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Bullet Blog (June 2010)
  - • David Cameron will back down in fight with EU, say officials
  - • Obama blames Europe woes for US economic 'headwinds'
  - • Tough sanctions proposed for states flouting EU budget rules
  - • Greece, Spain rocked by riots in a day of protests
  - • Internal wrangles risk leaving EU without 2011 budget
  - • Warning signals of a double-dip recession flash brightly across the world
  - • Spain ends 'invisible' EU presidency under post-Lisbon rules
  - • EU responsible for significant proportion of Brussels economy
  - • European Union triples number of banks for stress tests
  - • RWE Slams ‘One Size Fits All’ EU Clearing Rules Plan
  - • Eurozone economic confidence unchanged
  - • Brussels dips toe into pension reform debate
  - • Chilcot inquiry: Diplomat rejects Blair claim that France barred UN Iraq vote
  - • Georgia to begin talks with EU on associate membership
  - • Most Germans want to ditch the euro and bring back the deutschemark
  - • Europe's banks are still on 'life support', BIS warns
  - • EU president counters criticism over 'inter-governmental' approach
  - • MEPs to vote on EU-US data deal next month
  - • Belgian EU presidency would support enlargement
  - • New Belgian government could hamper EU presidency
  - • Commission eases access to regional funds
  - • Greece in first bond sale since bailout
  - • Naked short-selling: German minister 'confident' of EU-wide ban
  - • Warrant allows investigation in two or more EU states, conference told
  - • Ashton to command US-type situation room
  - • G20 leaders agree to halve budget deficits by 2013
  - • The Β£7 million that we cannot give to the Queen is what we spend on the EU every four hours
  - • Libya's Kadhafi backs EU's request for single UN representative
  - • EU to ban selling of eggs by the dozen
  - • Tougher budget sanctions to cover all EU funds
  - • MEPs divided over Consumer Rights Directive
  - • Hedegaard throws weight behind EU carbon tax
  - • You don’t recover from a debt crisis with more debt
  - • Breakthrough in EU-US data sharing deal
  - • Britain to announce interim cap on non-EU migrants
  - • Merkel concedes defeat on bank levy at G-8
  - • EU Said to Discuss Stress-Test on Cajas, Landesbanken
  - • The US 'recovery' that never was: Federal Reserve wants more money out of thin air
  - • Russia Redlines Roubles On Iran
  - • EU confronts Deutsche Bahn on competition
  - • Turkey tightens Internet control in YouTube feud
  - • Four countries to receive advance payments worth 775 mln euro in cohesion funds
  - • European commission to go ahead with vetting of EU nations' budgets despite UK objections
  - • G20 leaders flying into a storm as sovereign debt fears grow again
  - • Canadians object to G20's $1 billion bill
  - • Greece shakes the markets again as Bank warns of eurozone shocks
  - • Greece starts putting island land up for sale to save economy
  - • ECB joins EU executive to push for wider stress tests
  - • Commission plans to ‘embed’ journalists with Barroso
  - • Cameron takes skepticism to G-20
  - • Merkel steps up call for transaction tax
  - • Brussels will set policy on British banks warns FSA
  - • EP approves deal on transfer of EU citizens' bank data to US
  - • EU carbon tax kicked into the long grass
  - • European Union talks on hedge fund rules collapse
  - • EU proposes a compromise on financial supervision
  - • Slovakia's new PM opposed to funding eurozone bailouts
  - • Energy: Commission requests 20 Member States to implement and apply Single Market rules without delay
  - • EU takes on extra 18 MEPs for Β£7 million
  - • Soros tells Germany to step up to its responsibilities, or leave EMU
  - • EU democracy instrument continues to cause headaches
  - • ECB’s Trichet Says Italian Budget Cuts Go in ‘Right Direction’
  - • Nato tries to save face after sacking of top commander
  - • Sweden fights EU over rotten herring dish
  - • Belgium to move quietly on EU enlargement policy
  - • EU diplomats deadlocked on bank watchdogs
  - • EU Accelerates Plans for 'Single Sky'
  - • Budget 2010: Britain will not join the Eurozone for at least five years
  - • Barroso wants 'economic union' not just monetary union
  - • EU institutionalises bank bailouts and too-big-to-fail doctrine
  - • Sarkozy and Merkel call for tougher rules
  - • It’s austerity for everyone but EU
  - • Europhile Walesa gives warning over 'dangerous' Polish candidate
  - • Cameron backs EU treaty deal in move that could block another referendum
  - • ECB chief repeats call for EU fiscal federation
  - • ECB wants 'quantum leap' in EU debt management
  - • Deal reached on diplomatic service
  - • EU parliament voices concern over airport body scanners
  - • Ireland plea to EU on bank guarantees
  - • Divided Belgium prepares to take on EU presidency
  - • Big leap forward for Kaczysnki in Poland
  - • 'Multilateral surveillance framework is core of economic union' – ECB president
  - • UK banks have massive exposure to Ireland
  - • Swiss banks win rich clients fleeing euro crisis
  - • This WEEK in the European Union: 21-27 June
  - • Germany and France examine 'two-tier' euro
  - • Analysis: Spain could test the euro to its limit
  - • EU to introduce concept of 'dynamic debt'
  - • Iran warns Germany over EU sanctions
  - • Italy fears for Nutella with new EU food labels
  - • Cameron manages to opt out of EU Stability and Growth Pact, but not Economic Governance
  - • Britain wins opt-out from EU 'economic government', Cameron claims
  - • EU countries to publish bank stress test
  - • Farage hits out at EU parliament group leaders over 'snub'
  - • EU leaders adopt new 10-year growth blueprint
  - • EU will disclose strength of banks
  - • Europe to take bank levy proposal to G20
  - • China warns G20 not to raise currency issue
  - • Dutch right-wing coalition talks abandoned
  - • EU leaders approve Iceland's candidacy
  - • Iran warns EU on sanctions
  - • The Road to Serfdom: Greek anti-capitalist's speech
  - • Commission to relaunch talks on EU carbon tax
  - • Cameron promises to play 'positive' role in Europe
  - • Italian economists slam austerity measures
  - • Leaders coalescing around governance plans
  - • EU leaders split on sanctions for budget offenders
  - • EU warned about erecting new barriers to growth
  - • EU adopts new sanctions on Iran
  - • Parliament wants sports agents to get EU licence
  - • Euro Surges as Spanish Bond Sales Draw Higher Investor Demand
  - • Slovakia may hold up eurozone rescue fund
  - • Czechs sceptical about the euro
  - • Overhaul of EU's budget rules to dominate summit
  - • Spain plays high-stakes poker game with Germany as borrowing costs surge
  - • Barroso restates economic role of Europe
  - • MEPs flex new-found muscles
  - • MEPs threaten second veto on EU-US bank data deal
  - • EU, IMF, US mull €250 billion credit line for Spain: Report
  - • EU leaders to end dispute over 2020 targets
  - • Tough times push three more outside EU budget rules
  - • EU wants details of 2011 Spain, Portugal fiscal plans
  - • EU, U.S. negotiators reach new terror-finance accord
  - • Franco-German relations hit new low over EU recovery
  - • Greek Government Bonds Decline After Debt Downgraded to Junk
  - • EU Commissioner Attacks Moodys on Greek Downgrade
  - • Merkel: Spain can access aid if needed
  - • MEPs attack Merkel and Sarkozy ahead of summit
  - • MEPs' anti-terror decision on a knife-edge
  - • EU and US seal agreement on bank data transfers
  - • EU to ban investments in Iranian gas and oil
  - • Officials deny EU is preparing funding for Spain
  - • Euro turmoil sends borrowers to Loonies, Francs: Credit Markets
  - • Serbia closer to EU status as UK drops veto
  - • SocGen, BNP Said to Consider Bids for Allied Irish Unit Stake
  - • EU instrument for spying on 'radicals' causes outrage
  - • Weakened Merkel to face crucial EU summit
  - • EU Moving Forward With Visa Liberalisation For Armenia, Azerbaijan And Georgia
  - • Slovakia turns to centre-right
  - • Flemish separatists win Belgian election
  - • Belgium elections show rise in separatism
  - • EU leaders try to convince markets over euro crisis
  - • The towns in England where Poles are still arriving
  - • David Cameron doesn't want a row - but the EU won't give him any option
  - • EU ready to intensify pressure on Israel to lift Gaza blockade
  - • EU Is Set To Target Iran With Additional Sanctions
  - • New UN climate text under fire as talks end
  - • Britain could be forced to accept EU vetting of budget
  - • UK Energy Secretary To Press For Increase In EU Emissions Cuts
  - • Big Bank Games: Deutsche reveals Β£1.5bn short on Iberian companies
  - • Spain says has not, will not make EU aid request
  - • EU 440 bn euro safety net no debt crisis panacea: S&P
  - • Parliament twists Ashton's arm over EEAS
  - • EU trio canvasses support for fresh curbs on Tehran
  - • Parliament set to derail EU-US anti-terror talks
  - • Jersey To Undergo EU Tax Review
  - • EU's financial management ''still weak''
  - • Europe doesn't need new institutions, says Van Rompuy
  - • EU membership is priority for Turkey, chief EU negotiator
  - • EU battle practice update: pirates targeted by EU naval mission ‘offensive’ off Somalia
  - • EU to ease approval process for biotech crops 11 Jun 2010
  - • Trichet says market jitters forced ECB's U-turn on bonds
  - • EU Sees End-2012 Deadline for Financial Overhaul, Draft Says
  - • EU-US Data Deal: data protection in Europol's safe hands
  - • EU will exceed trillion-dollar bailout: Van Rompuy
  - • Germany accused of trying to lure Nato away from Brussels
  - • Portugal’s 10-year debt costs rise
  - • Greece to tap second part of €110bn bailout in September
  - • Poland warns against eurozone 'elite'
  - • More debt with new money if rescue package fails, Van Rompuy Says
  - • Liberals win largest number of seats in Dutch poll
  - • Italian GDP Grew Less Than Originally Reported in First Quarter
  - • EU to fall 23 billion dollars short on aid this year, NGOs say
  - • Merkel Seeks Alternative Opel Aid After Rejecting GM's Request
  - • More Political Climate Science
  - • Gates Says EU Pushed Turkey Away
  - • UK coalition backs EU insurance body
  - • Merkel seeks EU action on short-selling
  - • EU Queries Why Bulgaria Now Predicts Budget Deficit
  - • IMF and EU May Reject Hungary Tax-Cut Plan, Commerzbank Says
  - • Obstacles in Libya, EU talks
  - • EU to extend anti-piracy operation for one year
  - • Colombia: EU reimburses banana tariff payment
  - • UK monitors suspected radicals as part of European surveillance project
  - • Non-EU immigrants face English language tests
  - • Markets fall despite eurozone rescue plan
  - • The trillion-dollar failure
  - • Fake designer goods become more of a trap than tourists bargained for
  - • Eurostat to get extended auditing powers
  - • UK resists 'vetting' of budget
  - • Europeans protest against wave of austerity
  - • Flemish party seeks to reassure EU
  - • EU court rejects cell phone cap challenge
  - • Dutch poised to elect rightwing liberals as economic fears dominate
  - • MEPs back web search history plan
  - • EU 'to vet British Budget before Parliament'
  - • EU agrees controversial peer review of national budgets
  - • EU mulls extending bank levy to other financial firms
  - • Berlin reveals drastic €80bn cuts
  - • On migrants, Balls 'is to right of Enoch Powell': Tories condemn would-be Labour leader
  - • EU diplomatic service may be ready in December
  - • Belgian judge seeks EU-wide ban on cigarette sales
  - • IMF urges euro zone to take action now to tackle crisis
  - • Euro finance ministers set to finalise eurozone aid
  - • Anything to save the euro
  - • EU to give $1 bn in aid to Vietnam
  - • Euro starts week with another 4-year low, trades as low as $1.1878
  - • FSA stress-testing UK companies' exposure to Europe as euro fears escalate
  - • Merkel’s Cabinet Backs ‘Decisive’ Cuts as U.S. Urges Spending
  - • Europe and US clash over timing of austerity measures
  - • Tough talks ahead for financial taskforce
  - • Hungary: 'Greece comparison exaggerated'
  - • Slovenia Backs Croatia Treaty to Ease EU Expansion
  - • Frankfurt’s shroud of secrecy should be shed
  - • 'Don't give up on Europe' says report
  - • EU states competing over Israel policy
  - • Germany and Russia call for new EU security committee
  - • Trichet calls for global debt cutting
  - • Bilderberg 2010: Between the sword and the wall
  - • Balls 'warned Brown on immigration'
  - • German businesses could steer the country out of the eurozone
  - • WHO created ‘distortion of priorities’ over swine flu scare
  - • Deflation Comes to Europe
  - • Legendary Bilderberg group meets in Spain
  - • EU ministers set to back radical changes to Eurozone budget rules
  - • Greater budget sanctions not for the UK, says Hague
  - • If the European climate turns nasty, the ECB could suffer from exposure
  - • What are the Bilderberg Group really doing in Spain?
  - • Britain faces fine for air quality after final warning from EU
  - • France told to enact money laundering law
  - • Member states taken to court for breaking internal market rules
  - • Britain and Europe: No laughing matter
  - • EU court backs right to restrict online gambling
  - • The pain in Spain
  - • EU law: Commission acts to ensure that European legislation is fully and properly implemented
  - • EU wants credit rating agencies regulated
  - • Policy-makers grapple with EU's controversial workers law
  - • EU ministers defiant on farm budget cuts
  - • Socialist MEP calls for EU electoral quotas for ethnic minorities
  - • Parliaments debate closer budgetary coordination
  - • Iran to dump 45 bln euros for gold bullion and dollars
  - • Brussels wants IL&P viability plan
  - • Iranian minister’s Parliament visit leaves bitter after-taste
  - • Secret society investigation revealed to European parliament
  - • Belgium promises 'rupture' during EU presidency
  - • Brussels downgraded as EU prepares credit rating move
  - • C02 spice added to debt crisis: EU plans green taxes to cut debt
  - • Van Rompuy takes centre stage at EU-Russia summit
  - • Russia and EU hail modernisation deal
  - • Bundesbank Attacks ECB Bond-Buying Plan
  - • Eurozone banks facing second wave of loan losses
  - • Trichet: 'We are a monetary federation. Now We need a budgetary federation'
  - • ECB warns of second wave of bank write-downs
  - • EU looking to strengthen anti-smoking rules
  - • Tories deny return to centre-right EU party
  - • Eurozone: State of the union

Strasbourg plenary
22-25 October 2018


Strasbourg plenary
01-04 October 2018


Strasbourg plenary
10-13 Sept 2018


Strasbourg plenary
02-05 trickJuly 2018

Strasbourg plenary
28-31 May 2018


Brussels mini-plenary
02-03 May 2018


23 OCT 2018: Jonathan Bullock: European Asylum Support Office an absolute waste of taxpayers money

23 OCT 2018:
Jonathan Bullock: Tory betrayal means taxpayers will be giving billions to Brussels for years to come

23 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Commission on collision course with UK and Italy

22 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU trying to push out UK biodegradable technology

22 OCT 2018: Raymond Finch: Theresa May's abject surrender: EU budget 2019 ignores Brexit

11 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Labour MEPs dream of keeping UK in EU Single Market post-Brexit (IMCO committee, 10.10.2018)

11 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Not all nationalism is extreme ethnic nationalism (CULT committee, 10.10.2018)

10 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Brexit is on everyone's lips in Ireland (AGRI committee, 09.10.2018)

10 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Paying farmers to produce less (AGRI committee, 09.10.2018)

09 OCT 2018:
Stuart Agnew: EU regulating re-used water for irrigation (AGRI committee)

09 OCT 2018:
Stuart Agnew's (EFDD) Draft Opinion on Climate Action amended beyond recognition at committee stage (AGRI committee)

04 OCT 2018:
Jonathan Bullock: Estimating EU budget error rate is "like taking an opinion poll", says ECA president (Budgetary Control committee)

04 OCT 2018:
Margot Parker: China appears to have crossed the line in fight against radical Islam

04 OCT 2018: Tim Aker: Keeping money in the local economy

03 OCT 2018: Jonathan Bullock: EU squeezing every penny from the UK to fill its coffers before Brexit

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Greens MEP Scott Cato thinks plans for EIB carte blanche status in London is Russian disinfoΒ  (Bluecard Question to Greens MEP Molly Scott Cato)

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: European Investment Bank mucking about in London (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Brian Hayes)

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Unregulated EU bankers let loose in London

03 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten: EU sweeping away our liberties with Theresa May's acquiescence

03 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten urges all UK MEPs to reject Eurojust enhanced powers

03 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU ideology treats humans as just another factor of production

03 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: British firm defrauded in Romania gets no redress

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Strict vote entitlement system in UK is not for EU to judge

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Socialist MEP thinks all nationalists are 'fascists' (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Lopez Aguilar)

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: The rise of extremist violence in the EU is a result of the EU itself

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Eurocrat obsession with revenue blinds them to harm caused by VAT

02 OCT 2018: Julia Reid: EU measures to mitigate climate change a self-defeating feat

02 OCT 2018:
Margot Parker: Saudi Arabia and Iran must stop their proxy war in Yemen

02 OCT 2018: William Dartmouth: EU has weaponised trade to threaten poor countries

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn unmasks EU's two weights and two measures over Brexit

02 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten: Theresa May is a Remainer who does not want to leave (01.10.2018)

02 OCT 2018: Bill Etheridge: Liberal MEP outraged at democratic rejection of her noble European ideas (Bluecard Question to Liberal MEP In't Veld)

02 OCT 2018: Nigel Farage: EU's centralising authoritarian tone sounds like the old Soviet Union

01 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Tax evasion hysteria: fearing a massive capital flight from an over-taxed, financially incompetent EU (TAX3 committee)

01 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: MEPs reject EFDD group motion to debate audiovisual media directive before they actually vote on it

26 SEP 2018: David Coburn: Blacklisting London will bring the whole house on your head (TAX3 committee)

24 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Farmers finding it hard to access regional development funds (AGRI committee, 24.09.2018)

24 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU's unfair trading directive deemed unfair by both retailers and processors (AGRI committee, 24.09.2018)

24 SEP 2018:
Patrick O'Flynn: 'European Social Fund Plus' a mere sticking plaster (CULT committee)

12 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Green lobby preventing new breeding techniques that reduce antibiotics use

12 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Foreign MEPs seeking to extinguish British innovation

12 SEP 2018: Tim Aker: British pensions in a parlous state of decay

12 SEP 2018: David Coburn: An enormous strike against freedom of speech on the internet

12 SEP 2018: Nigel Farage: Let's get Brexit sorted - it's time for a trade deal

11 SEP 2018: David Coburn: EU 'Weimar State' introducing cash and gold controls

11 SEP 2018: Nathan Gill: Libyan crisis and illegal migration is of your own creation

11 SEP 2018: Gerard Batten: EU copyright legislation aimed as a means towards online censorship

11 SEP 2018: Nigel Farage destroys Eurocrats at the 'show trial' of Viktor Orban

10 SEP 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU youth volunteer scheme more about propaganda than public spiritedness

03 SEP 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Standing up for core European values transcends Left-Right politics (CULT committee)

30 AUG 2018: Stuart Agnew: Greens and Socialists in panic mode as Stuart Agnew decimates EU's Climate Action programme (AGRI committee)

30 AUG 2018: William Dartmouth: Different ways to define trade surpluses, says Commissioner Malmstrom (International Trade committee)

30 AUG 2018: William Dartmouth: Trade negotiations with Australia expose EU prejudice against the UK (International Trade committee, 29.08.2018)

29 AUG 2018:
Mike Hookem: Fisheries committee chair dismisses UKIP request to debate French attack on British fishermen (Fisheries committee)


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