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Bullet Blog (May 2010)
  - • German president resigns after millitary comments
  - • EU calls for 'full investigation' into Israeli attacks on humanitarian ship
  - • EU holds emergency talks on Israeli action
  - • Book review: The Wind Farm Scam, by John Etherington
  - • Spain is trapped in a 'perverse spiral' as wage cuts deepen the crisis
  - • ECB Must Stop Bond Buying as ‘Quickly as Possible,’ Draghi Says
  - • Trichet denies Anglo-Saxon attack on euro
  - • Now France hit by budget pain
  - • UN climate talks re-start amid widespread pessimism, mistrust
  - • Green goods cost nearly 50% more
  - • Czechs on track for centre-right-led coalition
  - • Political earthquake shakes up Iceland's local elections
  - • EU demands inquiry after Israeli raid on ships
  - • Greece Will Not Restructure Debt: Finance Minister
  - • Thousands in Lisbon protest against austerity cuts
  - • Advance guard of angry women lead Italians into European protests over austerity cuts
  - • Keep working: Europe cracks austerity whip
  - • Herman and his Frankenstein euro have done enough damage already
  - • Now more than ever, it’s not smart to bet on the EU’s demise
  - • EU plays consumer protector: Banks face invasion by Brussels 'spies'
  - • Europe's banking crisis - video in 2 parts
  - • German Finance Minister hints at potential tax hike
  - • Czech Election Exit Poll Shows Tie Between Top Two Parties
  - • Scam update: Carbon Permits, Credits Fall as UN Prepares to Increase Supply
  - • Fears about Spain's economy bring rating cut and rattle markets
  - • Euro plunges as Spain’s debt downgraded
  - • Europe facing strikes over austerity packages
  - • Spain orders banks to come clean on debts to restore shattered faith
  - • Brussels to streamline access to collective funds
  - • Irish government takes control of EBS after investor talks fail
  - • Spanish town bans Burka in public buildings
  - • Silvio Berlusconi compares himself to Mussolini
  - • Brussels suggests raising retirement age for EU citizens
  - • EU plays consumer protector to regulate the telecoms market
  - • Germany under attack: 'Those damned sceptical Germans'
  - • Outgoing EU military chief dismisses drive for single HQ
  - • Spain squeezes cuts through by one vote
  - • Greece May Yet Have to Restructure Its Finances
  - • Van Rompuy Says EU Debating New Penalities, Warnings on Deficits
  - • Record number of immigrants given British citizenship in just one year
  - • See-sawing euro highlights Chinese influence
  - • Big Brothers' Pact: EU moves on data protection deal with US
  - • Car-Repair Market Faces Overhaul as EU Changes Antitrust Rules
  - • A Collectivist View: Merkel has joined Thatcher in Europe’s corner shop
  - • EU parliament urged to set up special committee on H1N1
  - • Commission sets cap on payment errors
  - • European Union bank levy
  - • US tells Europe to step up its crisis response
  - • US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus
  - • Rehn fears stagnation, urges reforms, scolds Germany
  - • Is Europe heading for a meltdown?
  - • EU supervisors split over German derivatives ban
  - • China reviewing euro zone debt holdings
  - • Chris Huhne backs European plan to raise target for emission cuts
  - • The European Commission confronts Germany
  - • Ordinary people were misled over impact of the euro, says Herman Van Rompuy
  - • Oxford students agree with UKIP on climate change
  - • How the EU elite got it wrong on the euro: broken promises and reckless predictions from before the crisis
  - • Markets in turmoil
  - • Doubts cast over Spanish banks merger
  - • EU sets toughest targets to fight global warming
  - • Double-dip fears over worldwide credit stress
  - • EU proposes 'preventive' bank levy
  - • Euro budget slashing extends to Italy
  - • Paris, Berlin signal pause in EU climate efforts
  - • China, US 'moving faster than EU' on innovation
  - • Nato chief tells EU to reach security pact with Turkey
  - • EU not facing monetary Armageddon, Van Rompuy says
  - • Euro is weakened by Spanish bank action
  - • Europe's climate chief under pressure over 'missing' emissions traders
  - • Cost of red tape soars to Β£88bn
  - • EU Van Rompuy: Next Steps Will Determine The Fate Of EMU
  - • The plight of once-free nations: IMF calls for radical cuts in Spain
  - • UK, Italy adopt austerity programmes
  - • Barroso says German calls for treaty change are 'naive'
  - • FTSE 100 joins in sharp falls across European stock markets as debt fears dominate
  - • Cameron and Osborne: in Europe, run by Europe
  - • Europe's deflation torture is a gift to the Far Left
  - • European bank jitters as Spain steps in to save Cajasur
  - • Germany gives green light to Greece rescue package
  - • EU tables new safety guidelines on volcanic ash
  - • From Across the Pond: Meltup
  - • Euro credible but more regulation needed: Trichet
  - • Will Trichet Let A Deflationary Depression Happen So He Can't Be Accused Of Bailing Out Greece?
  - • Europeans Fear Crisis Threatens Liberal Benefits
  - • The heresy of the Greeks offers hope
  - • The new feudal overlords of Europe will be the bankers of the ECB
  - • The European Disunion - will the euro survive?
  - • As the euro fails, Brussels turns on us to save itself
  - • End of fiscal sovereignty in Europe
  - • Greek PM says no need for default, restructuring
  - • Spain's PM says austerity stays, debts to be paid
  - • Geithner Plans to Press Germany on European Rescue
  - • Euro Gains as Germany Finalizes Eurozone Support Package
  - • Spain Takes Over Ailing Savings Bank; Jump Starts Cleanup
  - • Van Rompuy task force agrees need for budgetary sanctions
  - • Merkel ally argues that Turkey should join EU
  - Lord Christopher Monckton testifies before US Congress on global warming scam, 6 May 2010
  - • HIGHLIGHTS-European Union finance ministers' gathering
  - • Red tape hamstrings Greek growth
  - • Greek crisis brings ‘village politics’ to EU
  - • Merkel and Cameron disagree on EU treaty change
  - • Paris, Berlin struggle for unity ahead of EU meeting
  - • 'Perfect storm' as market tremors hit China, Europe and the US
  - • Falling Euro Spurs Cautious Intervention Talk
  - • Germany to push nine financial reforms
  - • EU holds first meeting on joint economic governance
  - • Sarkozy proposes constitutional change to limit deficits
  - • Montenegro plans to be next to join EU after Croatia
  - • German nostalgia sees the euro as falling short of the mark
  - • Will the Euro Survive?
  - • Euro under renewed attack ahead of EU crisis talks
  - • Merkel’s actions will weaken the EU
  - • Germany's 'desperate' short ban triggers capital flight to Switzerland
  - • Europe's fiscal Fascism brings British withdrawal ever closer
  - • EC internal markets chief Michel Barnier to unveil new derivatives regime this summer
  - • German ban turmoil fuels global sell-off, Greece prepares for general strike
  - • MEPs award themselves €1,500 more in staff expenses
  - • EU adopts new rules on organ transplants
  - • EU lawmakers give 'meat glue' red card
  - • Germany is defending EU taxpayers, minister says
  - • Greek unions hold new general strike against cuts
  - • Romanian anti-austerity protests biggest since 1989
  - • Coalition under attack for its use of reviews to hide points of disagreement
  - • George Osborne greets Europe with budget freeze call
  - • IMF chief: Europe needs closer economic coordination
  - • Belgium outlines ideas on EU diplomatic appointments
  - • EU High Representative Pushes Kenyan Commitment to Combat Piracy
  - • Hungary backs speedy Montenegro accession
  - • New attempt to curtail EU parliament's 'travelling circus' fails
  - • Olaf acting DG hits back at EU parliament criticism
  - • Congress blocks indiscriminate IMF aid for Europe
  - • Cameron to meet Sarkozy and Merkel in first foreign trip
  - • Europe tightens the screws on hedge funds
  - • Thorny issues punctuate EU-LatAm summit
  - • EU Commission To Give View On Spain, Portugal In Next Weeks: Rehn
  - • Germany Bans Naked Short-Selling, Default Swap Speculation
  - • Overview: German short selling curbs lead to upheaval
  - • Europe has been damaged by internal wrangling
  - • Chancellor tells EU to scrap plans for 6% increase in spending
  - • UK forced to swallow bitter pill on hedge funds
  - • EU urged to invest in 'green economy' to tackle downturn
  - • 'Wall Street rigging world markets' - American dissident Max Keiser on Alex Jones' Prisonplanet.tv
  - • EU parliament committee reaches AIFM agreement
  - • Tories continue to mellow on EU policy
  - • Eurozone puts vote lock on €440 billion rescue fund
  - • Banks dump Greek debt on the ECB as eurozone flashes credit warnings
  - • Eurozone ministers aim barbed words at Germany
  - • EU skeptical about Iran nuclear deal
  - • UK minister sees EU allies in CAP reform debate
  - • France details plans for 'carbon inclusion mechanism'
  - • EU Says EU14.5 Billion Loan Tranche Has Been Sent to Greece
  - • EU - Latin American and Caribbean Summit
  - • Brussels is about to clobber the City
  - • Osborne set to give in on hedge fund law
  - • Hedge funds brace for EU crackdown
  - • The City needs its wings clipped, not cut off
  - • Forget the wolf pack – the ongoing euro crisis was caused by EMU
  - • Euro plan to review Britain's budget
  - • William Hague tells European leaders UK will engage with EU
  - • Finance ministers want higher guarantee fees from banks
  - • Italy eyes €27.6 billion cuts to avoid debt crisis
  - • EU ministers to debate controversial eurozone reform
  - • Tory rebel urges Cameron to rejoin EPP in EU parliament
  - • Will the New Bailout Save Europe?
  - • Germans turn against the EU as eurozone meltdown heaps misery on Angela Merkel
  - • Euro zone must tackle yawning economic gaps-Merkel
  - • Greek leader considers action against US banks
  - • George Osborne fears defeat on tougher EU hedge funds rules after 'hopsital pass'
  - • European Union: A coalition of irresponsibility
  - • Nicolas Sarkozy ‘on steroids’ threatened to quit euro
  - • More hype for EU governance: Trichet: economy in deepest crisis since WWII
  - • Euro sinks to 18-month low
  - • Euro zone under pressure as euphoria over bailout package dies
  - • Euro Falls to Lowest Since Lehman as Breakup Concern Increases
  - • EU apparatchik in Poland calls for Europe to become a closer union
  - • Doubts Remain Despite Efforts to Shore Up Euro
  - • The European Union Surrenders to the Federal Reserve
  - • New UK government tones down Tories' EU policy
  - • Inflation: the latest danger in Europe
  - • Europe enters era of belt-tightening
  - • Spain's emergency plan sparks calls for a strike
  - • Portugal joins Eurozone’s push into era of austerity
  - • UK suffers hedge fund blow
  - • UK coalition faces first test as Germany, France push for tough EU hedge fund rules
  - • Merkel Warns of Europe's Collapse: 'If Euro Fails, So Will the Idea of European Union'
  - • Angela Merkel's chancellorship: Now what?
  - • EU budgetary proposals draw immediate rebuke
  - • No going back: rescue plan for euro could change way Europe is run
  - • Fiscal discipline and Brussels
  - • Ex-commissioners face conflict of interest accusations
  - • EU imposes wage cuts on Spanish 'Protectorate', calls for budget primacy over sovereign parliaments
  - • Mastering economic interdependence: Commission proposes reinforced economic governance in the EU
  - • Europe Austerity Push Deepens After Rescue Message
  - • Commission calls for greater economic control
  - • BOE’s King Says ‘Very Clear’ That Euro Area Needs Fiscal Union
  - • Europe risks trade row with duty on Chinese car wheels
  - • David McWilliams: Forget bailouts, it's time for a two-speed Europe
  - • Brussels to unveil plans for tougher rules to protect euro
  - • EU proposal aims to ensure euro member states cut debts
  - • Europe tells Britain not to ask for help in a crisis
  - • CO2 Scam: EU Climate Commissioner seeks 30% carbon cuts target for Europe
  - • Roubini Says Greece May Lead Euro Exodus, China Faces Slowdown
  - • Saving Euro Trashes Trichet, Dooms Germany’s AAA: Mark Gilbert
  - • Will EU's 'shock & awe' work?
  - • False Solutions: Bailout Spurs Debate on Cinching Europe's Fiscal Ties
  - • Obama calls for 'resolute' spending cuts in Spain
  - • Economic governance: EU seeks more powers over national finances
  - • Barroso calls for reform as shine fades on bail-out
  - • EU, US restart talks to clinch June anti-terror deal
  - • Spain encourages EU hopefuls Iceland, Turkey
  - • Opposition to European Union Regulation of Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms Growing
  - • UK Economy May Be Allowed To Crash And Burn Like US Banking Giant
  - • ECB risks its reputation and a German backlash over mass bond purchases
  - • MEPs plot super-regulator based in Frankfurt
  - • ECB set to buy up to €1.7tr of national debt
  - • EU’s bold step into treacherous waters
  - • Euro Is Set to ‘Continue Drifting Lower,’ Bank of Tokyo Says
  - • Gold rises to $1,205 as financial market relief rally fades
  - • Brussels expects little change from new UK government
  - • German govt approves share of euro rescue package
  - • Fresh row stalls Parliament vote on private equity
  - • Bailout does not address Europe's deep-rooted woes: Experts
  - • Trichet forced to defend ECB independence
  - • ECB to buy eurozone bonds to fight crisis
  - • Mixed support for ECB bond purchases
  - • Obama phoned Merkel on euro bail-out
  - • Europhiles lead 'economic governance' calls on Europe Day
  - • Ron Paul: Euro Bailout Will Lead To Currency Collapse
  - • German voters deliver poll blow to Merkel amid discontent over aid to Greece
  - • The Real Constitutional Crisis
  - • Europe prepares nuclear response to save monetary union
  - • Hedge fund directive strikes blow at City
  - • Taxpayers face Β£13 billion bailout after Alistair Darling caves in
  - • The euro rescue and Britain's hung Parliament: live market reaction
  - • EU agrees €750bn debt crisis package
  - • EU ready to spend €500bn to contain crisis
  - • World Races to Avert Crisis in Europe
  - • EU agrees massive support mechanism
  - • Ashton to give EU leaders ‘written reassurance’ on EEAS
  - • Committee of 'Wise men' say 'more Europe' needed to solve crisis
  - • Barnier visit to US 'waste of time', says Washington insider
  - • Moody's sees banking contagion in eurozone debt crisis
  - • Carbon auctioning rules spark EU controversy
  - • Will David Cameron win the battle over Europe?
  - • Deal likely on draft EU hedge fund rules
  - • Focus moves to ECB in quest to end turmoil
  - • Belgium Finance Minister: EU States Outside Euro Must Let Euro Zone Act
  - • Spain's former PM wants to start EU all over again
  - • Alistair Darling: Britain won't help bail out the euro
  - • British taxpayers ordered to bail out euro
  - • Leaders offer pledge on tighter fiscal discipline
  - • German court rules against bid to block Greece aid
  - • Euro zone agrees on emergency steps to contain crisis
  - • Eurozone members agree to use all their means to stabilise euro
  - • Britain blamed for euro turmoil over hedge fund curbs block
  - • IMF package for Greece comes under Republican fire in US
  - • Greek Debt Crisis Raises Doubts About the European Union
  - • ECB paralysis rattles markets as debt costs hit new highs
  - • Wall Street sees biggest intraday fall amid Greece fears
  - • Merkel says lack of hedge fund regulation a scandal
  - • EU investment funds directive 'will hurt SMEs'
  - • Plans unveiled for pilgrimages to EU founding fathers birthplaces
  - • Plunging markets set backdrop for euro area meeting
  - • Europe's crisis of confidence on 60th birthday
  - • Greece agrees to austerity plan to secure European Union, IMF rescue loans
  - • Britain Faces Worst Budget Deficit in the EU
  - • Belgian Parliament Dissolved, Snap Elections On June 13
  - • Greek lawmakers approve bill to avert debt default
  - • ECB urged to take action as euro plummets
  - • EU commissioner vows to block 'silly' petitions
  - • EU considers alert system for excessive debt
  - • US vice-president talks up EU terrorism threat
  - • EU Commission says Britain's finances 'worse than Greece'
  - • Britain vulnerable to eurozone land-grab
  - • Polish Support for Euro Adoption Falls Below 50%
  - • Greece's Trauma, Europe's Malaise
  - • The wrong answer to the wrong question
  - • Barroso pledges to take on speculators as euro hits 14-month low
  - • Germany's MPs rage at Merkel over bailout plan
  - • Europe at a crossroads: we must prop up Greece, says Chancellor Merkel
  - • Rehn: No other state will need a bail-out
  - • Parliament approves accounts
  - All To Play For
  - • Agenda 21 Alert: Global Warming Freeze?
  - • Greek anti-austerity march erupts, 3 dead
  - • Polish Zloty Drops Most in 11 Months on Debt Contagion Concern
  - • Equality: European Commission refers Poland to Court of Justice over race equality rules
  - • The EU migration lie: Official statistics expose huge gap between PM's figures and truth
  - • David Prosser: Europe's sovereign debt crisis is still not under control
  - • World markets plunge on euro fears
  - • Sushil Wadhwani: eurozone will face recurring debt crises
  - • Spain's PM rejects debt crisis bailout rumours
  - • Euro crisis sparks stock market rout
  - • Greece’s Stumble Follows a Headlong Rush Into the Euro
  - • Aid to Greece can go ahead without Slovakia, EU says
  - • EU Solvency II rules delayed amid insurer concern
  - • Bulgarian minister's daughter, accordion club get EU farm aid
  - • MEPs to restrict US access to anti-terror data
  - • EU commission clears McCreevy for Ryanair post
  - • Sterling hits 5-week low vs buoyant dollar
  - • Richer nations more likely to quit euro, says French bank
  - • Euro Seen As Vulnerable As ECB Bends Collateral Rules
  - • Greece contagion fears pound stocks, euro
  - • Greece, Euro Zone, IMF Face Long Road
  - • Barnier considers EU rating agency
  - • MEPs fine-tune 'tactics' on diplomatic service
  - • US intrigued by Greek 'soap opera'
  - • Malta to borrow money for Greece loan
  - • French parliament backs Greek rescue
  - • Barroso II swears oath to treaties and rights charter
  - • EU dismisses Ashton resignation rumours
  - • EU parliament and council on collision course over airport security
  - • Senior MEP decries loss of quality in EU media coverage
  - • Paper reveals EU plan to boost GM crop cultivation
  - • Governments ‘paying lip service’ to EU on economy
  - • Greek protesters drape banners on Acropolis
  - • Merkel backs creation of European credit rating agency
  - • Slovakia reluctant to take part in Greek bail-out
  - • UK delays publication of EU farm subsidy details till post-election
  - • EU money having little effect on poverty in Hungary
  - 'Blue-remembered hills'? Not if UKIP has anything to do with it!
  - • EU conference: 500 cities pledge to reduce CO2 by more than 20%
  - • Leaked tapes show EU leaders' frustration at climate summit
  - • Europe should cut CO2 output by 30%: German minister
  - • ECB agrees to accept Greek "junk" bonds as collateral
  - • Eurozone ministers approve €110bn aid package for Greece
  - • Top German Liberal in EU parliament wants Europe-wide burqa ban
  - • Senior MEP says Belgian crisis is 'bad for country's image'
  - Beer in Totnes: A Champion for Devon
  - Frank is Fighting Barking's Corner
  - • Rioting Greeks throw petrol bombs at police
  - • Thousands join May Day protests in Europe
  - • Maltese parliament to debate €27 million loan to Greece
  - • After Greek Debt Woes, Is Portugal Next?
  - • Greece sees rescue deal on Saturday, thousands protest
  - • Eurozone storm abates but politicians face disapproval
  - • Banking on a bailout
  - • Greeks angry, ashamed, not relieved over aid deal, poll shows
  - • Carbon tariffs on imports risk trade war : EU study

Strasbourg plenary
15-18 January 2018


Strasbourg plenary
11-14 December 2017


Brussels mini-plenary
29-30 November 2017


Strasbourg plenary
13-16 November 2017


16 JAN 2018: Raymond Finch: The European Union must not destabilise Kenya

16 JAN 2018: Raymond Finch: It would be wise to be cautious in offering unconditional support for mass rallies in Iran

16 JAN 2018: James Carver: EU should stop meddling in Colombian peace process

16 JAN 2018: David Coburn: Britain better off leaving EU on WTO terms (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Elmar Brok)

16 JAN 2018: David Coburn: Brexit: No deal is better than a bad deal (Bluecard Question to Non-attached MEP Balczo)

15 JAN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Dutch breaching EU rules with 28% of beam trawlers equipped for electro-fishing (Bluecard Question to ECR MEP van Dalen)

15 JAN 2018: Mike Hookem: Electro-Pulse fishing causing catastrophic damage to marine environment

15 JAN 2018: Jonathan Bullock: Brexit will rid Britain of absurd Green energy targets

12 JAN 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU wants each farmer to have annual programme on climate change (AGRI committee, 11.01.2018)

12 JAN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Payment adjustment scheme for farmers a bureaucratic nightmare (AGRI committee, 11.01.2018)

12 JAN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Efforts to curb antibiotics use in livestock farming undermined by imports (AGRI committee, 11.01.2018)

12 JAN 2018: Stuart Agnew: I'm not confident in EU ability to assess farm funding (AGRI committee, 11.01.2018)

14 DEC 2017: Jill Seymour: EU driving us out of our cars

13 DEC 2017: Margot Parker: Governments must apply zero tolerance towards sexual exploitation of children

13 DEC 2017: Bill Etheridge: Freeing the individual from the ever-grasping clutches of the EU superstate

13 DEC 2017: Bill Etheridge: Liberal MEP sees EU legislation as a tool to minimise influence of anti-EU parties (Bluecard Question to Liberal MEP Selimovic)

13 DEC 2017: Margot Parker: Expanding Schengen area will further help facilitate free movement of terrorists

13 DEC 2017: James Carver: Somaliland now deserves to be recognised as a fully-fledged state

13 DEC 2017: Patrick O'Flynn: That Spirit of Pettiness is what will destroy all your grand plans

13 DEC 2017:
David Coburn: 40% of Scots voted for Brexit, Mr Smith

13 DEC 2017: Gerard Batten: It will never be too late for a patriotic government to take control and make Brexit happen

13 DEC 2017:
David Coburn: 'They're trying to close down debate'

13 DEC 2017: Nigel Farage: Brexit: Theresa the Appeaser has given in on virtually everything

12 DEC 2017: James Carver: Iran nuclear deal: addressing the real effects it's having in the Middle East

12 DEC 2017: Bill Etheridge: Treacherous UK government deliberately running down our defences

12 DEC 2017: James Carver: EU military ambitions brushing away Member State neutrality (Bluecard Question to Liberal MEP Vautmans)

12 DEC 2017: James Carver: Selling out British defence and foreign policy

12 DEC 2017: Bill Etheridge: EU combined defence towards a 'United States of Europe' (Bluecard Question to ECR MEP Danjean)

12 DEC 2017: James Carver: Not yet time to rethink Burmese membership of the Commonwealth

12 DEC 2017: James Carver: Time for a radical re-think in Afghanistan

12 DEC 2017: David Coburn: EU investment fund an exercise in old-school Keynesianism

12 DEC 2017: David Coburn: Business will flood into the UK immediately after Brexit (Bluecard Question to ECR MEP Zile)

12 DEC 2017: David Coburn: EU tax evasion committee should be called the Robespeare Committee (Bluecard Question to Greens MEP Joly)

12 DEC 2017:
David Coburn: EU tax proposals aimed at banning free competition

11 DEC 2017:
Patrick O'Flynn: EU citizenship report ignores governments' obligations to their own citizens

11 DEC 2017: Julia Reid: Imposing more taxes on flights will not change the climate

11 DEC 2017: Stuart Agnew: EU colonial masters have no plans to hand back UK fishing waters post Brexit

11 DEC 2017:
Stuart Agnew: EU agricultural reform: Further regulation reinforcing earlier failure

07 DEC 2017: David Coburn: Time for Hungary to join Britain in Brexit (LIBE committee)

05 DEC 2017: David Coburn: EU restrictions on expression, privacy and capital (ECON-LIBE joint committee meeting, 04.12.2017)

05 DEC 2017:
Stuart Agnew: You'll never stop CO2 cycle, and if you do, you'll stall growth of trees (AGRI-ENVI-ITRE joint committee meeting, 04.12.2017)

05 DEC 2017: Stuart Agnew: EU Forest Strategy: You are complicit in a Commission power grab (Joint AGRI-ENVI-ITRE committee meeting, 04.12.2017)

05 DEC 2017: Stuart Agnew: Centralised farming for EU Integrated Farm Statistics (AGRI committee, 04.12.2017)

05 DEC 2017: Jonathan Arnott: House of Europe propaganda project at taxpayers expense (Budgets committee, 04.12.2017)

30 NOV 2017: Tim Aker: The shocking reality of austerity politics in the UK

30 NOV 2017: David Coburn: Saving banks that are too big to fail

29 NOV 2017: Jonathan Bullock: EU energy and emissions targets are pushing factories and jobs out of the EU

29 NOV 2017: David Coburn: Too much money being spent on EU propaganda (Bluecard to MEP Zanni)

29 NOV 2017: Bill Etheridge: Brexit: This is not the time for the EU to spend more (Bluecard to MEP Deprez)

29 NOV 2017: Jonathan Arnott: Can Theresa May show one single concession in return for the 50 bln divorce bill?

29 NOV 2017: Nigel Farage: Celebrate today, Mr Commissioner, but the 50 bln Brexit payment is not in the bag

29 NOV 2017: David Coburn: Will you respect the fact that post-Brexit Britain has the sovereign right to tax UK corporations as she deems fit (PANA committee, 28.11.2017)

29 NOV 2017:David Coburn: Would you smear any law-abiding person just because it suits your worldview? (PANA committee, 28.11.2017)

28 NOV 2017: David Coburn: Someone in this building has to stand up for free enterprise (PANA committee)

28 NOV 2017:
David Coburn: Money laundering: EU interference in businesses and banks (PANA committee)

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