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Bullet Blog (November 2011)
  - Is this `Plan B`? Osborne puts back zero deficit deadline two years as growth forecasts are slashed
  - Still much to do on economy, warn UKIP
  - Eurozone finance ministers approve extension of EFSF: statement in full
  - Desperate eurozone chiefs look to IMF as lender of last resort
  - Holding the EU together by Money Printing and Force
  - Major Central Banks act as eurozone crisis rages
  - Wolfgang Schauble admits what has long been known: euro bail-out fund won`t halt crisis
  - Euro crisis: Italy at risk of insolvency, European finance ministers warned
  - Public support for EU on social policy in `dramatic` nose-dive
  - Eurozone approves 8bln euro loan instalment to be added to Greek debt
  - Greece asks for support to absorb EU regional aid
  - More Violence in Kosovo: NATO Tells Troops to Use Live Ammunition
  - Seriously? Senate Considering Repeal of Anti-Torture Measures
  - Pakistan: US Attack on Base Lasted Almost Two Hours as Calls to Stop Were Ignored
  - Second huge blast in 20 days at Iranian nuclear facility
  - More Met Office Spin About Annual Temperatures (In Time for Durban)
  - Mervyn King says eurozone crisis has cost UK up to £15bn
  - Mervyn King: Some painful adjustments need to be made irrespective of eurozone crisis outcome
  - Europe`s shrinking money supply flashes slump warning
  - OECD calls for urgent EU action, warns of credit crunch
  - Pressure mounts as Eurogroup gathers
  - European Central Bank Keeps a Lid on Bond Buys
  - Markets rebound on tighter eurozone fiscal union plan
  - German Constitutional Court at Risk of Losing Power to Rule on EU Matters
  - Belgium faces uphill task as it pays record interest rate to sell debt
  - EU safety rules costly and pointless, experts tell ministers
  - UK net migration at record heights despite government`s measures
  - Freedom Watch - The Plain Truth: What if...
  - Democrazy: Regime change - 21st century energy source?
  - China supports Pakistan in row over Nato border attack
  - `Anthrax isn`t scary at all compared to this`: Man-made flu virus with potential to wipe out many millions is created in Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam
  - It`s Official: Nigel Farage is a Dance Track
  - Eurozone blasted for failure to act as it slips into recession and drags Britain with it
  - Now UK faces a £5bn bill to bail out Spain... as ministers plan for euro collapse
  - UKIP polling 11% in Survation poll, 7% and 8% in others
  - House of Lords raises stakes in battle to leave the EU
  - Cameron cross-questioned
  - Germany, France plan quick new Stability Pact: report
  - Report: Germany wants `elite` bonds for six euro-countries
  - IMF drawing up £500bn debt package for Italy, Spain and the euro
  - Greece may miss 2012 selloff target due to EU crisis
  - Belgium emerges from historic political crisis
  - Time to examine merits of a life outside the EU
  - Dismantling nation states from above and from below
  - $707,568,901,000,000: How (And Why) Banks Increased Total Outstanding Derivatives By A Record $107 Trillion In 6 Months
  - Free-market banking creates stability and prosperity
  - Europe plan to `green` public buildings to cost £50bn
  - Fury at £1billion climate change ais deal
  - BBC In Cahoots With Climategate Scientists
  - Revisiting The Great Global Warming Swindle (full documentary)
  - Britain and France to seek stronger defence ties
  - Syria slams sanctions, says armed gangs behind violence‎
  - Lord Pearson calls for inquiry on EU membership (Video: House of Lords)
  - UKIP takes more than a third of votes in by-election, Tories battered
  - 2015: The Year of Farage Fever?
  - Andrew Bailey: `UK banks must brace themselves for euro break-up`
  - Debt crisis: Sarkozy and Merkel ready to make euro treaty changes
  - Germany unmoved by French pleas for more ECB action
  - Italy sides with Germany against eurobonds
  - Euro zone integration may pave way for ECB bond action-officials
  - Portugal`s debt credit rating is cut to junk by Fitch
  - Hungary`s debt downgraded by Moody`s to junk status
  - Belgium`s King urges coalition talks continue
  - The euro is doomed say top economists
  - EU To Sue Germany Again Over `Volkswagen Law`
  - MEPs reject controversial Irish nominee to Court of Auditors
  - Europe Can`t Afford `Going Nuclear` on Iranian Oil
  - Russia arms Syria with missiles to deflect possible NATO attack
  - Chris Huhne: Green `tax` to rise every year
  - CFACT to co-sponsor international climate conference on eve of UN`s COP17 in Durban
  - Immigration hits record high despite pledges to cut numbers
  - Eurozone crisis: fury over Britain`s £50m a day EU bill
  - Mats Persson: Cameron`s alleged deal on treaty change for working time changes would be a strategic mistake
  - Now Germany feels heat of eurozone debt crisis
  - German bonds under pressure as Merkel, Sarokzy and Monti prepare meet for debt crisis talks
  - Occupy EU: Eurocrats storm offices for more cuts
  - Brussels seeks powers over eurozone budgets
  - Incoming Danish EU presidency wants to make strides on EU budget
  - ECB head says Chinese help for eurozone is `normal` - we can go back to sleep
  - Brussels sees no serious opposition to eurobonds
  - One nation could leave euro, says BoE`s David Miles
  - France recognises Syrian rebel council and calls for war
  - Iran Arrests 12 CIA Agents `Planning Attacks`
  - Leaked UN report reveals torture, lynchings and abuse in post-Gaddafi Libya
  - Fear of financial shock at post-Lehmans high
  - IMF `credit line` will funnel British taxpayers` cash into stricken Italian economy
  - Daily Express: A year in and our EU crusade is on course for victory
  - Barroso to unveil controversial `eurobond` plan
  - Eurobonds plan sparks new EU storm
  - Merkel seeks EU say on national budgets
  - Spain in race against time to avert bail-out
  - Belgian bond costs soar after government talks fail
  - Brussels confident their man Monti will balance Italy`s budget
  - Debt-enslaved Greece on brink of running out of money
  - European Commission pay reduction plans `unconvincing` and unlikely to be implemented
  - America insists on speedy end to turmoil in eurozone
  - The Road to War: EU to announce further sanctions on Iran
  - Tarpley: Snipers are Randomly Shooting at Syrian Civilians to Create Instability (RT, Video)
  - Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal (Press TV)
  - New trove of hacked e-mails from climate scientists is released
  - Cameron seeks deal with Berlin on 48-hour working week rules as price for new EU treaty
  - New poll shows UKIP policy is majority position
  - UKIP condemns party funding proposals
  - Shock to the core of EU as threat of a dreaded downgrade hangs over second biggest economy
  - Ratings agency raises alarm on core EU economy
  - EU wants control over eurozone national budgets
  - Germany dismisses eurobond plan ahead of EU commission proposals
  - Papademos forces Greek parties to commit themselves to EU dictat
  - Hungary turns to IMF as stress mounts in Eastern Europe
  - Madrid markets fall on return of the centre-right (because a change in government makes no real difference)
  - William Hague calls on Turkey to be patient on EU membership
  - Regulator blasts EU audit shake-up plan
  - Climategate scandal resurfaces
  - Clashes erupt in Tahrir Square as protesters arrive for `million man march`... as crisis talks try to head off `Second Revolution`
  - Is the US Getting Domestic Indefinite Military Detention for Thanksgiving?
  - Adrian Salbuchi: `Gaddafi son knows too much` (RT Video)
  - War Crimes Tribunal Tries Bush and Blair (video)
  - Cameron `brokers deal` with Merkel to relax EU`s limit on a 48-hour working week
  - David Cameron's deal with Germany is another sign that Europe is losing the argument
  - Bruges Group rates MPs voting records for europhilia
  - How long before the grey dictators march on London?
  - EU pushes dreamy scenarios for euro bond
  - Moody`s warns over French credit rating
  - Hungary applies to EC, IMF for possible financial aid
  - Netherlands to beef up border surveillance
  - Eurocrats threaten strike as eurozone faces disaster
  - EU explores replacing member states` IMF representation
  - Former Turkish ambassador: EU dream is dead
  - Russia Threatens Use of Nuclear Weapons
  - Death Toll Jumps in Egypt Protests
  - Brussels orders Britain to let in more migrants from around the world
  - Eurozone crisis: Cameron and Merkel stress unity
  - Germans try to kill off pound
  - Britain will have to join the euro, says Tory grandee Lord Heseltine
  - EU 2012 budget: UK says 2% increase is `excellent deal`
  - The dull bigotry of BBC Europhiles
  - Only the pride of the Federalists and short-term German interests prevent the end of the Euro
  - Mike Krieger Exposes The Three Card Monti (Zero Hedge)
  - `ANH-Leaks` exposes academic letter and responds openly on EU herb directive
  - Ron Paul: How To END THE FED
  - Britain in secret talks with Syrian rebels
  - Report: Russia warships to enter Syria waters in bid to stem foreign intervention
  - Ex-Soviet states take first step to `Eurasian Union`
  - Germany`s secret plans to derail a British referendum on the EU
  - German memo shows secret slide towards a super-state
  - Now Cameron speaks German: PM backs Merkel`s euro rescue plan
  - The end of the pound? German minister claims Britain WILL join the euro
  - Sarkozy urges Berlin to extend remit of ECB
  - Mario Monti prepares Italy for more pain as violence flares in Milan
  - Who voted for you, Mario Monti?
  - Le Monde: Goldman Sachs network now Controlling Europe (video - France24)
  - Italy`s Debt: A Hangover From Joining Euro
  - Spanish borrowing rate soars to nearly 7 percent
  - Finnish Europe minister wants all-powerful EU `tsar` to rule over national budgets
  - MEPs back new code of conduct after bribery scandal
  - EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration
  - Farage opposes illiberal smoking ban in private cars
  - EU probe into auditors set to be delayed
  - The BBC`s Green Corruption Scandal Deepens
  - New Italian government does not include a single elected politician
  - Crisis has led to `a Europe ruled by Germany`
  - Latin showdown with Germany over ECB
  - Why Ukip could be a true scourge of the Tory Party
  - Think-tank rings `alarm bell` for France`s economic health
  - Pressure Mounts for European Central Bank
  - Barroso to table eurobond blueprint
  - Eurobond Contagion: Or What`s Really Wrong With the Eurozone
  - AECR Derk Jan Eppink MEP attempts to sue the ECB
  - Banks Face Funding Stress
  - Irish PM resists pressure from Merkel over treaty changes
  - Euro-MPs attack UK coastguard cuts
  - Taxi CCTV story sparks UK debate
  - Fishermen angle for reeled-in regulations
  - The Difference Between the U.S. Constitution and EU Constitution (Lisbon Treaty) - Dan Hannan
  - Congress nullified as new, illegal `supercommittee` pushes secret farm bill that will cost billions
  - France summons Israeli envoy over raid
  - Iran will defend Syria against any possible Military Attacks
  - Europe speaks German now! Controversial claim from Merkel ally that EU countries all follow Berlin`s lead - and Britain should fall into line
  - Merkel responds to Cameron`s `Euroscepticism`: `be less selfish on Europe`
  - Tebbit: The state is failing its duties. The British people will soon run out of patience
  - The Government`s phoney war on Europe
  - New Italian PM to present the ECB`s collectivist plan for Italy
  - The surprising history of Italy and sovereign default
  - Investors take refuge in `safe` German bonds as fears spread
  - Is euro zone going to shed states, regroup or decay?
  - Panel named for £250,000 Wolfson prize for Eurozone withdrawal solution
  - Lacklustre eurozone growth increases recession fears
  - EU clampdown on ratings agencies defeated
  - EU commission to target growth with new laws in 2012
  - British Medical Association fiddles facts on smoking claim
  - Smoking in cars should be banned, says BMA
  - U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government
  - Cameron`s paliative: European Union in peril without reform
  - Mario Monti gets to work as Italy bids farewell to Silvio Berlusconi
  - Papademos Calls for Unity as Greece Tackles Reform
  - Eurozone Regime Change: Big Finance Moves In
  - Europe facing toughest hour since World War Two, says Merkel
  - Europe`s Rescue Funds Get Little Traction
  - Which road should Europe take?
  - Brussels to unveil credit-rating clampdown
  - Finland drops veto against Schengen enlargement
  - £12m paid out in legal costs and compensation to asylum seekers last year
  - Council accused of a `staggering invasion of privacy` as it plans to record EVERY conversation that takes place in taxi cabs
  - So what`s going on here: `Snatch Squads` Caught On Camera At London Student Rally
  - Riot Police Supress Occupy Portland Protestors With Brutal Force
  - EU piles sanctions on Syria, raises possibility of UN troops
  - Did We Overthrow Gaddafi Just to Replace Him with Al Qaeda?
  - How Can The American People Ever Trust Congress Again After Learning Of The Rampant Insider Trading That Has Been Going On?
  - Obama`s Socialism Experiment Performed on a College Class
  - Eurozone bail-out fund has to resort to buying its own debt
  - `Europe`s toughest hour since WWII` markets slide as debt crisis spreads
  - Crisis needs `more Europe`, says Merkel
  - France `could be next victim of eurozone crisis`, Osborne warns after Berlusconi quits
  - EU commissioner: Belgium could become the next Greece
  - Greece must stay in eurozone, says new PM
  - EU to tighten oversight of credit rating agencies
  - Euro Double-Bind: Both Paths Lead to Disintegration
  - Unelected eurocrats hijack sovereign states?
  - The EU`s architects never meant it to be a democracy: The rise of a `technocracy` was always part of the plan
  - There`s nothing new about this European folly
  - Why we cannot keep trying to breath life into the euro corpse
  - Polish police beat up citizens for celebrating Independence Day (which means `anti-EU', `nationalist` and `subversive`)
  - 18 new MEPs to arrive next month
  - Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Lord Christopher Monckton
  - `Italian Prussian` Monti enters political storm
  - ECB man to rule Greece for 15 weeks
  - EU`s Van Rompuy strikes new blow against democracy, telling Italy it doesn`t `need` elections
  - Two-tier Europe doesn`t mean two-speed currency
  - Will the Italians and the Greeks stand passively by while their governments become puppets of the ECB, IMF and the EU? I doubt it
  - The G20 and Financial Globalization
  - Obituary: The Day Democracy Died in Europe
  - Neil Hamilton: Germans push EU to the brink
  - Third of Dutch want guilder back
  - A chance for proper immigration debate, at last
  - EU rules to hit housing market
  - Unhappy MEPs to approve passenger data deal
  - Lord Monckton`s personal challenge to Al Gore
  - Will U.S. Army Be Used to Crush Public Resistance?
  - Benghazi to NTC: Dismantle militias! Where is our army?
  - EU turmoil revives calls for referendum
  - UK Treasury prepares for `economic armageddon` if euro falls apart
  - It`s not the break-up of the euro that will bring Armageddon, Vince, it`s carrying on as now
  - Lord Heseltine: We should ditch the pound and embrace global governance
  - Obama reads riot act to European leaders and orders them to take more dramatic action
  - Italy votes on stringent 59bn euro austerity measures to pave way for Berlusconi to quit
  - France plots eurozone `breakaway group`
  - Germany and France `discuss plans for EU overhaul`
  - Sorry, there is no euro break-up plan yet
  - Jim Grant: `The ECB Is Now Implementing The MF Global Trade`
  - Death of the euro
  - Idiot`s guide to the euro crisis (or how fiat currencies are sustained by debt and spending)
  - Bungling EU loses £4 billion in a year
  - Now Eurocrats want to fly their flag at Olympics
  - Don`t expect the BBC to tell you, but Ukip is on the march
  - Germany estimated to have made 9bn profit out of crisis
  - `War with Iran will be catastrophе` (RT, video)
  - UK banks face huge losses on Italian debt
  - Europe pushes Italy into the abyss
  - Italy Sells Bills at Highest Rate in 14-Years
  - Merkel and Sarkozy `now planning two-tier Europe`
  - Barroso: `If you are in the EU you should join euro`
  - Fears of new EU recession grow
  - The euro is reaching the point of no return
  - Former ECB vice president Lucas Papademos named Greek PM
  - Former Commissioner Monti groomed to be Italy`s new PM
  - MEPs hit out over `shameful` report on EU accounts
  - Veterans on the march
  - Ron Paul explains how the `free market` is not free at all (GOP presidential debate)
  - Russia and China warn America against Iran strike as tensions rise ahead of damning atomic agency report
  - 300,000 doses of flu vaccine Preflucel withdrawn in alert over side-effects‎
  - £43bn to be wiped off savings in a year due to Bank of England `negligence on inflation`
  - FTSE tumbles despite Berlusconi`s resignation pledge
  - Italian 10-year bond yield tops 7 pct threshold
  - Barclays Says Italy Is Finished: `Mathematically Beyond Point Of No Return`
  - Italian Crisis Ambushes Ireland After Greek Escape: Euro Credit
  - Ex-ECB man to be new Greek PM
  - Where Does The Greek Bailout Money Go?
  - Barroso wants eurozone represented at IMF
  - ECB stymied on debt crisis without fiscal union
  - Europe`s Politburo
  - Britain divided as Europe debate rears its head again
  - Border chief sues as Theresa May blames him for immigration bungle
  - British woman thrown into cell under European Arrest Warrant for `crime` former boyfriend allegedly committed 15 years ago
  - Tories warn of `severe` consequences if UK abstains in Palestinian UN vote
  - Iran war catastrophic for ME: Russia
  - UKIP call for immigration debate
  - Theresa May washes hands of letting in illegals
  - David Cameron defies rebel MPs over £40bn aid for the euro
  - Eurozone ministers fail to create 1 trillion bail-out fund
  - Shadowy Frankfurt Group said to be pivotal in Europe
  - Eurozone bailout fund (EFSF) sells 3bn Irish bond in face of low demand and choppy markets
  - The final push: EU members line up to demand ECB intervention
  - European leaders refuse to release 8bn aid tranche unless Greece adopts reforms
  - Talks continue to decide who will be next Greek leader
  - Crisis worsens in Italy, but defiant Silvio Berlusconi clings to power
  - France cuts frantically as Italy nears debt spiral
  - It`s time to talk about leaving the ailing EU
  - Blunder chief to manage EU cash
  - Financial education welcomed - MEP
  - Dominic Lawson: You think a Greece can`t happen here? Wrong...
  - Police will have the right to fire rubber bullets on student protesters as they prepare for huge London demonstration
  - EU must double energy grid funding to 1.2 trillion to meet Commission`s carbon emissions plan, says study
  - Billions of dollars moved in bank transfer demonstrations
  - Israel Could Be Forced To Go It Alone On Iran Attack
  - 8 in 10 say England is crowded as fears grow over migrants
  - Battle looming over `benefit tourist` threat
  - Tory showdown for Cameron in revolt over bailing out EU
  - Britain faces new isolation threat from eurozone `caucus`
  - Collapse of euro `would leave Britain BETTER off but if it stays we will see 10 years of austerity`
  - Nigel Farage on BBC R2 Jeremy Vine Show
  - A proxy row about the IMF is really a row about Britain and Europe
  - Italy`s `shock therapy` as eurozone manufacturing buckles
  - Greek elite cobble together fragile unity government
  - Peter McKay: The EU creates its own reality - in collision with the real world
  - Goldman`s Jim O`Neill: eurozone could split apart
  - Run For Your Lives: Euro Zone Considers Solution of Last Resort
  - Euro-Kaput: Euro could be dead by end-November?
  - US Congressman Dennis Kucinich on Al-Qaeda flag over Benghazi Courthouse
  - Common sense prevailing: Hard-up UK puts climate change on back burner
  - UK`s IMF contribution limit at `£40bn`
  - G20 Cannes and the end of money - a possible scenario
  - Fears of global recession as Italy teeters on brink
  - Europe`s rescue fiasco leaves Italy defenceless
  - Euzozone pressure squeezes out some truth at last, and there will be lots more to come
  - Euro has new politburo but no solution yet
  - Crisis will take 10 years to heal, says Merkel
  - Now the Union Jack is under attack as EU officials try to take us closer to a United States of Europe
  - Quentin Letts: If there is one thing Mr Clegg knows how to ignore, it is the broad will of the populus
  - EU accused of Athens coup after threat to end payments
  - PM warns of new dip as Greeks face euro choice
  - Rebels who could be the Tory party`s salvation
  - Tackle mass immigration to ease strain on our resources
  - AIPAC`s `War With Iran` Bill Passes House Committee
  - UK and France vow to halt Palestinian UN bid
  - More Small Businesses Are Pulling Their Accounts Out Of Big Banks
  - UKIP leader reaches out to Tory eurosceptics
  - Britain poised to provide billions for new rescue package as euro crisis deepens
  - World leaders gather around Europe`s sickbed: Italy
  - Report: Italy to be put under IMF surveillance
  - New ECB president Draghi chooses rates over printing press as recession looms (but we may end up with both)
  - Cornered Papandreou ditches referendum plan
  - A show of brute force in the new Europe
  - Athenians gripped by grim fury as they are thrown on to the rocks
  - Greece`s Debt: Who owns what?
  - Repatriate EU powers? In your dreams
  - UKIP, the party of England`s reticent majority
  - Farage is Britain`s Gandhi? `First they ignore you,...`
  - EU referendum MPs praised
  - Eurosceptics: UKIP`s Lord Hesketh and Andrea Leadsom MP (video)
  - Britain prepared to block Eurozone move to relax arms embargo on China
  - Will the Latest Plan `Fix` the Eurozone?
  - India, 25 others oppose EU airline carbon charge plan
  - Lord Monckton on the global warming scam (Video, with Michael Coren)
  - U.N. Hires Grad Students to Author Key Climate Report
  - `15,000 strong` army gathered in Turkey to attack Syria
  - Iran`s data on terror to topple US government, says top Iranian lawmaker
  - Greek PM Papandreou `ready to drop` bailout referendum
  - Bid for interim government as Greek PM drops referendum
  - Why Brussels won`t give voters a voice
  - UKIP`s poll rise is real, significant and sustainable
  - As the landscape starts to shift, Ukip can create political havoc
  - EU tells Greece: Choose the euro or go
  - Analysis: European rescue could spell long-term pain for UK
  - Berlusconi heads to G20 amid mutiny at home
  - China and India pull back from EU after Greek surprise
  - Max Keiser Goes Off on Greek Analyst: Calls Him a `Terrorist Sympathizer`
  - Germany`s Bild Calls for German Referendum on Bailouts, Greek Exit
  - Irish finances threat after EFSF bond sale delay
  - Irish FM urges ECB to create `wall of money`
  - Europe`s future is coming into focus: hyperinflation
  - The euro tragedy is reaching its bloody end with Greece
  - Batten calls on Assange to seek political asylum
  - Backstage battle over energy efficiency directive
  - EU threatens to take France to EU court over algae
  - 15 Trillion Dollars In Debt, 45 Million Americans On Food Stamps And Zero Solutions On The Horizon
  - Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make 14 New Ways That The Government Is Watching You
  - Israel Considers Pre-Emptive Attack On Iran
  - Tory rebels establish new group to counter Coalition`s EU plans
  - Greek cabinet backs referendum plan
  - The gloves are off! Greek PM prepares for `showdown` with Merkel and Sarkozy tonight as Europe teeters on the brink of financial disaster
  - As government verges on collapse, Papandreou fires military chiefs
  - Greek vote sets off `pandemonium`, engulfs Italy
  - Italy a bigger threat to UK than Greece, warns FSA chairman Lord Turner
  - EU tries to stem crisis after Greek referendum move
  - Financial crisis: Eurocrats are terrified of democracy - Dan Hannan
  - Let the voters put an end to Greece`s misery
  - Will Greece Pull an Iceland And Tell the Banks to Pound Sand?
  - Revealed: Osborne`s real views on Tobin tax
  - Dutch support for eurozone debt plan at risk
  - Ireland: Paper trail shows how 3.6bn alert was ignored
  - Roadshow ructions for Spanish minister
  - Belgium to shut down nuclear plants by 2025
  - Congo fatigue? EU `funding` in the heart of Africa
  - Iran military head warns of `heavy damage` should Israel attack
  - Anti-Gaddafi Forces Flew al-Qaeda Flag During Siege of Sirte
  - UKIP urge all to sign immigration petition
  - 50% of Tory MPs want Britain to leave the EU
  - Greece set to reject EU bail-out in referendum
  - Italy`s crisis deepens on eurozone slump, bail-out doubts
  - G20 summit to test EU debt deal
  - The European Stability Mechanism`s terrifying attack on democracy
  - Parliament on collision course with member states over EU budget rise
  - MEP condemns discharge decision on EU police agency
  - MEP trip to South America branded `waste of money`
  - Brussels fails to reach accord on illegal eggs
  - Has global warming stopped?
  - Roger Helmer reviews the book `Climate Change Reconsidered`
  - Syrian Domino: UN`s IAEA Claims Assad Regime Working on Nukes

Strasbourg plenary
15-18 April 2019


Brussels mini-plenary
03-04 April 2019


Strasbourg plenary
25-28 March 2019


Strasbourg plenary
11-14 March 2019


Strasbourg plenary
11-14 February 2019


Brussels mini-plenary
30-31 January 2019


16 APR 2019: Gerard Batten: European Parliament elections will be a rerun of the referendum question

08 APR 2019:
Stuart Agnew: Which illicit product came first from Ukraine? The chicken or the egg? (AGRI committee)

08 APR 2019: Stuart Agnew:  Plant breeders have revolutionised argiculture (AGRI committee)

03 APR 2019: Mike Hookem: British fishing industry: Lost opportunities for future generations

03 APR 2019: Stuart Agnew: You continue to plunder our fishing grounds as you've done for the past 40 years

03 APR 2019: Mike Hookem: Let the UK leave on the 12th of April!

03 APR 2019: Gerard Batten: UKIP leads struggle to set Britain free from EU

27 MAR 2019: Stuart Agnew: When EU interference becomes toxic (Bluecard Question to ENF MEP Troszczynski)

27 MAR 2019: Stuart Agnew: EU fraudulently harassing British innovation in degradable plastics

27 MAR 2019: Mike Hookem: Brexit betrayal: depth of public anger continues to go unnoticed

27 MAR 2019:
Gerard batten: Never before have the British been governed by such a pack of traitors, quislings and collaborators

26 MAR 2019:
Gerard Batten: Copyright Directive is about shutting down dissenting voices

13 MAR 2019: Gerard Batten: Right from the start Theresa May had a plan...

11 March 2019: Stuart Agnew: Commission has a horrible way of putting EU legislation ahead of British legislation

21 FEB 2019: Stuart Agnew: Brexit: Stop political posturing and start negotiating a trade deal now (IMCO committee)

14 FEB 2019: Jill Seymour: Atrocities against women in Saudi Arabia

14 FEB 2019: Stuart Agnew: Animal transport legislation not enforced in parts of Europe

13 FEB 2019: Raymond Finch: Funding your insane vanity project with taxpayers money

12 FEB 2019:
Stuart Agnew: Green lobby cannot have it both ways

11 FEB 2019: Gerard Batten: Mass uncontrolled migration changing European nations unrecognisably

11 FEB 2019: Mike Hookem: Is Tusk's special hell like that of the British fisheries?

07 FEB 2019: Stuart Agnew: Are Australian farmers required to reduce production in order to get subsidies? (AGRI committee)

31 JAN 2019: Margot Parker: Gender quotas are counterproductive

30 JAN 2019:
Gerard Batten: Preventing No Deal Brexit is an open rebellion against the British people

24 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew: No-Deal Brexit under WTO rules will benefit UK not EU (AGRI committee)

24 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew to Commissioner Hogan: New breeding methods needed to tackle colder weather ahead (AGRI committee)

23 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew briefs agriculture minister on handling Romania's EU council presidency (AGRI committee)

17 JAN 2019: Margot Parker: When politicians act without the scrutiny of a free and vibrant press...

16 JAN 2019: Gerard Batten: The British people will never surrender!

15 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew: By which treaty did the EU gain power over our clocks? (AGRI committee, 14.01.2019)