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Bullet Blog (December 2010)
  - G20 and EU `posturing` could exacerbate future banking crises
  - Italy`s debt costs approach red zone
  - Euro turns to problem for Eastern Europe
  - Cabinet papers: Europe is out to demean Britain, storms Thatcher
  - John Taylor Explains Why Off-The-Charts 2011 GDP Estimates Are Irrelevant, And Why Defaults Will Be Pervasive
  - EU could end China arms embargo early 2011
  - Austria sets 2024 as earliest date for end to Turkeys EU talks
  - Police demand new stop and search powers after human rights ruling scraps previous law
  - 2011: A Brave New Dystopia
  - The merger of journalists and government officials
  - UK Wind Turbines Consume More Enerygy Than They Produce
  - Mocked Meteorologist Gets Last Laugh
  - Europol Arrests More Than 100 In Carbon Trading Fraud
  - EU ready to give Ukraine EUR 70m for energy efficiency
  - European Central Bank ups bond purchasing over Christmas period
  - The UK inflation genie is out of the bottle
  - Chris Wood On The Timing Of The Euro Endgame
  - Half of Germans want to axe the euro
  - EU leaves heat and power on at parliament
  - Monetary Revolution Begins With Competing Currencies
  - US Homeland Security Announces Expansion of Gestapo Zones from Airports to Malls and Hotels
  - Fabian Society poll: Britons want EU to assert itself on the global stage
  - Now Brussels wants to merge Whitehall into a European civil service. Can we stop this power grab?
  - EU subsidies secrecy is a gift to Eurosceptics
  - As Estonia shifts to euro, others wait in the wings
  - The revelation that truly humiliates the Lib Dems
  - Slaves of debt, will you vote to endure your pain?
  - One in two Germans want Deutschmark back: Survey
  - The green hijack of the Met Office is crippling Britain
  - Assange: `High chance` I`d be killed `Jack Ruby-style` in US prison
  - Spanish police atrocities: A day in a prison in Seville I
  - Fed Pulls Rug Out From Under Dollar
  - Distorting the Tax Policy Debate
  - MEPs are overpaid say voters
  - Fresh humiliation for eurozone as China says it will bail out debt-ridden nations
  - Record spike in EMU default risk on Portugal downgrade and Greek restructuring scare
  - Call for Romania and Bulgaria to remain outside Schengen travel zone
  - Bloomberg files lawsuit against European Central Bank
  - Italy calls on EU to withdraw schools diary that leaves out Christmas
  - Germany welcomes EU probe on Hungarian media law (But note: media in Hungary is overwhelmingly foreign-owned)
  - EU and US issue joint warning to Minsk in a holier-than-thou moment
  - Greedy Eurocrats grab even more of your cash
  - Irish face Christmas of austerity as EU announces loan calendar
  - Demand for ECB loans raises bank funding fears
  - Assange Extradition Shows EU Power Over British Law
  - Fitch Downgrades Hungary To BBB-, Forint Plunges, SovX Surges
  - EU Badly Needs Beijing Bond Backing
  - Commission turns down EU anti-communist calls
  - Quantitative Easing Explained
  - Monckton grills Greenpeace campaigner on climate change
  - Handouts to EU push borrowing to £104bn
  - Citigroup fears fresh wave of sovereign defaults and bank failures in eurozone
  - Portugal faces threat of credit rating downgrade
  - Spain`s borrowing costs soar as Portugal faces rating cut
  - EU grants 16m euros to fund elections in Niger
  - France and Germany oppose newcomers to border-free area
  - European politicians question Hungary's dedication to EU
  - Iceland sets its own fishing quotas, so the EU prepares sanctions against them
  - EU would have coped better: EU criticizes European airports for failing to cope with bad weather
  - The hidden result of Cancun: dictators get more gas-guzzling cars and private jets
  - Lord Christopher Monckton vs Al Gore on Climate Change Hoax Cap and Trade Global Warming (video)
  - The end of water fluoridation?
  - EU Van Rompuy Sees Excessive Deficit Fine Of Up To 0.5% Of GDP
  - France`s AAA Grade at Risk as Rating Cuts Spread: Euro Credit
  - Pimco says `untenable` policies will lead to eurozone break-up
  - Europe review of the year 2010
  - Interest rates `will have to rise sixfold in two years`
  - Ireland`s `bad bank` NAMA becomes one of world`s biggest property lenders
  - ECB wants changes to Irish Bill tackling banking crisis
  - China `very concerned` by European debt crisis
  - ECB wants liquidity included in new stress tests: sources
  - Iceland and Faroes facing near certain EU mackerel export ban
  - CO2-Market Talks Between EU, Switzerland to Start in Early 2011
  - Monitoring America: The Government`s Development Of A Vast Panopticon Spy Network
  - Major setback for UK Immigration Cap
  - Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy promise to freeze EU spending as the Eurocrats expand their realm
  - Self-righteous Germany must accept a euro-debt union or leave EMU
  - EU not convinced Euro crisis is over
  - Can anyone stop the Euro going down in flames?
  - EU charges Czech EPH, J&T with blocking antitrust raid
  - IMF Director says IMF `forces coordination` and theres `no other solution` to Greek-style austerity
  - Coming Soon to Britain: Protest and Porno Bans
  - New Energy Finance Says 2011 EU Carbon May Rise to 14.70 Euros
  - Student fee `savings` will fund windmills in Africa
  - Ashton picks Fin to be EU `spymaster`
  - EU shuts off twitter wall screens after Berlusconi insults
  - Conflict Creation: The Red Cross bans Christmas
  - Credibility Boost: Bank of America stops handling Wikileaks payments
  - EU set to approve News Corp buy-up of BSkyB
  - Department of Homeland Security to Begin Battling Climate Change, says HSS Napolitano
  - US To End 2010 With $13.9 Trillion In Debt, Total Debt Incurred Since Great Financial Crash: $4.4 Trillion
  - Institutionalising bailouts: European Union agrees to set up permanent bailout fund
  - ECB doubles capital base to stem Spanish crisis
  - Irish debt downgraded after EU sets rescue fund
  - UK Financial Stability Faces Risks From EU, BOE Says
  - Energy bills could double to pay for green power as ministers plan minimum carbon price
  - European Commission criticised for omitting Christmas on EU school diary
  - Ireland condemned for anti-abortion law
  - Opening the Door to GM Crops in Europe
  - The Rise of Ron Paul
  - UK fails to win guarantee over EU bail-out fund
  - Quiet summit could crown Van Rompuy`s mastership
  - EU approves 2011 budget, but battle is not over
  - Euro tumbles as Spain pain hits markets
  - Irish parliament votes Yes to EU-IMF bailout
  - EU leaders to agree treaty change for crisis mechanism
  - Bomb Blasts Pave Way for Surveillance as Swedes React to Terror
  - Street violence, trade union demos cast shadow on EU summit
  - The Age Of Rage: Europe Is Exploding (with video)
  - Parliament gives go ahead to citizens` petitions
  - Dutch authorities may break law due to war on drugs, says ECJ
  - German chancellor stands her ground on euro crisis ahead of EU summit
  - Roche says treaty change will not go to referendum
  - EU confident Lisbon Treaty amendment will not need referendum
  - European Council, December 2010 - The questions that need answers (Open Europe Briefing)
  - Disagreement over EU debt crisis measures deepens
  - EU cuts cod fishing quota in North Sea
  - Agency warns on Spain credit rating
  - Eurozone debt crisis spreads to Belgium on rising political risk
  - Ratings agency in threat to regrade Belgium
  - Icesave deal with UK, Netherlands to go before parliament
  - Moldova `ready to join EU within next decade`
  - Bank of England boss Mervyn King, not Gordon Brown, `was bank bailout mastermind`
  - Ron Paul, Head Of Monetary Policy Subcommittee: `Yes I Would End The Fed`
  - Mark Zuckerberg Named Time 2010 Person Of The Year, Beats Out Assange And Tea Party - Time Magazine About To Be DDOSed Into Oblivion
  - EU price tag of £48 million a day - should we stay or should we leave? (Video: Jon Gaunt on RT)
  - ECB may request more capital to fight Euro crisis
  - Slovak politician calls for `plan B` to abandon euro
  - EU Leaders To Clash Over Lending Capacity Of Euro Bailout Fund
  - MEPs award themselves £91,000 tax free expenses a year
  - Yvette Cooper says give billions more to Brussels
  - One quarter of EU population under poverty threat in 2008: study
  - Berlin, Paris and Warsaw keen to beef up EU military muscle
  - WikiLeaks copycat site targets EU institutions (well, not exactly)
  - And Now For The First Gloomy Economic Outlook - Deutsche Bank`s 2011 Fixed Income Forecast
  - European Union Carbon Permits Drop for Second Day as German Power Declines
  - Germany to compensate generation of abused foster children
  - Father Harassed By CPS For Feeding Kids Organic Food
  - Anger at UK`s £1bn bill to help Albania and Serbia join EU
  - France, Germany break taboo over fiscal union
  - Germany predicts EU full political union in 10 years
  - E-bonds off EU summit agenda - minister
  - EU Will Discuss Crisis Mechanism as ECB Grapples With Banks
  - Only 6% of EU firms lose data through malicious attacks, says survey
  - Stockholm bombings: Military staffer knew about attacks, report
  - Germany`s Schaeuble Says EU Summit to Agree on Permanent Crisis Mechanism
  - The eurozone is in bad need of an undertaker
  - Euro will not fail, say Wolfgang Schaeuble and John Major (come what may?)
  - The bail-out gouges Irish taxpayers to prop up the euro: Britain should play no part in this shakedown
  - Billions wasted on EU wannabe members
  - Abdication of the West at COP16 Cancun, Mexico
  - WikiLeaks `rape` victims had hidden agendas... and I`ve seen the proof says Julian Assange`s lawyer
  - Internet was never free or open and never will be, media studies prof. says
  - A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives
  - The Story of Your Enslavement
  - Psycho-War Is Being Waged On Britain
  - Lisbon treaty change proposal over euro permanent crisis mechanism
  - EU Rehn: Euro Is `Core Political Project` For EU
  - Germany, France to forge euro stance for EU summit
  - Eurobond Trading Desk Commentary: `The ECB Is The Only Buyer Out There Right Now`
  - Is EU `too big to fail`?
  - Euro Until The Endsieg
  - Scottish fishermen face further `swingeing` cuts
  - Declaration opens way for MEP vote on 2011 budget
  - Global bond rout deepens on US fiscal worries
  - EU warns of `another climate failure` in Cancún
  - Cancún close to funding deal on CO2 storage
  - Morano: No Climate Consensus as Over 1,000 Scientists Dissent, Climate Models Rattled as Dr. Roy Spencer Debunks Cloud Feedback Study
  - Lord Christopher Monckton reports from Cancun (video interview - Alex Jones)
  - Eurozone debt fears infect German bonds
  - Federalist Juncker calls Germany `un-European` ahead of EU summit
  - EU taking `positive look` at Greek loan extension
  - Massive support for Daily Express EU crusade
  - Polling ratings: UKIP on 5%, Lib Dems 10%
  - Lib Dems MEP Chris Davies wants Commission to get tough on member states
  - CCHQ betrays Tory members by counting Better Off Out membership as a skeleton in the cupboard
  - CCC does not give up: UK should cut emissions by 60% by 2030
  - Iceland offers risky temptation for Ireland as recession ends
  - Portugal Deputy Finance Minister Calls For EU Treasury, euro bonds
  - Billions in EU cash intended for small businesses being hoarded by banks instead
  - Hungarian Presidency predicts `huge fight` over EU budget
  - IMF fails to persuade euro states to increase bailout fund
  - EU scraps bank secrecy to catch cross-border tax evaders
  - Monckton asked to leave Cancún lunch party for uttering climate truths (with audio)
  - Assange denied bail: now can he avoid extradition?
  - The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed
  - From Nopenhagen to Yes We Cancun
  - Euro collapse `possible` amid deepening divisions over bail-out
  - Euro at risk of collapse, says Treasury watchdog as economic crisis sweeps Continent
  - Printing money is fun: Greece`s Papandreou backs Eurobonds to fund EU debt needs
  - EU slow to deliver on promise to cut paperwork
  - Most agree being in EU has harmed Britain
  - Poll: Almost half of Britons want OUT of EU, only 27% want to stay in
  - MPs to debate and vote on EU referendum-lock plans
  - No fresh move from eurozone finance ministers
  - Eastern EU countries face two-speed recovery
  - Buzek: No time for austerity for EU budget
  - Britain warns EU over corruption in its aid programmes
  - Fury at EU`s gravy train
  - EU diplomats `entitled to up to 15 weeks holiday`
  - Nordic countries huddle together as world gets bigger
  - Hungary, Bulgaria challenge Rehn on pensions
  - What happened to the `warmest year on record`: The truth is global warming has halted
  - Lord Christopher Monckton: NWO agenda hidden within treaty at Cancun UN Climate Conference
  - Ireland `likely` to leave Euro
  - Merkel threatens to quit euro; 57% of Germans want deutschmark back
  - `Germany will bail out every Euro country before collapsing`
  - Lord Tebbitt: Greatest campaign by Daily Express
  - The still unanswered questions for the Eurozone
  - IMF to Ask European Union to Enlarge Bailout Fund, Reuters Says
  - Pressure Rises to Bolster European Bailout Fund
  - Rocky first week augurs badly for Cancun outcome
  - Bernanke`s QE3 faces stiff resistance
  - So who or what, exactly, is the cause of our ills?
  - Commission falsified report on EU adoption agency
  - ECB to continue bond purchases till spring 2011
  - Germany will save the euro, but at a price
  - UK bank chief fears Paris, Berlin will push for eurozone political union
  - EU body will be able to fine credit-ratings agencies
  - S&P Threatens To Cut Greece Further Into Junk Territory, Sees One-Two Notch Downgrade Chance
  - Julian Assange Arrest By British Police Delayed By Technicality
  - Federal Reserve Bank Doled Out $9 Trillion (video)
  - David Cameron fails to rally EU governments behind Brussels spending cut
  - ECB bows to German veto on mass bond purchases
  - Euro drops as ECB disappoints
  - Economists spell out disaster for the euro
  - EU bailout: how has Britain become involved?
  - US Ready to Back Bigger EU Stability Fund: Official
  - Former EU commissioner Mandelson joins lobby firm
  - Climate change aid will cost British taxpayers £2.9bn over four years
  - Climate Alarmists Push Forced Relocation At Cancun Summit
  - UK is biggest loser in £300bn EU handouts
  - Portugal says EU crisis measures not effective
  - Contagion threat to Portugal, Italy grows
  - Mounting calls for `nuclear response` to save monetary union
  - The EU`s only objective is to create a European State
  - ECB `tried to force` quick bailout
  - European Central Bank boss calls for even greater euro harmonisation
  - Bailout chief says EU serious about protecting euro
  - EU Approves 4.5-trillion-euro Aid for Banks Since Financial Crisis
  - Russia, EU plan to sign WTO accession document ahead of summit
  - Weapons makers, multinationals among top beneficiaries of EU regional funds
  - On patrol to stop illegal migrants at Europe`s gateway - 99% enter through Greece (video)
  - Microsoft drags Google in front of EU regulators

Strasbourg plenary
22-25 October 2018


Strasbourg plenary
01-04 October 2018


Strasbourg plenary
10-13 Sept 2018


Strasbourg plenary
02-05 trickJuly 2018

Strasbourg plenary
28-31 May 2018


Brussels mini-plenary
02-03 May 2018


23 OCT 2018: Jonathan Bullock: European Asylum Support Office an absolute waste of taxpayers money

23 OCT 2018:
Jonathan Bullock: Tory betrayal means taxpayers will be giving billions to Brussels for years to come

23 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Commission on collision course with UK and Italy

22 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU trying to push out UK biodegradable technology

22 OCT 2018: Raymond Finch: Theresa May's abject surrender: EU budget 2019 ignores Brexit

11 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Labour MEPs dream of keeping UK in EU Single Market post-Brexit (IMCO committee, 10.10.2018)

11 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Not all nationalism is extreme ethnic nationalism (CULT committee, 10.10.2018)

10 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Brexit is on everyone's lips in Ireland (AGRI committee, 09.10.2018)

10 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: Paying farmers to produce less (AGRI committee, 09.10.2018)

09 OCT 2018:
Stuart Agnew: EU regulating re-used water for irrigation (AGRI committee)

09 OCT 2018:
Stuart Agnew's (EFDD) Draft Opinion on Climate Action amended beyond recognition at committee stage (AGRI committee)

04 OCT 2018:
Jonathan Bullock: Estimating EU budget error rate is "like taking an opinion poll", says ECA president (Budgetary Control committee)

04 OCT 2018:
Margot Parker: China appears to have crossed the line in fight against radical Islam

04 OCT 2018: Tim Aker: Keeping money in the local economy

03 OCT 2018: Jonathan Bullock: EU squeezing every penny from the UK to fill its coffers before Brexit

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Greens MEP Scott Cato thinks plans for EIB carte blanche status in London is Russian disinfo  (Bluecard Question to Greens MEP Molly Scott Cato)

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: European Investment Bank mucking about in London (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Brian Hayes)

03 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Unregulated EU bankers let loose in London

03 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten: EU sweeping away our liberties with Theresa May's acquiescence

03 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten urges all UK MEPs to reject Eurojust enhanced powers

03 OCT 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU ideology treats humans as just another factor of production

03 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: British firm defrauded in Romania gets no redress

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Strict vote entitlement system in UK is not for EU to judge

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Socialist MEP thinks all nationalists are 'fascists' (Bluecard Question to Socialist MEP Lopez Aguilar)

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: The rise of extremist violence in the EU is a result of the EU itself

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Eurocrat obsession with revenue blinds them to harm caused by VAT

02 OCT 2018: Julia Reid: EU measures to mitigate climate change a self-defeating feat

02 OCT 2018:
Margot Parker: Saudi Arabia and Iran must stop their proxy war in Yemen

02 OCT 2018: William Dartmouth: EU has weaponised trade to threaten poor countries

02 OCT 2018: David Coburn unmasks EU's two weights and two measures over Brexit

02 OCT 2018: Gerard Batten: Theresa May is a Remainer who does not want to leave (01.10.2018)

02 OCT 2018: Bill Etheridge: Liberal MEP outraged at democratic rejection of her noble European ideas (Bluecard Question to Liberal MEP In't Veld)

02 OCT 2018: Nigel Farage: EU's centralising authoritarian tone sounds like the old Soviet Union

01 OCT 2018: David Coburn: Tax evasion hysteria: fearing a massive capital flight from an over-taxed, financially incompetent EU (TAX3 committee)

01 OCT 2018: Stuart Agnew: MEPs reject EFDD group motion to debate audiovisual media directive before they actually vote on it

26 SEP 2018: David Coburn: Blacklisting London will bring the whole house on your head (TAX3 committee)

24 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Farmers finding it hard to access regional development funds (AGRI committee, 24.09.2018)

24 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU's unfair trading directive deemed unfair by both retailers and processors (AGRI committee, 24.09.2018)

24 SEP 2018:
Patrick O'Flynn: 'European Social Fund Plus' a mere sticking plaster (CULT committee)

12 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Green lobby preventing new breeding techniques that reduce antibiotics use

12 SEP 2018: Stuart Agnew: Foreign MEPs seeking to extinguish British innovation

12 SEP 2018: Tim Aker: British pensions in a parlous state of decay

12 SEP 2018: David Coburn: An enormous strike against freedom of speech on the internet

12 SEP 2018: Nigel Farage: Let's get Brexit sorted - it's time for a trade deal

11 SEP 2018: David Coburn: EU 'Weimar State' introducing cash and gold controls

11 SEP 2018: Nathan Gill: Libyan crisis and illegal migration is of your own creation

11 SEP 2018: Gerard Batten: EU copyright legislation aimed as a means towards online censorship

11 SEP 2018: Nigel Farage destroys Eurocrats at the 'show trial' of Viktor Orban

10 SEP 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: EU youth volunteer scheme more about propaganda than public spiritedness

03 SEP 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Standing up for core European values transcends Left-Right politics (CULT committee)

30 AUG 2018: Stuart Agnew: Greens and Socialists in panic mode as Stuart Agnew decimates EU's Climate Action programme (AGRI committee)

30 AUG 2018: William Dartmouth: Different ways to define trade surpluses, says Commissioner Malmstrom (International Trade committee)

30 AUG 2018: William Dartmouth: Trade negotiations with Australia expose EU prejudice against the UK (International Trade committee, 29.08.2018)

29 AUG 2018:
Mike Hookem: Fisheries committee chair dismisses UKIP request to debate French attack on British fishermen (Fisheries committee)


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