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Bullet Blog (April 2010)
  - • Euro area states could lose money on Greek loans
  - • MEPs vote to asphyxiate London
  - • Details emerge of EU’s ‘wise men’ group report
  - • Warning for Britain as financial chaos spreads to Spain
  - • Greek debt crisis: Europe feels shockwaves as bailout falters
  - • Greek crisis: Athens to Ashes
  - • Greece Turning Viral Sparks Search for EU Solutions
  - • First Greece, now Spain, who next?
  - • EMU domino fears as Spain downgraded, Germany drags feet on rescue
  - • EU leaders struggle to contain eurozone crisis
  - • Rating agencies: Who made them so powerful?
  - • Germany says Europe needs its own rating agency
  - • Next Hungary govt plans big tax reform in 2011-paper
  - • Italian debt sale may ‘feel the heat’ on Greece woes
  - • EU balks at action on Japan economic pact
  - • Spanish debt downgrade weighs on euro, Asian stocks
  - • Spain downgraded as eurozone turmoil spreads
  - • Crisis, what crisis? EU demands Britain and other countries pay it Β£7bn more in 6% budget boost
  - Nigel is WYSIWYG!
  - • Greece could weigh on U.S. stocks
  - • Greek debt crisis spreading 'like Ebola' and Europe must act now, OECD warns
  - • Spain calls 10 May summit over Greece
  - • EU to hold summit on Greece
  - • Greece downgraded amid rumours of special May summit
  - • Brussels examines McCreevy plan to join Ryanair board
  - • European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek meets US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington
  - • European Union expecting Β£6.3bn budget increase
  - • MEPs extend transition to new Schengen database
  - • Economic central planning - EU draft budget 2011: The future beyond the crisis
  - • The Soviet way: Commission launches public consultation on future of cultural and creative industries
  - • Cash from EU green plan 'to fund dirty coal plants'
  - • EU's Barnier warns that big bank profits are over
  - • Greek borrowing costs soar as German resistance spooks investors
  - • Merkel takes hard line on plan for Greece
  - • Fears Greek debacle may yet force bailout by the IMF in Ireland
  - • Greeks disapprove of EU aid deal
  - • Development groups say EEAS plans breach EU law
  - • EU to set up anti-cybercrime body
  - • Belgium heading for elections as government collapses
  - • 5,000 grain farmers drive tractors onto the streets of Paris
  - • Member states agree diplomatic service outline
  - • Strategists warn of sovereign debt bubble
  - • Papaconstantinou Says Greek Aid Is ‘Mainly’ From European Union
  - • Austria: No Advance Help for Greece
  - • Will the European Union agree to help Greece?
  - • Remember that ash cloud? It didn't exist, says new evidence
  - • Maastricht madhouse fuels EMU-wide contagion from Greece
  - • Euro stumbles, Greek bonds strained after aid request
  - • Germany, France press Greece for further austerity measures
  - • Greek 10-year borrowing rate rises above 9%
  - • Interview: EU Trade Chief Says Pressure will not Work on Yuan Revaluation
  - • Union seeks more power: EU seeks new air traffic control system
  - • Greece races for rescue plan, meets finance chiefs
  - • Greek PM defends EU-IMF debt plea
  - • For nations living the good life, the party's over, IMF says
  - • Italy's Northern League says government is doomed
  - • Greece asks for EU-IMF bailout
  - • EU to approve new anti-terror data sharing deal with US
  - • If the CAP doesn't fit
  - • Member states to signal broad backing for diplomatic service blueprint
  - • Sustained pressure on Cameron over EU parliament allies
  - • Belgium's Coalition Government Collapses
  - • Shaky start to Greek aid talks
  - • Euro at one year low, Greek woes hit Asia stocks
  - • G-20 officials convene for talks on global economy
  - • Irish budget deficit largest in European Union
  - • Parliament raises pressure on EU diplomatic service towards a 'United States of Europe'
  - • Airlines 'must respect passenger rights'
  - • MEPs slam budgets of Council and EU police agency
  - • IMF and Bundesbank fear contagion from Greece as bond spreads soar to fresh records
  - • Greek debt costs rise as talks begin
  - • Cost of covering Greek debt heads ever higher
  - • General Election 2010: Nick Clegg lobbied for lax EU bank laws
  - For your delectation....and some Balls
  - Tricky Questions for Cleggie
  - • Euro-Area Deficit Widened to More Than Double EU Limit in 2009
  - • Top European companies 'lobbying in secret', says NGO
  - • FT leader urges for more positive approach by UK towards EU
  - • EU starts to count cost of volcanic ash and EuroControl reaction
  - • More European countries taxing CO2 emissions
  - Belgium: The Dead Parrot
  - • EU to get powers to launch criminal investigations
  - • Knives out. It’s the fatal flaw in Clegg’s plan
  - • More financial games: IMF proposes double tax hit for all banks
  - Clegg will hamstring Cameron on Europe
  - • Citigroup says only ‘United States of Europe' will save euro
  - • Travel chaos 'should not affect EU's one-seat debate'
  - • Lisbon Treaty may give footballers a headache
  - • Member states urged to postpone decision on Swift
  - • EU aligns energy-saving laws with Lisbon Treaty rules
  - • Investors concerned as Greek talks begin
  - • Greek bailout unconstitutional, Centre for European Policy report says, backing IMF
  - • EU 'following' Goldman Sachs fraud case
  - • Schengen rules could be eased for ash victims
  - • Only one-third of MEPs in Strasbourg for EU parliament plenary
  - • More hoodwinking games: Brussels backs tougher US line on derivatives
  - • EU: Vacations are a right, not a luxury
  - • General election 2010: Nick Clegg defends party stance on Europe
  - • Secret EU report blasts data retention directive
  - • A Franco-Italian axis in Europe?
  - • EU parliament session set to continue despite air chaos
  - • Ash cloud to disrupt EU parliament session
  - • Ash postpones EU-IMF talks in Greece
  - • European Commissioner: EU Should Have Greater Say in National Budgets
  - • Momentum for global bank tax slows amid uncertainty from EU
  - • EU’s investigation of Goldman Sachs will be ‘profound,’ Rehn says
  - • Polish zloty is ‘too strong,’ even after intervention, Kotecki says
  - • EU Steps Up Pressure for Higher Yuan on Concerns About Recovery
  - • No new cuts sought for EU, IMF loans: Greek minister
  - • EU finance ministers fail to reach deal on bank levy
  - • Could Germany quit euro over Greece crisis?
  - • UKIP's Lord Monckton speaks to Alex Jones on climate policy deception
  - • Top EPP official condemned over comments on UK Tories
  - • Eurozone ministers seek ways to stem debt crisis
  - • Canadian Hedge Funds Cry Foul On EU Proposals
  - • Soros: Germany needs to pay up if EU is to survive
  - • Herman Van Rompuy publishes haiku poems
  - • EU Finance Chiefs Meet as Greece Moves on Bailout
  - • Sarkozy, Berlusconi jointly call for carbon tax on EU borders
  - • Spanish attempt to reinstate European Union ban on wonky vegetables fails
  - • EU review of national budgets proposed
  - • Greek aid in doubt as German professors prepare court challenge
  - • Row over who gets to take charge at environment talks
  - • Hedge rows
  - • EU relaunches talks with US on sharing bank data
  - • Soros sees risk to euro without German shift -report
  - • Rehn says Greek crisis 'amplifies shortcomings' of euro, supports strengthening of EU economic governance
  - • Prague urges reality check on 'Europe 2020' plan
  - • EU threatens regional aid cuts for budget offenders
  - • EU warns Portugal, says bloc needs permanent crisis fund
  - • World leaders going to Poland amid debate on Kaczynski's merits
  - • Football diplomacy comes to Malta
  - • Greek Bonds Fall as EU Governments Wrangle Over Aid Approval
  - • Obama tax plan would hit foreign banks - EU report
  - • Disturbing direction of EU governance
  - • Questions over Greek rescue package remain
  - • Greece vows to fight on as it taps €1.6bn
  - • Funds shun Europe as 'no-go zone' after Greek crisis
  - • Greek finmin: hard to block aid if EU, ECB recommend
  - • Only debt restructuring can save Greece
  - • EU May Lend Greece More Than $120 Billion, Handelsblatt Says
  - • EU Finance Chiefs to Debate Tighter Deficit Oversight
  - • EU's Barnier tries to end France-UK hedge fund row
  - • Greece bailout 'up to 90 billion euros': report
  - • EU supports bank levy plans in G20 letter
  - • Brussels gets cold feet on financial transactions tax
  - • European Union, France to consult on Net Neutrality
  - • Club Of Rome Behind Eco-Fascist Purge To Criminalize Climate Skepticism
  - • How Iceland's banking flaws brought down the country's economy
  - • OrbΓ‘n plans to cut taxes, tackle corruption
  - • Czech Central Banker Singer Sees Room for Lower Rates
  - • Small plants may not sell spare EU CO2, Barclays says
  - • Kaczynski Death to Aid Pro-Euro Tusk’s Grip on Poland
  - • An Aid Package in the Billions: Merkel's Bluff Called in Poker over Greece
  - • Cut the EU’s Farm Cash? Non!
  - • Czech central banker Singer joins criticism of IMF
  - • Swedes say No to euro
  - • The Greek people are being punished for Europe's errors
  - • Dutch parties plan to cut EU budget contribution
  - • Euro soars as EU-IMF deliver €45bn Greek rescue
  - • Gold hits highest in over 4 months as euro jumps
  - • Euro area states put Greek loans at €30 billion
  - • Greece aid deal seen at EUR20 billion-EUR30 billion, interest rate 5%-5.5%
  - • Greek woes raise eurozone questions
  - • New clouds form over UN climate strategy
  - • EU expected to nail down terms of Greek loans
  - • Poland Pulls Trigger to Weaken Zloty
  - • A tribute to Polish President Lech Kaczynski
  - • EU pledges climate funding in bid to revive confidence in UN
  - • ECB's Trichet says Greece bankruptcy not in discussion
  - • EU agrees on Greek rescue terms, Fitch downgrades
  - • Greece needs help: Soros
  - • Europe agrees on Greece
  - • EU finalizing terms of any Greek aid
  - • Failed EU-U.S. data deal to be revived, U.S. says
  - • Hedge fund BlueCrest moving to Guernsey
  - • Investors fear a greek tragedy
  - • Frattini: We must create a European army
  - • Markets dismiss Greek rescue plan
  - • Gov’t alarmed by tour cancellations due to EU ban on carriers
  - • Greece teetering on the edge as bond yields keep on rising
  - • Public prosecutor would help OLAF enter a new era
  - • Greece in loan cost spiral amid persistent debt fears
  - • EU Carbon Auctions will limit pain for exchanges and brokers
  - • France and Turkey agree to disagree over EU entry
  - • US treasury chief warns EU on hedge fund rules
  - • EU Van Rompuy: Would be strange to exclude IMF from Greek aid
  - • Concerns drive Greek loan costs to record high
  - • Multiple venues leave Europe ‘open to abuse’
  - • European bank levy could raise €50bn
  - • Euro falls again as doubts grow about Greece bailout
  - • Van Rompuy keen to move some EU summits out of Brussels
  - • Culture included in EU's economic central plan
  - • EU launches debate on new taxes to fill financial holes
  - • How Eurocrats want to spend Β£1.1m changing the English Channel's name to 'Le Pond'
  - • Berlin calls for higher rate on loans to Greece
  - • Judge's warning over Europe's legal power
  - • EU brings common visa code for Schengen zone travellers
  - • A Superstorm for Global Warming Research
  - • Berlin wants 6.5% on Greek bailout loans
  - • Greece wants to amend EU aid deal, bypass IMF: report
  - • Greece will default, but not this year
  - • Germany flexes its muscles
  - • Euro may resume decline after ECB interest rate decision
  - • Herman Van Rompuy: British politicians must win over public about EU
  - • Greek debt crisis: pushing more European integration?
  - • New European derivatives rules could cost business billions
  - • France and Germany put weight behind bank tax
  - • German cabinet agrees on bank tax for bailouts
  - • EU commission pushes Germany to boost demand
  - • EU cap-and-trade emissions fall more than forecast
  - • Commissioner Barnier may propose curbs on CDS in Oct
  - • Western European Union to close down as EU takes over military role

Strasbourg plenary
02-05 July 2018

Strasbourg plenary
28-31 May 2018


Strasbourg plenary
28-31 May 2018


Brussels mini-plenary
02-03 May 2018


10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: You can only get money if you change the world's weather (AGRI committee, PM)

10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: Will EU Directive on unfair trading in food supply chain cut across what we're already doing in UK? (AGRI committee, PM)

10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: When in Spain... join the AGRI committee delegation visiting farmers (AGRI committee, AM)

10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: Food safety is not just about pesticides (AGRI committee, 09.07.2018)

10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: No meaningful progress on Brexit, preparing for all imaginable scenarios - Austrian presidency (AGRI committee, 09.07.2018)

10 JUL 2018: William Dartmouth: Comparing EU-Japan trade deal with Brexit negotiations (International Trade committee, 09.07.2018)

05 JUL 2018:
Margot Parker: Return to barbarity in Burundi must be avoided

04 JUL 2018: Mike Hookem: Tories throwing billions at EU in spineless Brexit betrayal

04 JUL 2018: David Coburn: Bending the rules to suit themselves

04 JUL 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: High Priests of European integration keep Greece trapped in the euro misery

04 JUL 2018: Gerard Batten: Freedom loving Poland should help Britain leave EU

03 JUL 2018: David Coburn: Hungarians have every right to kick meddling multi-billionaire out of their country

03 JUL 2018: Margot Parker: Charities up against unelected Commission's proposal

03 JUL 2018: Nigel Farage: The Rebirth of the Nation State

03 JUL 2018: Nigel Farage: Vision of a United States of Europe is thankfully dying before our very eyes

03 JUL 2018: Gerard Batten: What will EU Commission do if European Parliament or Council reject Brexit agreement?(Constitutional Affairs committee)

02 JUL 2018: Julia Reid: Decarbonising Europe with lots of hot air

02 JUL 2018: Jonathan Bullock: EU army cat out of the bag

28 JUN 2018: Jonathan Bullock forces Budgets committee vote on Court of Auditors request for extra funds (Budgets committee)

25 JUN 2018: Gerard Batten: Two donors in referendum campaign that remain unregistered (LIBE committee)

21 JUN 2018: David Coburn to
Guardian journalist: Why not go chase George Soros! (TAX3 committee)

21 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Greens lead the way in refillable plastic politics (Fisheries committee, 20.06.2018)

21 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Verhofstadt and Barnier turning British people into enemies (Fisheries committee, 20.06.2018)

21 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Your only concern is about the vital interests of those who want to spend taxpayers money (Fisheries committee, 20.06.2018)

21 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Socialists and Greens furious over EFDD victory in AGRI committee (AGRI committee)

20 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Will UK get dead money on its EIB investments after Brexit? (AGRI committee with EIB vice-president)

20 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Invest in bio-security not agricultural climate action that takes up 40% of CAP budget (AGRI committee with Commissioner Andriukaitis)

20 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Dutch MEP gets sound advice (Fisheries committee)

20 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Sugar beet industry in Finland gone downhill (AGRI committee)

19 JUN 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Erasmus programmes go beyond cultural and educational exchange (CULT committee)

19 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU should wait on outcome of US sanctions before blundering into Iran (Budgets committee)

14 JUN 2018: David Coburn: EU anti-corruption scope does not extend to its own institutions

13 JUN 2018: Raymond Finch: NGOs colluding with people smugglers in the Mediterranean

13 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Why do we keep attracting more migrants? (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Rangel)

13 JUN 2018: Gerard Batten: This is invasion, not immigration!

12 JUN 2018: William Dartmouth: EU aiding and abetting corrupt government in Ukraine

12 JUN 2018: Mike Hookem: Theresa May surrenders to EU policy against Donald Trump over Iran

12 JUN 2018:
David Coburn: LibDem MEP living in another world on another planet (Point of Order)

12 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Farmers forced to measure vapours and gases to improve world climate (AGRI committee, 11.06.2018)

12 JUN 2018: Gerard Batten: Theresa May should make way for a PM who supports Brexit

11 JUN 2018:
Gerard Batten: British ex-servicemen who served in NI are being unjustly persecuted in the UK

11 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Bulgarian justice system fails to protect EU citizens against property fraud by Russian groups

11 JUN 2018: Julia Reid: Baseless energy and climate policies profoundly damaging EU economy

11 JUN 2018:
David Coburn: EU attempts to micro-manage markets - financial dog's dinner

07 JUN 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Theresa May rolls over to EU rule over Brexit (CULT committee)

07 JUN 2018:
Patrick O'Flynn: For eurozone to continue those who benefited from the euro must fund those it destroyed (CULT committee)

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