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Bullet Blog (July 2010)
  - • Lord Monckton on ABC News
  - • Greece orders military to step in as truckers vote to continue strike
  - • Hungary Does Without EU and IMF
  - • Eurozone inflation hits 20-month high
  - • US missile defence early warning site to be built in Czech Republic
  - • Berlusconi risks early elections after breakup with former ally
  - • Sanctions Give China an Advantage in Iran
  - • IBM Forgets Its Past and Lands in European Union Monopoly Probes
  - • €440bn EU rescue fund in effect following approval from Italy
  - • Asylum appeal case referred to European justice court
  - • International anti-counterfeiting treaty could limit developing world's access to cheap medicines
  - • Silvio Berlusconi faces parliamentary crisis as speaker refuses to resign
  - • Europe Crisis Is Not Over, May Lead to Fiscal Union, UBS Says
  - • Italian gag law threatens bloggers with €25,000 fines for ‘incorrect' facts
  - • Commission official to bridge 'supervision gap' of Swift agreement
  - • EU regulators to probe financial trading
  - • Global climate effort ‘still inadequate’ as talks continue
  - • China says it opposes EU sanctions against Iran
  - • EU membership? No thank you!
  - • Czech Government to Resist Exporter Calls for Euro, Necas Says
  - • Euro Strengthens vs. the Dollar Amid U.S. Slowdown Concern
  - • Greek police fire tear gas at striking truckers
  - • YouTube banned by Russian court
  - • Europe's €30 trillion headache
  - • Drip after drip of deflation data
  - • Iceland tells EU: "We keep control of fishing" (for now)
  - • EU's Ashton wants Iran talks soon, nuclear focus
  - • Iran will supply nuclear fuel for research reactor by Sept: MP
  - • European Union and six countries reach deal for fusion reactor
  - • Cameron: We won't tolerate 'export of terror' by Pakistan
  - • Kosovo: EU police raid home of former senior rebel commander
  - • Europe Clears Import of New Biotech Corn Varieties
  - • Sarkozy orders illegal Roma immigrants expelled
  - • Brussels worried about falling support for EU in Iceland
  - • European police to get access to UK records
  - • Baroness Ashton moves to take control of Bosnia
  - • EU population over half-a-billion
  - • Basel committee agrees new bank capital rules
  - • Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, in Europe
  - • The Death of Paper Money
  - • UK to Push for Turkey EU Membership
  - • Spain shines on stress test, Germany flunks
  - • European Banks Rise After Stress Tests Ease Concerns Over Capital Levels
  - • European Union Carbon Drops to 3-Month Low as Global Economy Seen Slowing
  - • Russia says new EU sanctions on Iran "unacceptable"
  - • EU foreign ministers approve diplomatic service
  - • NATO nations: hope document leak won't affect war
  - • Push for Serbia EU accession speed-up in wake of Kosovo court ruling
  - • Iceland membership talks formally begin Tuesday
  - • Iran warns EU against imposing sanctions
  - • Britons to be spied on by foreign police
  - • Greece back under EU-IMF microscope as Asian stocks rise
  - • Critics slams Europe's rescue mechanisms as a threat to social peace
  - • Stress tests? In a few days they'll be 'so what' tests
  - • European banks that failed EU 'stress' test plan to raise €3.5bn
  - • German banks derided for not publishing debt
  - • EU commission called upon to go after corrupt defence deals
  - • Fury as PM David Cameron supports Turkey's EU battle
  - • EU’s secret Β£400m for 'crazy’ projects
  - • 'Next step for Kosovo is UN membership': Ambassador
  - • EU plans 'toughest ever' sanctions against Iran
  - • Seven banks fail EU stress tests
  - • Lord Monckton: Real Data Disproves Al Gore's Global Warming Theory
  - • Europe braces itself for stress test results
  - • Paris, Berlin issue joint plans for EU 'economic governance'
  - • Hungary signals IMF deal over; EU goal in question
  - • European arrest warrant still 'delivering injustice'
  - • Euro-imperialists are on the march again, and the LibCon Coalition does nothing to resist them
  - • Clegg told the truth on Iraq. It's for Cameron to end a decade of pretence
  - • Kosovo independence no violation of law, finds International Court of Justice
  - • EU spends Β£12m employing 200 researchers to conclude fruit is good for you
  - • Cost of private schools for EU officials' children rises
  - • Hungary tells IMF to take a hike
  - • IMF warns euro zone against austerity side effects
  - • Swiss endure safe-haven agony from euro flight
  - • Rule by decree: Franco-German proposal attempts to side-step treaty change
  - • UK Takeover Panel Concerned About `Inappropriate' EU Merger Oversight
  - • EU to step up efforts to tackle terrorism propaganda
  - • France and Germany to coordinate defence spending cuts
  - • Ireland explores greater EU-UN military overlap
  - • EU power grab: The Spectator on the British government's approach to Brussels
  - • UN lists post-Kyoto options if no climate deal
  - • EU farm payments likely to be capped under reform
  - • Hungary KΓ³sa asks IMF to be more grounded in realities
  - • Double dip in the Baltic
  - • Irish Show Greeks Suffering Is Price of Admission to Euro Union
  - • Sarkozy urges German 'fiscal convergence'
  - • Saving the euro project: European Central Bank bond purchases slowing
  - • Why keep the eurozone? – expert asks, Karpova disagrees
  - • U.K. Takeover Panel Concerned About `Inappropriate' EU Merger Oversight
  - • Commission plugs nuclear fission funding hole with EU research cash
  - • EU probes French subsidies to aeronautic suppliers
  - • EU Test May Need to Fail Some Banks
  - • Getting closer to fiction: Brussels wants US-style 'Miranda rights' across Europe
  - • Silvio Berlusconi waters down controversial wiretaps bill
  - • Medvedev says no alternative to Russia-EU visa-free rules
  - • Pondering the future of EU relations
  - • Ukraine: forgotten granary of Europe
  - • Hungary's IMF revolt augurs ill for Greece
  - • Q+A: How Europe is stress-testing its banks
  - • UK Public borrowing hit record high in June
  - • Irish parliament seeks greater EU scrutiny powers
  - • EU to hold atheist and freemason summit
  - • EU ministers to approve tighter sanctions on Iran
  - • Commission: Romania violated EU obligations
  - • EU leaders dodge Islamic veil ban issue
  - • EU looking to reset relations with Switzerland
  - • EU unveils €6.4 billion research fund to boost economy
  - • EU plan to let foreign police spy on Britons
  - • Her epic spending matched only by her incompetence, our EU Foreign Minister is embarrassing Britain
  - • Romania opens back door for thousands of Moldovans to claim benefits in Britain
  - • Hungary braces for volatility after EU, IMF walk away from budget talks
  - • Ireland's debt downgraded by credit ratings agency
  - • EU to water down hedge fund regulation
  - • EU agrees key criteria for testing health of banks
  - • Stress-testing Europe's banks won't stave off a deflationary vortex
  - • WORLD FOREX: Euro Slips Vs Yen, Dollar On Bank Worries
  - • Future of EU farm policy debated in Brussels
  - • EU to abolish visas for Russians?
  - • Ashton calls on Israel to open border crossings to Gaza
  - • 'Mushrooming' EU institutions cause unease amid era of national austerity
  - • Canada-EU free-trade deal slowly sprouting in Brussels
  - • Hungary risks selloff if IMF-EU deal falls through
  - • Disagreements on Transparency Fail to Stop ACTA Treaty Leak
  - • EU eases stance on limits for national CO2 auctions
  - • Iran mulls currency switch for EU oil sales-report
  - • Iran blames West, Israel for bombings
  - • Morocco, EU sign cooperation programme worth EUR580m
  - • Maastricht ban on tourists in marijuana cafes upheld by EU court
  - • New Slovak government clears way for eurozone aid fund
  - • Bank of Ireland handed EU approval
  - • EU member states 'resist common asylum plans'
  - • States back emission trading rules
  - • Eastern Europe struggling to meet EU climate targets
  - • Chinese firms cashing in on EU carbon trade
  - • War: Merkel says EU should talk to Russia on security
  - • New data reveals scale of 'grandiose' income of EU elite
  - • Fed's volte face sends the dollar tumbling
  - • JPMorgan profit leaps nearly 80% to 4.8 billion in second quarter
  - • Osborne's Pyrrhic EU Victory
  - • EU to be given prominent UN role
  - • MEPs clash with member states over 2011 budget
  - • France, UK and Germany call for 30 percent CO2 cut
  - • The folly of common currencies
  - • EU mulls gender quotas on company boards
  - • Food industry's green efforts may hit price wall
  - • EU Tax Commissioner Cautions On EU Financial Tax
  - • Nearly all EU states now on deficit watch
  - • EU finance ministers remain split on bank stress tests
  - • EU bail-out fund could prop up banks
  - • Slovakia resists EU pressure on bail-outs
  - • Spain 'relying on short-term funding' as councils go bust
  - • EU seeks to simplify rules on hiring non-EU workers
  - • French National Assembly bans burqa
  - • Belgium bids to ease Lisbon Treaty tensions
  - • EU has 'full confidence' in Afghanistan aid spending, totalling €1.3 billion
  - • EU Somali mission: On manoeuvres with the troops trained to fight al-Shabaab
  - • UK’s Β£135m bill for Eurocrats' pensions
  - • European Commission proposes common entry and residence conditions for third-country seasonal workers
  - • EU's first use of 'enhanced cooperation'
  - • EU to reaffirm its commitment to Turkey at Istanbul meeting
  - • Greece Auctions Treasury Bills at Rate Below EU Bailout Loans
  - • EU tells states to prepare for banks that fail stress tests
  - • EU to clinch supervision deal by September: Germany
  - • Barnier wants to harmonise bank-deposit schemes
  - • More of the same: EU banks offer voluntary rescue fund
  - • Chinese rating agency strips Western nations of AAA status
  - • Sugar and Spice: Belgians seek to enforce Lisbon Treaty social clause
  - • Belgian Minister: EU To Need Climate Border Measures
  - • Commission gambit could end decade-long GMO impasse
  - • EU to get 'judicial oversight' on human rights
  - • Juncker: stability facility will be operational soon
  - • Partying is the solution: World Cup victory 'may offset recession in Spain'
  - • Macedonia name dispute inspires exotic idea
  - • EU allocates 43.5 million euros to assist IDPs in Georgia
  - • Eurozone break-up would boost Ireland's economy
  - • Tories get EU diplomatic service off the ground
  - • Finance ministers to discuss stress-tests for banks
  - • EU to spend Β£1bn on pensions for retired eurocrats in 2010, Britain pays up Β£135m
  - • EU misjudges pensions
  - • Ship Ahoy! Lobby firm buys up EU maritime officials
  - • Brussels launches plan to avert future bank runs
  - • German Fin Min: No Room To Change EU Stabilization Mechanism
  - • Canada-EU trade talks: Jumping from one sinking ship to another
  - • Deutschland ΓΌber alles does not mean a trickledown recovery in EMU
  - • EU Carbon Allowances Advance as Natural Gas, German Power Gain
  - • Irish block EU plan to allow data transfer to Israel
  - • Spain's World Cup win soothes separatist angst
  - • Academics, Politicians: Pending Global Treaty Threatens Free Internet, Fundamental Rights
  - • EU's secret Β£400M handouts
  - • Ghana receives EUR 41.8 million budget support from EU
  - • EU accession tops Balkan, European talks in Croatia
  - • Babel Syndrome: EU begins the hunt for new translators
  - • US terror investigators to access Europe bank details
  - • Greece to sell 6-month treasury bills on July 13
  - • IMF tells Europe to inject more stimulus
  - • Trichet lightens mood by allaying further debt fears
  - • Legal noose tightens on Europe's monetary union
  - • EU takes 'historic' step on new diplomatic service
  - • Parliament sets out demands on CAP reform
  - • Britain fined Β£150m by Brussels for failing to 'fly EU flag'
  - • EMU break-up risks global deflation shock that would dwarf Lehman collapse, warns ING
  - • Stress test results on 91 banks set for release on 23 July
  - • EU oversight reform given backing
  - • Parliament approves Industrial Emissions Directive
  - • Commissioner wants 'European supervisory authority' for oil drilling
  - • British taxpayers will face fines of up to Β£180m a year by 2020 if EU landfill targets are not met
  - • UK companies face billion-pound bill over EU pension reform
  - • Fusion reactor sparks EU budget collision: Commission demands billions more from member states
  - • Row over Frankfurt power grab
  - • MEPs look to new data protection battle with US
  - • Leterme tells Parliament that EU needs zest
  - • Future of EU at stake in budget talks, says Barroso
  - • EU Relents To Disclose Testing Methods of Stress Test Scam
  - • Europe to outline bank test methods Wed - sources
  - • Is The Eurozone Bailout Legal?
  - • Parliament mellows on EU diplomatic service
  - • EU-Chinese 'misunderstanding' on the rise, senior Beijing official warns
  - • Europe’s ‘toothless’ bank tests making matters worse
  - • European Banks’ Hidden Losses May Threaten EU Stress Test Plan
  - • EU parliament group backs U.S. bank data deal
  - • ECB backs treaty change for EU's 'economic government'
  - • Belgium begs London to OK EU watchdogs
  - • Brussels keen for 'automatic' hikes in retirement age
  - • Brussels caught in middle as MEPs flex muscles over budget
  - • SWIFT II: Civil Liberties Committee approves draft agreement
  - • Same Windbags, Same Rubbish
  - • Eurozone rescue fund aims for top rating
  - • Trichet calls for tighter budgets to aid recovery
  - • MEPs pressed to defer financial regulation vote
  - • EU CO2 May Rise to 16 Euros After ‘Harami’: Technical Analysis
  - • EU Clean Energy Fund to Invest $12.5 Million in China
  - • With the US trapped in depression, this really is starting to feel like 1932
  - • Komorowski wins Polish election after dramatic night
  - • Lisbon Treaty survived Polish comedy of errors
  - • Entrepreneurs 'forgotten' in EU innovation policy
  - • Common agricultural policy: rotten but here to stay
  - • Germany focuses on cutting spending
  - • EU regulators support broad CO2 tax
  - • For Rivals in Spain, Rare Agreement
  - • Liberal defeats bereaved twin in Polish vote: exit polls
  - • EU's Barnier: EU Working On Right Tools For Banks
  - • Belgian EU presidency wants bank tax deal - minister
  - • EU pensions rules will cost Britain Β£500bn
  - • EU: 15 million Euros to promote Syrian export
  - • Rebellion on Turkey joining European Union
  - • UAE to export camel milk to Europe - EU says yes we can
  - • Lessons in Economics: Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano on Fox Business
  - • Merkel Says $945 Billion EU Rescue Deal Only Bought Some Time for the Euro
  - • Brussels considering EU-only transaction tax, Barroso says
  - • China hits out at EU modem probe
  - • EU wind and solar energy plans leaked
  - • EU Has ‘Doubts’ Over Hungary Bank Tax, Matolcsy Says
  - • EU: There Will Be No Debt Restructuring For Any EU Country
  - • 60% of Icelanders against EU membership - Gallup poll
  - • ECB relief as banks repay €442bn loans
  - • Details scant as stress test results loom
  - • Why Europe rose, and why it is now declining
  - • Spain may need financial rescue, says Merrill
  - • The EU's response to global warming is a costly mistake
  - • Slovakia clears way for euro bail-out fund
  - • Spain jobless claims drop in June, third straight fall
  - • Greek corruption worth €800 million a year - poll
  - • Britain in language battle over EU civil service exams
  - • EU court sets limits to equal pay for pregnant workers
  - • Belgian EU Presidency 'will be Van Rompuy's'
  - • Barclays fall sparks woe for markets
  - • Spectre of an economic relapse stalks markets as China wobbles
  - • EU financial supervision deal ‘really close’
  - • Angela Merkel's political woe punctures market euphoria
  - • Brussels tables new economic governance plans
  - • FTSE slides after Moody's threatens to downgrade Spain
  - • Hague ‘determined’ to exercise UK influence in European Union
  - • German consumer spending shows signs of life
  - • Fallen Belgian government takes EU helm
  - • EU moots 'Michelin Star' system for top tourist spots
  - • Belgian presidency sets parliament in its sights
  - • EU opens talks with Turkey on food safety
  - • EU capitals miss deadline for renewables action plans
  - • EPP 'not in dominant' role in EU parliament - new report
  - • EU set to clampdown on bankers' bonuses

Strasbourg plenary
15-18 April 2019


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03-04 April 2019


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25-28 March 2019


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11-14 March 2019


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11-14 February 2019


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30-31 January 2019


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