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Bullet Blog (January 2011)
  - Back-door debt restructuring on the cards for Greece
  - Euro zone inflation accelerates to 2.4%
  - Britain begins battle over EU failure to reform its agriculture budget
  - David Cameron: Free us from EU red tape (with video)
  - Record UKIP poll ratings only a matter of time before they overtake the Lib Dems
  - Eight in 10 want Irish bailout deal revisited
  - Musicians fear `chaos` as EU gets set to regulate royalties
  - The Prince of Wales to attend Low Carbon Summit in Brussels
  - An Economic Government for the Euro Zone? Merkel`s plan could transform the EU
  - Himalayan glaciers not melting because of climate change, report finds
  - Egypt: Over 100 dead, tourists evacuated, multiple EU statements
  - Egypt protests: America`s secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising
  - Van Rompuy calls for reform in Egypt
  - Egypt and Tunisia usher in the new era of global food revolutions
  - EU accused of failing to properly manage aid in Afghanistan
  - Witnesses: US Government escorted `underwear bomber` through security without passport
  - Eurostat: EU bailouts to be recorded in each member`s debt
  - George Soros Says EU May Disintegrate, Again
  - Sarkozy: `Failure of euro would be cataclysmic`
  - EU flight-time rules endanger passenger lives, UK pilots say
  - EU presses UK over London air pollution
  - Ten member states accused of breaking EU law
  - FSA urges EU not to implement Europe-wide mortgage regulation
  - Warning shot for America and Europe as S&P downgrades Japan
  - Egypt`s Internet Shut Down, According To Reports
  - 70 Trillion cubic feet of New Arctic Ice
  - Herman Van Rompuy`s latest haiku is `world`s shortest autobiography`
  - As Europe Toils on Debt, U.S. and Japan Watch Nervously
  - DAVOS: Soros: Euro Crisis Could Lead To Disintegration Of EU
  - Finland`s PM says EU members ready to defend the euro come what may
  - Brendan Keenan: Barroso outburst reflects some unease at EU role in the crisis
  - Irish opposition vows to cut bailout rate - report
  - EU to consider national `resource efficiency` targets
  - Germans: In the EU we do not trust
  - Tory Eurosceptic group in turmoil as leader steps down
  - MEPs more likely to vote in line with their parties post-Lisbon
  - UK, Swedish, Italian airline pacts With Russia face EU rebuke
  - Mediterranean Union chief resigns as Egypt unrest continues
  - Earth`s climate crisis ain`t necessarily so
  - Bank of England chief Mervyn King: standard of living to plunge at fastest rate since 1920s
  - EU Should Seek Alternatives to Raising Bailout Fund, Slovak Premier Says
  - Merkel, Barosso Meet To Discuss Euro-Zone Reform
  - EU Green-Energy Plans Cut Competitiveness, Czech Minister Says
  - Europe Divided Over China Arms Sales
  - Asian investors lead massive demand for first Euro bail-out bond
  - One rule for us, another for the European elite
  - EU has enough to spare to pay some of Jamaica`s debt
  - Commissioner Kroes issues Hungary ultimatum on media law
  - European Parliament - Swine flu: lessons to learn from `disproportionate` EU response
  - Parliament to fast-track vote on EU patent
  - EU considers tough stance on raw materials
  - Afghanistan needs 30-year commitment, EU envoy says
  - MEPs have stopped blogging, are afraid of Twitter, love Facebook
  - Egypt riots: First Casualties Reported As Police Use Live Ammo Against Protesters
  - Obama may get power to shut down Internet without court oversight
  - YouGov: UKIP outpolling LibDems...
  - Rome II: Nigel Farage goes global
  - Tory fury over bid to block EU referendum
  - EU `oversteps bounds` to seek pay cuts in Ireland
  - IMF urges EU to enlarge bailout fund
  - Secret committee paving way for euro reform
  - Is EMU a new Rouble zone?
  - Spain tempts fate with minimalist bank rescue
  - Turkey tells France: stop opposing EU membership or you lose on nuclear deal
  - EU will increase economic aid to Tunisia
  - EU ruling rations families to 80 bags of rubbish a year
  - Regional funding reform necessary, says leading expert
  - Germany Will Fall Short of European Union Energy-Saving Targets, FAZ Says
  - Insurance Companies Sue Bank Of America Over `Massive Mortgage Fraud`, Find 91% Of Securitized Loans Are Misrepresented
  - EU bureaucrats win power to probe UK crime
  - Peter Bone MP: It`s time for an `in` or `out` referendum on Europe
  - Europe`s shoddy attempt to vilify Ireland
  - EU Urges Swift Decisions To Fight Euro Crisis
  - German foreign minister defends stance on EU rescue fund
  - Merkel to help European Union secure top credit rating
  - Trichet Expects EU to Agree on More Automatic Enforcement of Budget Rules
  - Hugh Hendry On The `Near Certainty` Of European Interest Rate Rises
  - Hamish McRae: Yes, interest rates will go up but when? Best keep an eye on the ECB
  - Jean-Claude Juncker Says Not To Rule Out Europe Becoming A Ponzi Protectorate
  - Irish election date to be brought forward
  - EU probes Spain-Portugal telecoms `non-compete` clause
  - Court exposes appalling detention conditions in Greece (but not for extraditees)
  - 10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased
  - Traders condemn EU`s `Mickey Mouse` carbon market after botched trading statement
  - Transdniestrians stake their future on Russia, not EU
  - Egypt Proactively Preparing For Tunisian-Style Rioting: Airport Intercepts 59 Outbound Gold Shipments Worth Tens Of Millions
  - EU bill `can`t stop Brussels`
  - UK: Northern summit was not anti-European
  - Germany opposes early Schengen enlargement
  - EU demands Poland explains deficit plans
  - Hungarian PM warns EU to back off, stop meddling
  - SocGen crafts strategy for China hard-landing
  - Carbon-scam heist may have netted 28m of permits
  - 12 Economic Collapse Scenarios That We Could Potentially See In 2011
  - EU hits us with £1bn fines
  - Spain To Bail Out Savings Banks, More Billions In Taxpayer-Funded Risk Transfer
  - Ireland has only itself to blame for the costly bailout says Barroso
  - The EU`s problem is solvency, not liquidity, says Pimco`s El-Erian
  - A huge deception at heart of the European Union
  - EU Considers Basel-Rule Changes for Covered Bonds
  - Total Global Debt Has To Double To $210 Trillion By 2020 To Preserve Economic Growth
  - Cameron Sees UK`s Nordic-Baltic Alliance Setting Path for EU
  - Hungarian PM receives frosty reception in Strasbourg
  - EU `seeking powers` to vet British budget
  - IMF investigates strength of banks in UK and other EU countries
  - Attacks force closure of EU`s emissions trading system
  - Brazil slams brakes to curb inflation, risking hot money tsunami
  - MPs must listen to the people about the EU
  - UKIP leader criticises commission response to EU diary `fiasco`
  - Greece Unable To Repay Debt In Full, Claims Lars Feld, Designated German Government Adviser
  - Central Bank steps up its cash support to Irish banks financed by institution printing own money
  - Orban meets barrage of MEP criticism over media law
  - Biofuels blamed for dioxin contamination
  - MEP calls for independent audit of EU accounts
  - EU tackles club debt in sport proposal
  - EU plans tougher bank stress tests
  - 2010: `Hottest Year on Record`?
  - Europe`s financial contagion (with interactive chart)
  - EU finance ministers back bigger bailout fund
  - Irish finance minister pledges to fight for `better bailout deal`
  - In conversation with Simon Heffer: All Nigel Farage has to do is wait
  - EU backs `Jasmine Revolution` in Tunisia
  - Chilcot to grill Blair on how he `misled` Iraq war inquiry
  - Niall Ferguson On Whether The Financial Crisis Will Lead To America`s Decline And A Glimpse Of The `Post-Pax Americana` Dark Ages
  - ECB Monetization Of Toxic Sovereign Sludge Surges 20-Fold In Past Week
  - Seasonal flu vaccine fairy tale rapidly collapsing as the truth comes out
  - Tensions high over bailouts as eurozone summit begins
  - Germany set to stymie plans for expansion of EU`s bailout fund
  - EMU policies are pushing Southern Europe into systemic political crisis
  - France`s Lagarde: New EU Bailout Fund Details Ready In March
  - German coalition split on increasing EU`s bail-out fund
  - Spain Cancels Market Auction, As It, Portugal And Belgium Go Syndicate, Spook Bond Investors (Again)
  - Tory rebels now compare David Cameron to the arrogant bully from Tom Brown's Schooldays
  - Could Britain be heading for a crash?
  - Commissioner Hedegaard calls for EU energy taxes
  - Revealed: how eco-spy masterminded G8 protest
  - EU brainwashing denies the roots of our civilisation
  - EU triples its financial contribution to Euronews
  - Serbians` support to join EU has sunk to its lowest in nearly a decade - Poll
  - Mediterranean EU states block stronger action on Tunisia
  - Court Rules Government Can Keep Naked Body Scanner Images Secret
  - A dreadful night for the Conservatives
  - British budget may need EU approval to help shore up the Euro
  - UKIP vote soars to 6% in Oldham
  - UKIP polling 5% again in latest YouGov poll
  - Roger Helmer MEP: If the Conservative Party has ceased to be conservative, what exactly is the point of it?
  - EU sends out £4.4m diaries to schools which list Muslim, Chinese and Hindu holidays... but miss out Christmas and Easter
  - Will the German Constitutional Court put an end to Euro bailouts?
  - Sarkozy ups pressure on Dublin to raise company tax
  - Europe fears motives of Chinese super-creditor
  - ECB chief warns of rising eurozone inflation
  - Number of EU, eurozone banks in decline
  - Scottish taxpayers subsidise EU students by £75m
  - EU commission proposes 60 million dollars in budget aid to Georgia
  - EU May Consider Taxing Energy, Commissioner Says
  - Hungarian Media Law: In Keeping with EU and International Standards
  - The 10 Things That Would Be Different If The Federal Reserve Had Never Been Created
  - Tory MPs are expecting amazing results for UKIP in 2014
  - France and Germany veto increase in EU rescue fund
  - Bailing out euro failures to cost UK billions more
  - EU plans package to confront debt crisis
  - Thanks for propping up the euro French tell Cameron as Britain is described as `solid partner`
  - Brussels demands yet more austerity from member states
  - Joschka Fischer: United States of Europe is the only way to preserve EU influence
  - Bill Gross Explains Why He Is Not Buying Portuguese Debt (with video)
  - EU lacks `clear vision` on consumer rights
  - Portugal defiant as pressure builds for rescue
  - EU considers increase of bail-out fund, as debt crisis rumbles on
  - Fears over EU debt crisis spark rescue-fund talks
  - Eurosceptics fail to amend British bill on EU
  - Hannan: Instead of hinting at a hypothetical EU referendum, ministers should hold a real one
  - EU financial watchdog `systemically sabotaged fraud investigations`
  - Slota: Slovakia should seriously think about leaving EU
  - EU Aims for `Comprehensive` Crisis Solution, Rehn Says
  - Europe flies Nabucco flag
  - Danish court upholds suit over EU treaty
  - EU to become a net importer of poultry meat
  - Iran Says EU Snub Will Not Derail Istanbul Talks
  - Conservative EU rebels test Cameron`s authority
  - EMU debt crisis edges ever closer to the core
  - Euro Debt Ratings Shaky, Euro To Fall - BlueGold`s Jen
  - Dutch ex-member of Court of Auditors blasts endemic corruption
  - Portugal given lifeline ahead of `Battle of Spain`
  - UK `must refuse to bail out Portugal`
  - Now Belgium faces being dragged into eurozone crisis
  - Euro`s Architect Warns About Currency`s Future
  - EU Tax Chief: Transaction Tax Attractive Revenue Source
  - EU Needs Immigration, Commissioners Malmstroem, Andor Tell FAZ
  - Lights dimmed all over Europe
  - New clashes in Tunisia, EU leads criticism
  - How to spot an undercover agent in your midst
  - Virginia Creates Subcommittee To Study Monetary Alternatives In Case Of Terminal Fed `Breakdown`, Considers Gold As Option
  - US anti-Twitter subpoena fuels data privacy debate
  - India, Iran mull over gold-for-oil for now
  - Wheeler joins UKIP as Treasurer
  - EU to grab yet more power
  - Revolt grows as MP fights for vote on EU
  - William Hague says EU bill is `massive advance`
  - The Coalition`s Referendum Lock `could be picked by a child`.
  - EU hands tied ahead of Battle of Spain: Analysis
  - Core EU states put squeeze on Portugal to accept bail-out
  - Greece blasts EU `hypocrisy` for opposing Turkey wall plans
  - Waste Effort: US ghost cash flushed down Afghan drain
  - Eurostat: Households footing bill for green taxes
  - The Express to publish 24-page special on why Britain should leave the EU
  - Hungarian president rejects criticism of media law
  - EU wants bond holders to share pain of bank failure
  - ECB Trichet: No Response Yet On EU Bank Plan
  - Belgium political crisis hits new low
  - Germany`s poisonous eggs found in Britain, Netherlands
  - EU spurns offer of Iran nuclear sites tour
  - EU Aims to Seal Deal With Beijing
  - Energy next EU integration phase
  - Time to fight for economic freedom
  - Piers Corbyn: Warm Weather Not Causing Cold
  - End Democracy To Save Planet Says IPCC
  - Monbiot`s Socialist Utopia
  - Barroso says 2011 will be economically painful year, espouses EU economic governance
  - Absent Baroness Ashton leaves Britain without a voice
  - Ireland Bailout Bonds Go Mainly to European Investors in $6.6 Billion Sale
  - Soros Mistrusts EU Aid as Irish Default Risk Soars
  - Portugal enters uncharted EU waters
  - Spanish, Belgian CDS Hit Record Wides, Even As China Announces Plans To Buy 18 Billion In Spanish, Greek And Portuguese Bonds
  - Richard Corbett: No such thing as `Hungarian Presidency of the EU`
  - Hungary rejects any limits on EU presidency role
  - EU quizzes Hungary over crisis tax law
  - US advised to initiate GM trade war with EU member states - WikiLeaks
  - Climate colonialism by stealth
  - Glenn Beck: Federal Reserve is the `main cancer` in the system
  - Euro zone inflation accelerates to defy expectations
  - Portugal sees borrowing costs rise as EU sells bonds for Irish bank bailout
  - Swiss central bank refuses to touch Irish state bonds
  - European Bond Spreads Leak Wider Following Portuguese Bill Auction
  - Anger as EU chiefs set up quangos costing £60m
  - A proper referendum on the EU is long overdue
  - Spelman urges EU farm subsidies rethink
  - Lib Dem support hits all-time low
  - What we need in 2011 is an opposition
  - China to make multimillion pound investment in beleaguered Spain
  - EU to keep China arms embargo despite massive investments
  - Are German Banks Next To Seek Putback Claims From Bank Of America?
  - The `scientific consensus` about global warming turns out to have a lot more to do with manipulating the numbers
  - Economic Consequences Of The `New World Order`
  - Overheating East to falter before the bankrupt West recovers
  - MPs accuse David Cameron of being too soft on Europe
  - The EU Rotating Presidency Shrinks
  - ECB Monetization Sterilization Back On Track After Last Week`s Failure
  - Eurozone inflation soars past ECB target
  - Helmer`s Warning Shot: I will not be a member of such a mongrel party
  - EU will surpass 20 pct green energy goal - report
  - Jon Gaunt on the EU
  - TNA, the New World Order and the Internet of Things
  - Iran invites EU inspectors to nuclear sites
  - Chinese bank to open five new EU branches
  - Have scientists discovered how to create downpours in the desert?
  - The State of the House of Cards: 2011
  - Cameron faces Commons defeat over Europe
  - Nearly 8bn of EU energy-savings fund lies unclaimed
  - Estonia becomes 17th eurozone member
  - Biometric ID check on Scots schoolchildren as young as four
  - How the Government wants to change the way we think
  - Greece to build wall on EU-Turkey border
  - Spaniards reel at strict anti-smoking rules
  - As we count the cost of the freeze, Government prepares for global warming
  - China slows as tightening start to bite
  - Ron Paul: Stop the Police State, Repeal the PATRIOT Act!

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22-25 October 2018


Strasbourg plenary
01-04 October 2018


Strasbourg plenary
10-13 Sept 2018


Strasbourg plenary
02-05 July 2018

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11 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Labour MEPs dream of keeping UK in EU Single Market post-Brexit (IMCO committee, 10.10.2018)

11 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Not all nationalism is extreme ethnic nationalism (CULT committee, 10.10.2018)

10 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Brexit is on everyone's lips in Ireland (AGRI committee, 09.10.2018)

10 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Paying farmers to produce less (AGRI committee, 09.10.2018)

09 OCT 2018:
Stuart Agnew: EU regulating re-used water for irrigation (AGRI committee)

09 OCT 2018:
Stuart Agnew's (EFDD) Draft Opinion on Climate Action amended beyond recognition at committee stage (AGRI committee)

04 OCT 2018:
Jonathan Bullock: Estimating EU budget error rate is "like taking an opinion poll", says ECA president (Budgetary Control committee)

04 OCT 2018:
Margot Parker: China appears to have crossed the line in fight against radical Islam

04 OCT 2018: Tim Aker: Keeping money in the local economy

03 OCT 2018: Jonathan Bullock: EU squeezing every penny from the UK to fill its coffers before Brexit

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Greens MEP Scott Cato thinks plans for EIB carte blanche status in London is Russian disinfo  (Bluecard Question to Greens MEP Molly Scott Cato)

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: European Investment Bank mucking about in London (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Brian Hayes)

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Unregulated EU bankers let loose in London

03 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten: EU sweeping away our liberties with Theresa May's acquiescence

03 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten urges all UK MEPs to reject Eurojust enhanced powers

03 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU ideology treats humans as just another factor of production

03 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: British firm defrauded in Romania gets no redress

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Strict vote entitlement system in UK is not for EU to judge

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Socialist MEP thinks all nationalists are 'fascists' (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Lopez Aguilar)

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: The rise of extremist violence in the EU is a result of the EU itself

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Eurocrat obsession with revenue blinds them to harm caused by VAT

02 OCT 2018: Julia Reid: EU measures to mitigate climate change a self-defeating feat

02 OCT 2018:
Margot Parker: Saudi Arabia and Iran must stop their proxy war in Yemen

02 OCT 2018: William Dartmouth: EU has weaponised trade to threaten poor countries

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn unmasks EU's two weights and two measures over Brexit

02 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten: Theresa May is a Remainer who does not want to leave (01.10.2018)

02 OCT 2018: Bill Etheridge: Liberal MEP outraged at democratic rejection of her noble European ideas (Bluecard Question to Liberal MEP In't Veld)

02 OCT 2018: Nigel Farage: EU's centralising authoritarian tone sounds like the old Soviet Union

01 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Tax evasion hysteria: fearing a massive capital flight from an over-taxed, financially incompetent EU (TAX3 committee)

01 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: MEPs reject EFDD group motion to debate audiovisual media directive before they actually vote on it

26 SEP 2018: David Coburn: Blacklisting London will bring the whole house on your head (TAX3 committee)

24 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Farmers finding it hard to access regional development funds (AGRI committee, 24.09.2018)

24 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU's unfair trading directive deemed unfair by both retailers and processors (AGRI committee, 24.09.2018)

24 SEP 2018:
Patrick O'Flynn: 'European Social Fund Plus' a mere sticking plaster (CULT committee)

12 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Green lobby preventing new breeding techniques that reduce antibiotics use

12 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Foreign MEPs seeking to extinguish British innovation

12 SEP 2018: Tim Aker: British pensions in a parlous state of decay

12 SEP 2018: David Coburn: An enormous strike against freedom of speech on the internet

12 SEP 2018: Nigel Farage: Let's get Brexit sorted - it's time for a trade deal

11 SEP 2018: David Coburn: EU 'Weimar State' introducing cash and gold controls

11 SEP 2018: Nathan Gill: Libyan crisis and illegal migration is of your own creation

11 SEP 2018: Gerard Batten: EU copyright legislation aimed as a means towards online censorship

11 SEP 2018: Nigel Farage destroys Eurocrats at the 'show trial' of Viktor Orban

10 SEP 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU youth volunteer scheme more about propaganda than public spiritedness

03 SEP 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Standing up for core European values transcends Left-Right politics (CULT committee)

30 AUG 2018: Stuart Agnew: Greens and Socialists in panic mode as Stuart Agnew decimates EU's Climate Action programme (AGRI committee)

30 AUG 2018: William Dartmouth: Different ways to define trade surpluses, says Commissioner Malmstrom (International Trade committee)

30 AUG 2018: William Dartmouth: Trade negotiations with Australia expose EU prejudice against the UK (International Trade committee, 29.08.2018)

29 AUG 2018:
Mike Hookem: Fisheries committee chair dismisses UKIP request to debate French attack on British fishermen (Fisheries committee)


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