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Bullet Blog (October 2011)
  - Tory MPs in fight to halt £40bn for EU
  - Half of Conservative MPs `want to pull out of the EU`
  - Nick Clegg is out of step with Britain over Europe
  - Now is the time to give us a say over Europe
  - Legal challenge over 50 per cent `write-off` agreement could delay eurozone`s Greek debt plan
  - Civil disobedience gathers steam in Athens
  - Poll: Greeks Oppose EU Deal, 54% want referendum
  - EU Deal and Hell Freezing Over
  - Barroso warns G20 about need for urgent debt plan
  - China warns it cannot `cure` eurozone`s debt crisis
  - Russia Ready to Offer Europe $10 Billion in Aid Through IMF
  - For Europe Bailout Fund, Next Stop Is Japan
  - Record borrowing costs put Italy at centre of crisis
  - Higgins triumphs in Irish presidential race
  - Simon Watkins: The euro`s assault on democracy of member states
  - Halligan: Why the latest eurozone bail-out is destined to fail within weeks
  - Simon Nixon: Big Euro-Crisis Question Has Still to Be Answered
  - Chris Huhne is not merely ignorant but positively dangerous
  - Bashir Assad: Middle East will erupt in violence if West attacks Syria
  - Drones: Killing For Sport?
  - Nearly 1 million Tory Voters have deserted the party to UKIP
  - UKIP Goes To The Museum Of Westminster: Exclusive Mini-Documentary
  - Who does David Cameron fear more, the Lib Dems or Ukip?
  - Tory MPs may defect to Ukip, claims Farage
  - Coalition theatrics: Nick Clegg warns David Cameron of `economic suicide` over EU policy
  - The cynical lie that leaving the EU would destroy Britain
  - EU foreign chief Ashton has no business at Commonwealth meeting
  - Merkel`s blunt message: Save the euro to save Europe
  - What saves the euro will kill the union
  - Euro Area Could Address Crisis Without China, Juncker Says
  - Euro Trillion Bailout Deal, Devil is in the Detail
  - Dutch fear more euro turmoil: poll
  - EU-Topia: Why Europe Can`t Exist
  - Natural health and the Eurozone crisis
  - Drive for `green` consumption a chimera, NGOs warn
  - US money supply growing fast (or `How to debase the dollar`)
  - Ron Paul wins both tallies at GOP straw poll in Iowa
  - Occupy Wall Street: Between the ones that get it and those who can only recite Marxist talking points
  - Photo Finish: More Evidence of Strong al-Qaeda Presence in Post-Gaddafi Libya
  - MPs vow to fight on for EU vote as UK faces being left out in cold
  - Cameron plays victim & hero: London is under constant attack from Europe
  - Farage and Duncan Smith clash on Europe referendum (BBC video)
  - Rehn to get increased economic powers to reflect centralised EU economic governance
  - Eurozone bail-out: holes emerge in the `grand solution` to solve EU debt crisis
  - EU bail-out fund chief seeks money from China and IMF
  - Falsifying the real cause of failure: `It was an error to let Greece into the eurozone` says Sarkozy
  - Europe`s bailout euphoria threatened as Portugal enters `Grecian vortex`
  - EU deal sparks union outrage in Italy
  - Czech PM mulls euro referendum
  - Member states reject 2012 EU budget
  - Data retention: Commission requests Germany and Romania fully transpose EU rules
  - German court suspends bailout super-committee
  - Unconstitutional Super Committee Proposes $1.3 Trillion in New Taxes
  - War of Terror: US fury as Karzai backs Pakistan
  - EU referendum: poll shows 49% would vote for UK withdrawal, 40% would prefer to stay in
  - UKIP at 7% in YouGov & Angus Reid polling
  - I won`t vote against my Eurosceptic principles again, warns ex-leader Iain Duncan Smith
  - Eurozone debt crisis: brutal gamble to let others take the pain
  - Eurozone bailout fund will have firepower of 1 trillion debt-euros
  - Graphic: eurozone debt levels and bailout fund
  - Eurozone chiefs reach deal with bank bosses on Greek haircut
  - Germany makes Greece pay with sovereignty for new bail-out
  - New Irish deal hope as Greeks eye 100bn debt cut
  - Merkel warns of war in Europe if the euro fails
  - Brendan Keenan: Solutions to euro crisis are full of hidden dangers
  - Jermey Werner: Why the summit to end all summits solves nothing
  - EU chiefs to charm China on boosting bailout fund
  - Italy Urged by EU to Pursue `Ambitious` Pace on Economy Plan
  - European Parliament Budget rise of 5.2 per cent?
  - Population is growing too fast due to immigration
  - Spanish property: has it tidied up its act?
  - Cameron tries to buy off Eurosceptics with threat to employment rights
  - Nick Clegg: I`ll halt EU power fight
  - 'Summit to save Europe' still vague on details
  - Deal on EU bailout fund in limbo as ministers walk home
  - Dutch parliament may not approve eurozone reforms
  - Irish in no mood to extend EU powers over debt crisis
  - Merkel Faces Fresh Showdown on Bailout
  - EU and US heading towards trade war over airplane emissions
  - Vatican Calls for `Central World Bank` to Be Set Up
  - Politicians have betrayed public over vote on EU
  - Standing up for democracy
  - Scandal over EU betrayal
  - O`Flynn: EU referendum vote commentary
  - EU referendum: David Cameron hit by biggest Conservative rebellion
  - Westminster`s EU Farce Ignores the Overwhelming Majority
  - German parliament to vote on euro measures ahead of summit
  - Berlusconi: Other EU states in no position to `give lessons`
  - As Hope For EFSF Solution Vanishes, Europe Comes Crawling To Uncle Sam
  - Global debt crisis: The tip of the iceberg and what lurks below the surface
  - Tory MPs Set To Defy PM Over EU Referendum (video)
  - Cameron relishes chance to show rebels who`s boss
  - EU leaders agree on outline of new `grand bargain` to save euro
  - French and Germans in `super treasury` plot
  - Sarkozy: Don`t tell us how to run the euro
  - Europe: Why Are The Conservatives So Angry About Monday`s House Of Commons Vote
  - Support for the small parties is surging
  - It`s not just Europe that is turning Tories against David Cameron
  - Of the million voters that deserted the Tories since the election 600,000 went to UKIP
  - What Europe really thinks about the EU
  - Analysis: Europe`s growth outlook at mercy of debt politics
  - Cameron tries to save face on mooted treaty change
  - Treaty changes should not be taboo, says German chancellor
  - BBC spoils impartiality for EU grants
  - Dutch PM clashes with parliament over EU summit
  - Dawn of democracy in Libya? (video)
  - Tories threaten resignation over EU vote ban
  - Tebbit: Europe has broken leaders before will Cameron share their fate?
  - We must have our say on the European Union
  - European debt crisis talks plunged into chaos as leaders announce another summit
  - Europe in disarray with France and Germany divided
  - EU considers wielding $1.3 trillion worth of debt to break debt impasse
  - Downgrading countries in bailout could be banned, says EU
  - Financial regulation plays catch up with crisis without tackling the real causes
  - S&P sees downgrade blitz in EMU recession, threatening crisis strategy
  - EU urges release of sixth tranche of loans to Greece
  - Italian police protest austerity cuts
  - EU officials welcome news of Gaddafi's summary execution
  - Pandya: International aid simply props-up third world corruption
  - Cameron rejects EU referendum call ahead of MPs debate
  - Dozens of Tory MPs will join rebellion over vote on Europe referendum
  - Cameron moves to face down backbench revolt over Europe
  - A whipped vote on an EU referendum will sort the men from the boys
  - EU referendum debate moved to Monday so David Cameron can attend
  - Britain deserves a chance to have a referendum on EU membership
  - Summit will not be end of eurozone`s troubles, says Barroso (in case you had high hopes)
  - Greek strike turns violent ahead of new austerity vote
  - EU institutions hit back at markets, ratings agencies
  - EU governance causing failure of EU`s 10-year-plan, says Europhile report
  - Lies behind the `Humanitarian War` in Libya (video)
  - Historic vote on EU referendum to be held
  - This crusade can help free Britain from EU tyranny
  - Conservatives ordered to vote against EU referendum
  - Breaking news: Cameron now officially even worse than Ted Heath
  - France and Germany ready to agree 2tn euro rescue fund
  - No deal reached (yet) on scaling up eurozone debt fund to 2 trillion
  - Debt-creating `anti-debt` measures under review at EU summit
  - Merkel Says EU Summit Will Be Important, Not Final, Crisis Step
  - More downgrades, mass strike as EU counts days to summit
  - Spain downgrade ups pressure on EU to act (which is what it yearns to do)
  - Euro crisis to smother growth in eastern Europe
  - EU banks could need up to 370bn in event of painful, but necessary eurozone debt restructuring (Open Europe briefing)
  - Commissioner Tajani: Late payments directive in force before 2013
  - EU Weighs Pullback on Cutting Emissions
  - EU might not condemn tar sands oil as dirty - Canada
  - EU raids banks, suspects interest-rate low-level cartel
  - Sugar Shortages Pummel Europe as World Glut Grows: Commodities
  - EU pledges EUR15 million funds for Afghan police
  - Nearly a Third of `Occupy` Protesters Advocate Violence
  - Ron Paul sweeps the floor clean at the CNN GOP presidential debate in Nevada (18.10.2011)
  - BBC 4 Analysis: Two-thirds of Tory MPs want to renegotiate UK`s relationship with EU but are too scared to speak out
  - Berlin downplays EU summit expectations
  - Berlin experts fear euro break-up from bail-out escalation
  - Changing tack on austerity would be `irresponsible`, say EU presidents
  - Sarkozy open to euro zone finance minister idea
  - Moody`s warns on France`s credit rating
  - EU temporarily clears taxpayer bailout of Dexia bank Belgium
  - EU`s Rehn Says Portugal Faces `Significant Challenges` on Budget
  - Proposed EU parliament investigatory powers face opposition
  - Watch out if you are fat: The EU is on to you
  - Green energy could double household bills
  - Ontario, Canada: Cost of green energy 40% higher than government estimates
  - `The Green Belt Effect` in action Where did all those UKIP votes come from last night?
  - US considers sanctions on Iran`s central bank
  - `We must plan our exit`
  - MPs could vote on EU referendum within weeks
  - We should be with Europe, but not of it... linked but not combined
  - Bailout of eurozone countries will cost us billions more, Osborne admits
  - Europe in 2 trillion rescue bid
  - Europe`s lost decade as $7 trillion loan crunch looms
  - G20 states say Europe has a week to sort out euro crisis
  - Trichet: EU treaty change needed to `impose decisions` on states
  - Lack of ECB firepower weakens Europe`s Grand Plan to enslave us all
  - Putting an end to the euro would be better than yet another bail-out
  - US opposition to proposed IMF boost leaves eurozone to deal with crisis
  - Taxpayers` millions lost by EU-funded regional schemes
  - EU's first `competitiveness report` exposes shortfalls
  - Global `day of rage` reveals Italy`s `anomaly`
  - New Eurobarometer survey shows most EU citizens are living in Cloud 9
  - Brussels vague on rural spending for 2014-2020
  - European taxpayers look likely to foot 200bn bill to bail out banks
  - New row brewing over bank bailout ahead of Paris summit
  - Public vote on EU rescue is ruled out
  - Fight for that referendum
  - Deutsche Bank boss opposes IMF bailout
  - Slovakia agrees to expand European bail-out fund
  - EU financial regulation could harm UK growth, CBI warns
  - EU billions fail to lift west Wales and valleys economy
  - Nick Clegg to rock coalition with pro-Europe plea
  - Barroso outlines `comprehensive` roadmap to tackle eurozone crisis
  - A Slovak Twist: Slovakia`s Sulik Announces EFSF Vote Has To Be Adopted By Constitutional Court First
  - Slovak parties reach deal on EU bail-out fund
  - New Greek PSI haircut around 30-50 percent
  - So what does the EU think farming is for?
  - Christopher Monckton: End of Democracy in England
  - FBI Insider: Obama Administration Likely Manufactured Dubious Terror Plot (Fox video)
  - UN: Afghan opium production up by 61%
  - Lord Hesketh: former Tory party treasurer defects to Ukip `over Europe`
  - Europe. Taxes. Immigration. After 52 years, Lord Hesketh explains why he`s turned his back on the Tories
  - David Cameron urges people to report illegal immigrants
  - Meet the PC oligarchy that now rules Britain
  - EU summit delayed as France, Germany tussle over who pays for bank bailouts
  - German push for Greek default risks EMU-wide `snowball`
  - Another treaty for Europe?
  - Slovak government hangs by a thread ahead of crucial EU vote
  - Bailout troika expected to finalise inspection of Greece
  - The Greek People Never Agreed to the Debt or Austerity (video)
  - EU Budget 2012: figures now available
  - `Historic` state reform deal spells end to Belgian crisis
  - U.K.`s CO2 Floor uses `Trick` to Circumvent EU Law, RWE says
  - Mafia `cashing in` on boom in rewenable energy
  - Eurozone on brink of recession, says Ernst & Young
  - Merkel, Sarkozy pledge bank bailouts at taxpayer expense
  - France, Belgium agree to sell toxic Dexia bank to taxpayers
  - Belgium Bond Yields Jump, ECB `Flight To Safety` Facility Usage Soars To Highest In 15 Months
  - Think-tank says eurozone bailout fund will need 4 trillion
  - Cameron urges eurozone to print more money and pile on more debt to stem crisis
  - The FT is in agonies over the collapsing eurozone
  - John Major offers a palliative over EU powers
  - Bank of Finland holding billions in crisis country bonds
  - Children to be banned from blowing up balloons, under EU safety rules
  - Europe`s banks in £345Bn bailout - all at EU taxpayer expense
  - ECB pumps new money to aid banks and keeps interest rates low
  - ECB eases lending rules in bid to appease banks
  - Slovak SaS Party Won`t Back EFSF After Compromise Rejected
  - The Dutch Central Bank Answers 10 Questions About Its Gold
  - EU Commission warns Belgium for not complying with biometric passports obligations
  - Is there a Patten to this Newsnight surrender?
  - Top scientists condemn EU land use values for biofuels
  - Lib Dems demand crisis talks over Tory u-turn on climate change
  - IMF advisor says we face a Worldwide Banking Meltdown
  - Think An American Economic Resurgence Is Imminent? Don`t Be Stupid, Warns Goldman
  - Ron Paul: Central economic planning and Keynesian central banking don`t create prosperity (CNN video)
  - The Fascist Threat (Or how the evolving US and EU political systems are mirroring one another)
  - Occupy Wall Street protest `isn't a joke!` (Video, CNN)
  - UKIP`s Steve Woolfe on the Keiser Report: Greece Must Return to Drachma
  - Commissioner Rehn says EU to apply new economic-governance rules `with vigor`
  - Commission thinks it`s backed by 'silent majority' on economic government of Europe
  - Conservative Party Conference 2011: Boris Johnson defies David Cameron to call for referendum on Europe
  - EU referendum would hurt Britain`s economy, says William Hague
  - Janice Atkinson-Small: Why I defected from Cameron, the sceptic who lost the plot
  - Euro zone postpones Greek loan, agrees on collateral
  - Bulgaria, Czech Republic Vow to Steer Clear of `Euro Zone Debt Union`
  - Markets take hit as Greece woes drag on
  - Eurozone crisis prompts global sell-off as Greek deal is delayed
  - Unrest spreads to military as retired Greek officers storm defence ministry
  - Italian rating hit by Moody`s downgrade
  - Osborne claims victory on EU regulation of financial services
  - France and Belgium vow to stand behind Dexia
  - EU finance ministers seek bank bailouts
  - European police college given clean bill of health
  - EU to put higher pollution price on tar sands
  - The hot debate... our crusade to get Britain out of EU
  - Cameron blunder fuels eurosceptic fire
  - Iain Duncan Smith said `No, No, No` to the EU. Will David Cameron follow his lead?
  - Greece has money until mid-November
  - US markets hit year-low, as Greece is warned it will have no more concessions
  - We cannot go on propping up the Greek economy
  - European politicians plot to block UK veto on `Tobin tax`
  - Nearly 6 billion in subsidies fuel Spain`s ravenous fleet
  - Scrapped... human rights that protect foreign crooks
  - New Danish government rolls back border controls
  - Victory in a bid to quit EU: MPs to vote on referendum before Christmas
  - Two out of three Tories want UK to break ties with Brussels
  - Four decades of dodging the big question on joining the European Union
  - Norman Tebbit: Cameron must escape never-never land
  - The EU dream has turned into a nightmare
  - Greece will not meet deficit targets this year or in 2012
  - EU`s Rehn: Leveraging is one option for EFSF bailout fund
  - NEIN, NEIN, NEIN, and the death of EU Fiscal Union
  - EU fraud and `irregularities` hit £1.6 billion
  - £42m child benefit sent abroad
  - Now Eurocrats say time`s up for GMT
  - European parliaments` body facing `identity crisis`
  - EU subsidies fuel Spain`s ravenous fleet
  - Fears for economy rise amid calls to create more credit out of thin air
  - 26 countries join to protest EU`s aircraft carbon emission plan
  - EU carbon costs may force refiners to relocate, close
  - Poland vows to veto any EU law on shale gas fracking
  - Internal energy market in doubt as 18 states face court

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Brussels mini-plenary
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Gerard Batten: Preventing No Deal Brexit is an open rebellion against the British people

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