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Bullet Blog (September 2010)
  - • EU's Rehn:New Stability Pact Rules To Take Account Of Private Debt
  - • ECB hawks spook debt markets
  - • ECB's September Banking Sector Stability Report Opens Fresh Wounds, Sends Euro Lower
  - • EU unveils new budget discipline rules
  - • Cost of Ireland's bank bail-out to hit €40 bn
  - • Anti-austerity protests hit dozens of EU cities
  - • UKIP MEP calls for European Police College to be axed
  - • Unloved 'eurocrats' look on at Brussels protest
  - • France handed ultimatum in Roma row
  - • Moody's downgrades Spain's debt
  - • EU taxpayers 'could end up funding' Taliban
  - • Turkey offers referendum gamble to Europe
  - • US backs Ashton mission to save Middle East talks
  - • New Labour isn't dead. It's called 'the Coalition'
  - • Distrust In US Media Hits Record High, As CNBC Viewership Drops To Multi-Year Low
  - • Capital controls eyed as global currency wars escalate
  - • Ireland and Portugal debt crises start to ease after leaders pledge to take action
  - • EU aims for budget that 'national politicians can defend'
  - • Paris attempts last-ditch power grab on hedge funds
  - • Dutch parties agree to form coalition government
  - • Brussels set for day of protest
  - • Iceland's president admits public split over EU membership
  - • Iceland's former PM to face charges over banking crisis
  - • Germany ends World War One reparations after 92 years with Β£59m final payment
  - • Cancel all your European travel and vacation plans – carbon trading extortion is here
  - • Drivers, direction and degree of the EURUSD
  - • US should be able to shut Internet, former CIA chief says
  - • New EU Rules Target Countries with Export Surpluses
  - • An open door to benefit tourists: EU warns Britain it can't stop thousands more migrants claiming welfare handouts
  - • ECB declines to say if it considered triggering rescue plan for Ireland
  - • Revealed: Wind farm power twice as costly as gas or coal
  - • EU urged to adopt foreign driver prosecution system
  - • OECD calls for more austerity in Portugal
  - • Global Cooling and the New World Order
  - • EU and Germany push for penalties for deficit offenders
  - • ECB considered rescue aid for Ireland, says German paper
  - • MEPs demand explanation on US plan to monitor all money transfers
  - • Flemish-speaking Belgian minister wants English to be Europe's 'common language'
  - • Czech PM: Visegrad Group 'not a Masonic Lodge'
  - • Brazil Confirms What Everyone Knows: "A Currency War Has Broken Out"
  - • Shut Down the Fed (Part II)
  - • 'Euro is nonsense, Greek bailout illegal' - Prof. Henkel (video)
  - • Experts gather to discuss euro’s fate (video)
  - • Farage calls for euro-critical movement in Germany
  - • Gold is the final refuge against universal currency debasement
  - • EU enters crucial week for budget rules
  - • Farm ministers to discuss proposals to end GMO impasse
  - • France wants Europe to boost defence cooperation
  - • Iceland criticised for raising mackerel quota
  - • National amnesia: Survey uncovers Romanians' nostalgia for Communism
  - • Why do the police provide the muscle for forced adoptions? (Christopher Booker)
  - • The Thanet wind farm will milk us of billions
  - • EU set up secret group to save the euro — for richer or poorer
  - • Europe strikes out in austerity drive Roddy Thomson
  - • EU worried about viability of three German banks: report
  - • Sweden joins Europe-wide backlash against immigration
  - • It Is Official: The US Is a Police State
  - • EU faces crunch week in budget discipline talks
  - • Ireland faces double dip, mulls restructuring of junior bank debt
  - • Surprise Irish contraction adds to woes
  - • EU to Propose Scoreboard to Monitor Imbalances, Rehn Says
  - • European Commission defends payout to former chiefs
  - • US travel fee draws new dividing line with EU
  - • EU condemns Ahmadinejad's 'outrageous' 9-11 stance
  - • Reinfeldt's Alliance falls just short of majority
  - • French protesters take to the streets for a second time in a month
  - • Turkey far ahead of EU in creating employment, Ali Babacan says
  - • EU must embrace up-and-coming Turkey, German FM says
  - • New EU finance watchdogs to bare their teeth in January
  - • Eurozone growth slides to seven-month low
  - • Group of 17 ex-EU-commissioners on double pay
  - • Van Rompuy's summitry fails to convince
  - • Romania wants France to stop Roma expulsions
  - • French strike highlights EU's pension debacle
  - • European Parliament backs controversial anti-piracy report
  - • Ministers to discuss future of EU defence policy
  - • Europe's 'green revolution' off to patchy start
  - • Putin: Treaty on arctic reserves unnecessary
  - • The “Big Wind” Swindle
  - • Global Tax Scam Shifts From Climate Change To Poverty
  - • Euro Survival 'Silly' Question: Ex-ECB Board Member
  - • Europe seals deal on financial supervision
  - • Tories welcome EU financial supervision plan
  - • Van Rompuy defends economic taskforce against critics
  - • Europe grapples with 2020 employment target
  - • EU citizens no longer see benefits of internal market, Barnier says
  - • Strange death of Cameron's Euroscepticism
  - • Debt fear eases as €1.5bn in bonds are sold off
  - • EU battle group use for natural disasters urged
  - • MEPs hit out at media's exclusion from committee meeting
  - • EU pension shortfall of €2 trillion - Aviva
  - • Belgian presidency in push for EU prosecutor's office
  - • Barroso: EC Backs Turkey's EU Accession, Member States Don't
  - • Reding says French reaction on Roma linked to sexism
  - • Court rejects journalists’ calls for full EU transparency
  - • Parliament set to back EU financial watchdogs
  - • Member states scrap over EU farm aid reform
  - • UBS Says EU Carbon Price May Double by 2014, Triple by 2017
  - • Huhne says yes to Β£22bn green tax
  - • EU to dangle IMF votes for Chinese currency restraint
  - • Brussels wants to increase EU’s own budget
  - • Councils in east Wales fight to retain EU cash
  - • EU offers 1.3 billion dollars for Millennium Goals
  - • EU sued for lack of transparency
  - • Baroness Ashton demands more cash for EU diplomats as national governments face cuts
  - • MEPs to call six ambassadors for hearings
  - • MEPs delay vote on diplomatic service
  - • French strike to see MEPs leave Strasbourg a day early
  - • The IMF itself has become the problem as Europe's woes return
  - • Kroes's high-speed Internet plan faces obstacles
  - • EU’s Rehn Says Euro-Adoption Entails Major Economic Challenges
  - • Greek Minister Begins European Roadshow With IMF-EU Wednesday
  - • France raises Paris terror alert over tip-off on al-Qaeda Inc.
  - • Spain, Ireland Bonds Rally After Debt Sales; Euro, Stocks Gain
  - • European Rescue Facility Gets Moody's Lowest Pre-Bankruptcy Rating Of AAA As Europe Prepares For Next Round Of Bailouts
  - • Draft EU maternity laws branded as 'madness'
  - • Analysis: Germany's Weber tipped for ECB job despite dissent
  - • Farm reform: Following the money trail
  - • Why Belgium is the ideal holder of the EU presidency
  - • EU to extend aid for Greece, reports say
  - • Sweden wakes up to a far-right hangover
  - • Globalists Plan to Dismantle Middle Class With UN Tax
  - • EU puts pensions on the road to nowhere
  - • Fear and loathing in Paris and Brussels
  - • Hungary far too leveraged to call its own tune
  - • It's a swine mess: Government set to force OAPs to have pig vaccine with flu jab
  - • Police chief issues call to decriminalise cannabis and redirect resources
  - • The powerful coalition that wants to engineer the world's climate
  - • Ireland's finance minister quashes IMF bail-out story
  - • EU Envoy: US Maneuver On IMF Governance Reform Could Backfire
  - • Lord Levene goes shopping for banks and Lloyds is top of his list
  - • France puts European Union on defensive on Roma situation
  - • EU legislation puts herbal medicine under threat
  - • Europe claims WTO ruling in Boeing case as victory
  - • 'Italy not after US in Iran's N-case'
  - • Swedes Start Voting as Reinfeldt's Coalition Is Poised to Win Second Term
  - • Visegrad countries step up co-operation on EU funding
  - • Senior lobbyists profit from expanding EU
  - • Europe's accelerators to go dark in 2012
  - • Lord Monckton: Antics of The Global Warming Extremists - Alex Jones TV
  - • Roma Row Dominates EU Summit
  - • Sarkozy unleashes 'violent' tirade against Barroso at summit
  - • Commission lifts veil on future euro stability plans
  - • EU Resistance Mounts to German Bid for Tougher Sanctions on Euro Offenders
  - • Greece is on target, premier assures Brussels as EU leaders discuss economic governance
  - • Hungarian PM says EU's deficit calculation discriminative
  - • Lobbyists' high salaries show EU is gaining clout
  - • EU plans for maternity leave extension would cost taxpayers billions
  - • 'Ramshackle' EU efforts at UN annoyed allies
  - • Ashton designates six new 'strategic partners'
  - • Britain needs to pull out of the EU say 47% of voters
  - • Euro 'bad for the economy,' say French, Germans, Spaniards
  - • Debate on sanctions deadlocked over treaty issue
  - • Germany and EU mull IMF board deal - German official
  - • Ashton announces first tranche of appointees to new service
  - • Roma dispute threatens to engulf EU summit
  - • Commissioner Reding divides the EU with attack on France
  - • European stocks fall after Japan, EU moves on markets
  - • Study Finds Growing EU Skepticism of Afghanistan War
  - • Turks believe focus should be on Middle East and away from Europe
  - • The Slow And Methodical March Towards A Double Dip
  - • Van Rompuy accused of power grab over EU foreign policy
  - • EU bid for more rights at UN suffers surprise defeat
  - • IMF chief calls for centralised fiscal control of euro zone
  - • EU stuck in debate over economic 'indicators'
  - • Brussels launches clampdown on derivatives
  - • European Court of Justice ruling an unjustified blow to in-house lawyers
  - • More political charades: Paris tells Brussels: 'You do not speak to us like this'
  - • France Prefers Political Sanctions For EU Rule-Breakers -Official
  - • Gold and Silver Explode as Banksters Abandon Market Manipulation
  - • WTO to rule on EU complaint against Boeing aid
  - • Commission plans climate targets for 2030, 2050
  - • CO2 reductions slip down EU priority list
  - • MEPs wary of Barroso's 'project bond' proposal
  - • Van Rompuy economic governance task-force fizzling out
  - • Eurozone industrial production flat in July: EU
  - • EU may take legal action against France over Roma
  - • YouGov poll shows majority want 'Out'
  - • EU nearly doubles eurozone growth forecast
  - • IMF fears 'social explosion' from world jobs crisis
  - • MEPs to set up anti-intergovernmentalism group
  - • Verhofstadt: 'Commission should lead on economic governance'
  - • Competition heating up for EU intelligence chief job
  - • MEPs incensed over leaked Roma memo
  - • EU agency demands harmonisation of asylum procedures
  - • Serbia's EU candidacy next month
  - • Police warn of impact of European justice powers
  - • Special investigation: How Blair rescued Palestine deal worth $200m to his Β£2m-a-year paymasters
  - • Referendum lock a whitewash
  - • EU ignores pension statistics protest
  - • Junior doctors and the Britons dying because we won’t stand up to the EU
  - • Nato urged to allow partition of Afghanistan
  - • EU, ECB inspectors due in Athens ahead of loan
  - • Theo Waigel: Greek crisis exposed EU weaknesses
  - • Euro crisis a huge success for EU 'financial reform'
  - • ECB outraged by Slovak refusal to aid Greece-sources
  - • As European nations retrench, the EU itself seeks a raise
  - • Fresh capital rules will require banks to hold billions more in reserve
  - • Former Iceland PM faces trial over bank collapse
  - • Jury out on EU's high-speed Internet plan
  - • An ill wind blows for Denmark's green energy revolution
  - • The backlash begins against the world landgrab
  - • Turkey referendum strengthens ruling party
  - • EU to end visa regime for Bosnia in November
  - • EU current account deficit rises in 2Q
  - • IMF to lend Greece further 2.57 billion euro
  - • Protests in Greece ahead of PM's economy speech
  - • Economic Fault Lines Deepen in Europe
  - • Euro Retreats Against Most Peers as Region's Sovereign Debt Woes Resurface
  - • EU summer crises not resolved yet
  - • How Britain attracts more migrants than France and Germany
  - • Ashton: EU ready to host Serbia-Kosovo talks in Brussels
  - • EU ministers discuss relationship with Turkey
  - • Turkey's growing clout prompts debate on ties with the EU
  - • Turks Head to Polls Sunday in Key Referendum
  - • EU to lift the rock on abusive high finance
  - • Coalition to oppose EU tax-base reforms
  - • Bloom calls for global warming inquiry
  - • EU markets chief Barnier warns the City casino days are over
  - • Deutsche Bank in Β£7bn rights issue as capital rules tightened
  - • Why do Malta and Latvia have more say on the City than the UK?
  - • Trichet's "Quantum Leap" About To Create Tremors In Europe
  - • Sarkozy, EPP lose Parliament vote on Roma
  - • Britain doles out most passports in EU with a quarter of all applications by foreign nationals
  - • EU questions elements of Government rescue plan for Anglo
  - • Polish Public Largely Against Joining Euro Zone
  - • Finland - EU Foreign Affairs Council to discuss the Union’s investment policy
  - • Austrian gambling rules breach EU law, top court rules
  - • Ashton nominations, Israel to come up at EU ministers' meeting
  - • Greece calls on Turkey to pull out of Cyprus
  - • EU floats method for handing out free CO2 permits
  - • Belgian jail tells barrister 'babes' to remove their bras
  - • Barroso's 'eurobond' proposal dismissed by MEPs
  - • Mixed reaction to call for UK vote on EU membership
  - • How many presidents does it take to run Europe?
  - • European Parliament voices concern over state of EU media
  - • EU threatens to target our key tax break for foreign firms
  - • Czechs agree with reform of financial supervision in EU after UK withdraws objections
  - • Ireland, Portugal Probably Won't Tap EU Fund, German Coalition's Dautzenberg Says
  - • Greece’s Hidden Debt, Goldman, Anglo Irish, AvtoVAZ: Compliance
  - • ECB: More Debt Action May Be Needed
  - • German Wages Grow at Slowest Rate in EU Since 2000, Sueddeutsche Reports
  - • European Parliament split in two over Roma expulsions
  - • Serbia and EU reach breakthrough on Kosovo resolution
  - • EU court strikes down Germany's gambling monopoly
  - • EU parliament welcomes suspension of Iran stoning sentence
  - • Europe president uses 'state of union' speech to ask for more money
  - • Eurozone back under pressure amid concern over EU banks
  - • Ministers reject EU bank rescue plan
  - • Czech Republic insists on its rejecting stance towards bank tax in EU
  - • EU approves extended bank guarantee
  - • Austerity vs more debt - Stiglitz sides with credit suppliers
  - • Germany won't back euro rescue fund for ever: Merkel
  - • EU wants Hungary to withdraw central bankers' pay cap
  - • Parliament wants media to 'better communicate' EU
  - • Barroso aims to fill four million vacant EU jobs
  - • European Union to grant 90 million euro to crisis-hit Moldova
  - • France not off the hook on Roma, Brussels says
  - • Turks largest foreign group in EU in 2009 — official
  - • Get ready for the abolition of Belgium, warns top MP as talks between feuding French and Flemish parties break down
  - • Osborne to back EU banking controls
  - • Barnier seeks co-ordination of bank levies
  - • EU cash grab for our Β£2.5bn
  - • London hits back at Brussels, as budget wars get under way
  - • Commissioner: Farm aid should be a third of EU budget
  - • EU has survived economic crisis, Barroso says in first State of Union address
  - • MEPs welcome decision to shelve 'fines' proposal
  - • EU Seeks Stronger Euro-Area Management Amid Fresh German Doubts
  - • Greek PM seeks consensus on austerity measures
  - • Ireland insists not on same road as Greece despite ballooning bank debt
  - • EU calls 'barbaric' plans to stone Iranian woman
  - • UK rebate 'no longer justified,' Brussels says
  - • EU: Please Come To Our State Of The Union Speech
  - • Brussels plans 'treasury' for EU
  - • EU economic task force reconvenes as disquiet returns to markets
  - • 'Mission creep' fears surround EU watchdogs
  - • EU plans stock market for small firms
  - • Belgian coalition talks collapse
  - • Monitoring elections boosts EU's world image, says top official
  - • No defence left against double-dip recession, says Nouriel Roubini
  - • EU accused of trying to 'control' journalists
  - • Italy backs EU proposal to coordinate member budgets
  - • Italy’s steel imports from non-EU countries up 41 percent in H1
  - • EU gives Zambia €70m for roads
  - • EU austerity policies risk civil war in Greece, warns top German economist Dr Sinn
  - • Trichet Urges EU Nations to Find Unified Position on IMF Board
  - • Trichet Says a Greek Exit From the Euro Would Be `Worst Possible Option'
  - • Taxpayers' money spent to boost Barroso's profile as Commission president
  - • EU trade chief seeks to defuse row over "anti-Semitic" remarks
  - • EU's Barnier sees hedge, equity rules in few weeks
  - • EU Decision On Anglo Irish Bank Seen In Coming Weeks -Almunia
  - • Polish Central Banker Belka Says Inflation Shouldn't Exceed Target By Much
  - • Italian Cities Plan to Shut Roma Camps
  - • Belgium and the Netherlands in political limbo after coalition talks fail
  - • Hungary can forego IMF with tight budget - central banker
  - • European Investment Bank Loans To Drop 18% On Year - President
  - • G20 Members Agree Economic Recovery to Continue
  - • Higher Carbon Price Needed to Drive Innovations, EU Connie Hedegaard Says
  - • EU donates $23m to Waterhouse school
  - • US told EU to hide ACTA from public
  - • ECB to create 'super regulators' for banks
  - • Deal reached on pan-European financial supervisors
  - • Trichet: Too early to 'declare victory' over crisis
  - • EU Commission president to give 'state of the union' address
  - • Belgium releases new AIFM compromise proposal
  - • Irish objections force EU to drop Israel data plan
  - • EU questions legality of France's Roma expulsions
  - • Barnier finalising draft 'EU Single Market Act'
  - • International Monetary Fund Warns G7 on Debt
  - • IMF ponders the improbable: Will US default?
  - • EU approves crisis aid for 19 poor countries
  - • Bundesbank official to be sacked after controversial Jewish and Muslim comments
  - • Court backs Deutsche Post in state aid case
  - • Croatia prepares for referendum on EU membership
  - • Shellshocked Irish weigh bank bailouts, bankruptcy
  - • ECB set to extend support for banks
  - • IMF: Greece, Ireland unlikely to default
  - • Hints Of Change In The World Monetary System
  - • Germany's Merkel: Want EU Treaty Change To Remain An Option
  - • Monsanto Uprooted: Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn
  - • EU parliament to arm-twist Ashton on appointments
  - • 'You got the Belgians running Europe?' Bush had asked Blair
  - • Delusions of grandeur and of unity (Barroso's 'State of the Union' address)
  - • Yemenis accused of terrorism 'dry run' released for lack of evidence
  - • EU helps Fiji fight global warming
  - • Colonel Gaddafi's Β£4BN Migrant demand
  - • Weber Stumbles on Way to Head ECB
  - • Europe targets commodities derivatives trade
  - • Barroso blames capitals for plunge in EU popularity
  - • UK immigration cap is 'stupid', says David Miliband
  - • Polish leader urges EU to keep generous aid funds
  - • French ministers lash out at 'grotesque' criticisms of Roma policy
  - • EU Carbon Permits Head for Biggest Monthly Gain Since April on UN Offsets
  - • Europeans Aim for `Swift Reaction' on UN CO2 Offsets, EU's Hedegaard Says
  - • EU to discuss Gaddafi's €5 billion demand at Africa summit, Italy says

Strasbourg plenary
15-18 April 2019


Brussels mini-plenary
03-04 April 2019


Strasbourg plenary
25-28 March 2019


Strasbourg plenary
11-14 March 2019


Strasbourg plenary
11-14 February 2019


Brussels mini-plenary
30-31 January 2019


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Gerard batten: Never before have the British been governed by such a pack of traitors, quislings and collaborators

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Stuart Agnew: Green lobby cannot have it both ways

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31 JAN 2019: Margot Parker: Gender quotas are counterproductive

30 JAN 2019:
Gerard Batten: Preventing No Deal Brexit is an open rebellion against the British people

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