreign aid farce costs Britain £1.4bn
  - Dance lessons in Africa, jets for tyrants, derelict offices... how EU wastes aid billions
  - Cameron can`t cut the EU red tape that will cost Calor millions
  - MEPs suggest Van Rompuy shift EU summits to Strasbourg
  - Pilots in EU flight protest
  - Croatians burn EU flag following Hague court ruling
  - EU set to unveil neutral net neutrality plans
  - Outrage as EU calls for £7bn budget rise
  - France rejects EU-wide VAT proposal
  - Time to say No to Brussels
  - Immigration: EU is `elephant in the room` says Nigel Farage on BBC Radio 4
  - Douglas Murray: Britain has let in far too many foreigners
  - Vince Cable backtracks on criticism of David Cameron's immigration claims
  - Eurozone is facing fresh crisis amid fears Greece cannot repay debt
  - ECB warns of threat to Greek democracy
  - `True Finns` Threaten EU Bailout Plans
  - At presidency midterm, Hungarian PM Orbán denounces EU `absurdities`
  - Forsyth: Why the euro was doomed from the start
  - EU justifies taking Libyan defector off sanctions list
  - Nato chief asks for more fighter jets in Libya
  - New EU plot to tax our food
  - Coalition must fight off this latest EU power grab
  - Finland may block Portugal bailout, official warns
  - Contrary To Previous Lies, Greece May Not Be Able To Access Capital Markets After All; Likely To See 50% Creditor Haircuts
  - Commission to demand 2012 budget increase
  - We have to ditch the European Court of Human Rights
  - Social issues, tax set to hamper Single Market Act
  - Fools` Paradise: Creating money out of thin air can halt deflationary cycle and make banks richer
  - Global recovery at risk from banks` `wall of debt`, IMF warns
  - UK and France cajole coalition nations to join air raids on Gaddafi
  - European court gives Cameron ultimatum on prisoner votes
  - MEPs urge member states to halt `misuse` of EU arrest warrant
  - Britain set to veto EU carbon tax plans
  - Running cars on biofuels can be `unethical`
  - Van Rompuy to Greece: `Don`t blame Europe`
  - Troika demands likely to target Portuguese workers
  - China renews pledge to buy Spanish bonds
  - EU tolls soar for truckers
  - Clever Italian move puts strain on EU borders
  - Foreign ministers wary of EU military role in Libya
  - EU imposes full oil and gas embargo on Libya
  - Barroso to Tunisia: More money if you take your migrants back
  - Will Bretton Woods 2 Bring Change?
  - Why isn`t Wall Street in jail?
  - Just when you thought it couldn`t get any worse... `mortgages to soar and interest rates to quadruple in a year`
  - UK Inflation Plunges As Retail Sales Drop By Most On Record
  - Fury as EU migrants carry out 500 crimes every week in Britain
  - Call for UK burka ban grows after arrests in France
  - EU green tax to add 1.5p to the price of a litre of fuel
  - China Holds 25 Billion In Spanish Debt, Will Continue To Purchase Bonds, To Take Part In Cajas Restructuring
  - Globalist banker Mario Draghi on track for ECB top post
  - The politicians who got it wrong on the euro are not being called to account because the media made the same mistake
  - Netherlands: `No way now for Iceland to join EU`
  - UK attacks go on as Libya rebels dismiss peace deal
  - Italian minister questions value of EU membership
  - The next European crisis: boat people
  - EU intelligence officers dabbling in Libya
  - EU wants no Ivory Coast crimes unpunished
  - Extradited suspects suffer denial of human rights, warns new report
  - UK should limit Portugal payout says Balls (whose party signed the treaty that means we HAVE to pay)
  - Britain, Netherlands to take Iceland to court
  - Icelanders vote `no` to Landsbanki repayments
  - Rehn rebuffs Portuguese efforts to alter political conditions for bailout
  - Germany Warns on Greek Debt, Defying Efforts to Snuff Out Crisis
  - Ireland risks missing IMF deadline on insolvency law
  - Schäuble insists rate cut on Irish bailout will come at a price
  - Heffer: It`s not our job to save the euro
  - Eurozone ship is on the course that was set for it: heading for the rocks
  - Germany tells Italy to `solve its own problems` in Tunisian refugee row
  - Germany may rethink Libya involvement
  - Gaddafi `accepts` ceasefire roadmap
  - Al-Qaeda could get their hands on Libyan missiles, officials warn
  - Ivory coast report complicates EU support for Ouattara
  - What happens when the great fantasies, like wind power or European Union, collide with reality?
  - The air thickens: Nitrogen gets the Carbon treatment
  - Nigel Farage: Britain has `historically` been a beacon of light
  - The Portuguese bail-out: what do the Conservatives think?
  - EU, IMF experts to discuss bailout with Portugal on Tuesday
  - Spain under scrutiny ahead of refinancing
  - Poll shows under AV that UKIP has wide appeal
  - EU green tax will halt exotic breaks
  - Germany, Italy disagree over handling of migrant influx from North Africa
  - Libya: Nato launches fresh attack in boost for rebels
  - France `the new US` with Sarkozy as chief warmonger
  - MEPs vote to keep world beating salaries and allowances
  - Iceland rejects Icesave compensation bill
  - With Its Economy On The Mend, Iceland Stuffs Bankers For Second Time
  - Norway eyes historic EU `nei` over postal rules
  - Soros Speaks
  - New EU tax bombshell
  - Eurozone crisis `could cost Britain £30-40 billion` (video)
  - Why is Britain facing £4.4bn bail-out for Portugal?
  - Analysis: Britain should not contribute to a bail-out of Portugal
  - First EU payout to Portugal ready before June elections
  - Portugal contests Germany on `fully fledged` austerity programme
  - Mixed MEP reaction to Portuguese bailout plan
  - Pressure grows on European bailout fund on fears it`s too small if Spain goes
  - Thousands face bigger mortgage rate hikes
  - Thomas Molloy: Celtic Tiger legacy may yet transform our nation
  - Fury over vote by MEPs `to fly in lap of luxary`
  - France prepares to shut down border with Italy
  - Libya to unleash wave of migrants on Europe
  - Mediterranean migration issue has become `very emotional`, commissioner says
  - EU could evacuate Libyan city by sea if UN asks
  - Theresa May pushes for air passenger data storing to be expanded
  - Full, Completely Irrelevant, List Of Banks That Will Pass The Next European Stress Test
  - EU to Propose Carbon Tax on Fuels Next Week
  - MEPs split over health benefits of infant formula milk
  - EU and California to link emissions trading schemes
  - Silvio Berlusconi to give visas to North African refugees so they can come to UK
  - Blow for green energy as wind farms are exposed as unreliable
  - Portugal forced to seek 80bn bailout as third nation falls to eurozone crisis
  - Portugal asks for bail-out which could cost Britain £4.4 billion
  - Sean O`Grady: If Spain fails, it will be too expensive to save
  - EU Banking Waits on a Knife-Edge
  - ECB prepares to hit homeowners with rate hikes
  - ECB Hikes Rates By 25 bps As Expected
  - EU warns of `instability, war` due to missed aid targets
  - MEPs opt to keep their business class flights
  - EU encourages Icesave `resolution` ahead of referendum
  - Ashton`s rep warns Bahrain, Syria and Yemen of Libya-type military intervention
  - Top Libyan defector seeks PR firm in Europe
  - Antal Fekete`s Open Letter To Ron Paul: Impeach Federal Reserve Chairman
  - U.S. govt out to make forms of bartering illegal?
  - Tax Blow for Middle Britian
  - The £650m apology: Forget our ailing education system, that`s what Britain`s giving to Pakistani schools
  - `Dire` warning to EU on insurance reform
  - Euro sinks on fear of bailout
  - Paul Nuttall slams city ban for cars
  - Portugal edges towards a bailout as banks baulk
  - Cut in bailout debt rate fair and vital for sustainability, says Barroso
  - David McWilliams: We need to show ECB it`s not the only show in town
  - Scandal of the 75,000 illegals who`ll never be tracked down
  - Barroso leaps to defence of EU foreign chief
  - EU sends envoys to Libya`s rebel capital
  - Herman van Rompuy claims credit for Libya military action
  - EC proposes `say on pay` and quotas for women in the boardroom
  - Romania asks to lift immunity of cash-for-ammendments MEP
  - EU states given eight months to integrate Roma
  - The Economic Endgame: The Dylan Ratigan Show
  - Uproar over our £19m bill for EU museum
  - MSP axe vow as UKIP starts election fight
  - Coming soon: The rally against too much borrowing
  - House of Lords report: EU budget should not increase
  - Greece readies fresh round of austerity worth 25bn
  - Portugal edges closer to bailout after debt downgrade, bond yields near 10pc
  - Possible Greek default may have domino effect
  - EU and IMF officials return as Irish deficit rises
  - Trichet Seen Burying Ailing Nations With Interest-Rate Rise
  - Belgian politicians begin `battle of Brussels`
  - Hungary may join EU`s competitiveness pact later - Martonyi
  - Insurers warn of `dire` outcome under EU`s Solvency II
  - Member states to clash with EU parliament on passenger data
  - How Libya kept migrants out of EU - at any cost
  - EU Council decides on EU military operation in Libya
  - Former CIA analyst tells truth about Libya intervention
  - UN, France strike military targets in Ivory Coast
  - EU in stew to save our hotpot
  - EU`s new copyright leader doesn`t believe private copying should exist
  - Steel Industry to Sue EU Over Post-2012 Carbon Permits Plan
  - Rates hold expected as Europe faces rise
  - ECB expected to hike interest rate this week
  - Sluggish eurozone will hold UK back
  - Debt crisis pushes Portugal`s 10-year bond yield to record high as bailout fears mount
  - IMF denies pressing Greece to default or restructure debt
  - A week is a very long time in the disastrous world of Irish banking
  - `House of European History` cost estimates double to £137 million
  - Italy, France tussle over `boat people`
  - Libya rebels reject regime`s truce offer
  - Greece: Gadhafi envoy seeking exit to crisis
  - EU increases radioactive limits of Japanese food
  - New EU anti-terrorist body will be `like the KGB`
  - McKinstry: Nick Clegg`s out of his depth
  - Argument heats up over the Eurozone`s fairness and future
  - Royal Bank of Scotland`s Irish loan losses double to £15bn after stress tests, says UBS
  - The awful truth is that we don`t even know how much the EU costs us
  - EU Commission Maintains Push For Tax Harmonization
  - The Talking Clock`s Sunday Paper Review
  - Brussels drawing up US-style law reforms
  - EU approves possible military operation for Libya
  - Libyan Rebels Seek Cease-Fire After U.S. Vows to Withdraw Jets
  - EU travel advice gives insight into Arab revolutions
  - Ten dead in Afghan Koran burning protests
  - India, EU officials to deliberate on FTA tomorrow
  - Meet The 171 Banks For Which The Margin Of Failure Is One Thousand Dollars
  - Watch `Inside Job` - The Wall Street Horror Movie, For Free
  - FDA says you have no right to real food unless they give you permission first
  - Tory Voters Tell Cameron `we want a referendum`
  - Nigel Farage: The ability to vote is not a privilege that we grant prisoners
  - Fury as Euro boss tells UK: You`re wrong to ban votes for prisoners
  - We`re broke but we give billions to EU
  - Bank shares rise after 24bn put into banks
  - Bondholders relieved as taxpayers to foot the bill
  - Ireland bank bailout set to top £62 billion
  - EU commission keen to set up new counter-terrorism office
  - Agencies warn of rating blackout for risky EU states
  - Libya: Is the West playing into al-Qaeda`s hands?
  - NATO warns rebels not to kill civilians in kettle-and-pot moment
  - April Fools: EU officials to limit travel in drive to cut CO2, costs
  - MEP at centre of latest `cash for laws` scandal says he is innocent
  - Are They Mentally Stable? Well They Are Commies!
  - Eco-farming outperforms GMOs at improving crop yields and growing more food, says report
  - EU-Morroco fish deal a `failure` for all concerned

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