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Bullet Blog (November 2010)
  - EU bail-out bombshell
  - Industry`s £260bn deficit
  - Brussels: EU economic growth spurt `not likely to last`
  - France sees support for strong EU farm budget
  - Following Hungary And Ireland, France Is Next To Seize Pension Funds
  - Contagion strikes Italy as Ireland bail-out fails to calm markets
  - The Footnote On The Irish Bailout Plan
  - Gaddafi wants more money to prevent Europe becoming `black`
  - Four European states host US nuclear bombs, WikiLeaks reveals
  - Gilmore Expects EU to Have a Two-Tier Currency: Video
  - EU parliament president warns of `non-decision` on EU budget
  - Ukip accuses EU parliament of `double standards`
  - Germany faces its awful choice as Spain wobbles
  - EU OKs $89 billion bailout loan for Ireland
  - Europe Goes `Completely Mad` At Suggestion Of Irish Default Demanded By 57% Of Irish Population
  - Greece Wins 4 1-2-Year EU Extension to Repay Bailout
  - The Euro Has Become Schrodinger`s Money: Goldman Sees European Currency As Both Alive And Dead
  - Wikileaks: US diplomats make fun of EU leaders, spy on EU citizens
  - Sunday Paper Review by The Talking Clock - 28.11.2010
  - Farage speech goes viral on Internet
  - Even Germans love EU attack
  - £72bn Irish rescue package agreed
  - EU, IMF announce details of bailout agreement with Ireland
  - Euro rises after $115 billion EU rescue package
  - Iceland Is No Ireland as State Free of Bank Debt, Grimsson Says
  - Baroness Ashton`s diplomatic service threatened by EU budget row
  - Euro slides as Portugal bailout pressure builds
  - Ireland bail-out details expected on Sunday
  - Ireland`s desperate 15bn austerity plan fails to win over markets
  - Revised 2011 budget plan unveiled
  - Eurozone reeling after worst week in the single currency`s history
  - Not all PIIGS are created equal: Irish bailout package to come with 6.7% interest tag, 1.5% higher than Greece
  - EU`s rescue fund can be boosted, says ECB`s Weber
  - Oh Look, our European Emperor`s wearing no clothes
  - Sean Corrigan Explains The Rules Of The `Multi-Trillion Shell Game` And What To Expect Next
  - Putin proposes Russia-EU union
  - Putin ditches dollar, backs Euro on trip to Germany
  - Spread Between US and European Investment Grade Spreads Hits All Time Record
  - UKIP raised more money than LibDems in third quarter
  - EU rescue costs start to threaten Germany itself
  - The great lie that Britain would suffer outside EU
  - Eurozone to Portugal: Sacrifice yourself to save Spain
  - Stuart Wheeler: Rich, poor, young and old want their freedom back
  - Germany fuels EMU debt crisis with haircut demands
  - EU political groups accused of wanting a `set piece` over EU budget
  - Irish voters give damning verdict on bail-out crisis
  - Brussels tables alternative funding plan for ITER milking cow
  - CLSA`s Chris Wood Chimes In On The Endless European Banker Bailouts
  - Motes, beams and the University of East Anglia
  - Get Britain out of Europe - Daily Express
  - Risk of eurozone break-up `very real`, Slovakia says
  - Hungary braced for toxic presidency as Europe founders
  - For richer or poorer, the euro will be made to survive
  - Children `to be hit by IMF plans`
  - Climate change is the new global terror, says Al Gore
  - Spain and Portugal under fire as bond spreads hit record
  - A Spanish Crisis Could Strain EU`s Current Bailout Capacity
  - Ireland austerity plan to cost Irish households £3,000
  - Barroso criticizes German push on bailout rule
  - EU Parliament approves once-secret ACTA copyright treaty
  - Tory MEPs elect Martin Callanan as leader another tool of the EU
  - ECJ rules Council was wrong to block EU officials pay rise
  - Serbia Takes First Big Step toward EU Membership
  - EU warns Ireland over snap election
  - EU `homeland security` plan ratchets up border protection
  - Greece Will Need `Extra Effort` to Meet 2011 Deficit, EU-IMF Say
  - EU sovereign-debt leviathan approaches Iberian shores
  - New EU fiscal straightjacket not tough enough, warns ECB`s Trichet
  - ECB Tumpel-Gugerell: EU Governance Reforms Don`t Go Far Enough
  - Sanity on global economic problems
  - Paramilitary Forces Coming To a Street Near You Soon
  - The death knell for the Euro?
  - Mauritius gets 140 mln euro EU budget grant
  - EU Approves 66.4 mln euro for Kenyan Food Security
  - IMF Managing Director: It`s a beginning of Global Governance
  - Ireland bail-out: Tories question Britain`s role in bail-out
  - Every family in Britain will have to pay £300 to bail out the Irish
  - Ireland applies for 90bn bail-out as eurozone trembles
  - Lenihan says EU-IMF have seen draft of four-year plan
  - Goldman`s Take On The Irish Bailout
  - Portugal next as EMU`s Máquina Infernal keeps ticking
  - Vigilantes Home In On Portuguese Beacon As Opposition Claims Government Understated Debt And Deficit Figures By About 25%
  - US has no closer partner than Europe, says Obama
  - Croatia drums up public support for EU bid
  - EU prepares for another power grab to fight crime, terrorism
  - Toddlers will have jabs for SIX diseases at once
  - EU Carbon Permits Advance to Highest in Almost Four Weeks, ICE Data Shows
  - The European `dream` has finally collided with reality
  - Ireland will request EU and IMF bailout package
  - Sunday Paper Review (21.11.2010) - The Talking Clock
  - March of the Euro police: The shocking powers of prosecution the EU has over all of us
  - The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe`s leaders
  - JPMorgan Private Bank On The `Quixotic` End To Europe`s Latest (Failed) Grand Experiment
  - $11,000 fine, arrest possible for some who refuse airport scans and pat downs
  - Fake bomb aboard German passenger jet `was made by U.S. firm to test airport security`
  - Ireland faces showdown over corporate tax rate as IMF negotiates £70bn bail-out to save its crippled banks
  - Patrick Honohan: Ireland`s prophet and saviour
  - Lenihan resists pressure for corporate tax rise
  - European Central Bank tightens screw on Ireland, Portugal and Spain
  - Ireland`s woes will continue until it leaves the euro - Hannan
  - Nato to unveil new goals for austerity-hobbled alliance
  - Energy gathering gives fortaste of mini EU-US summit in Lisbon
  - Paying the European Union`s blood money
  - Conservative Home upset by `too many` pro-UKIP comments
  - Tea Party: Sarah Palin or Ron Paul for 2012?
  - Ireland`s corporate tax in EU-IMF firing line
  - Van Rompuy rows back from EU `survival crisis` remarks
  - Call to stand up to EU and IMF `bullies`
  - German Confectionery Group Wants Sugar to Stay in EU
  - Leading article: Troubles as deep as the oceans lie ahead
  - UKIP Leader: decriminalise prostitution, drugs, hunting, smoking in pubs
  - UN IPCC Official Admits `We Redistribute World`s Wealth By Climate Policy`
  - EU not ready to move on climate before U.S., China
  - EU grants $100M to five organizations in Guyana
  - New French DM: Afghanistan a Trap
  - Ron Paul speaks out against naked body scanners and body groping at airports
  - 4m migrants work in the UK
  - Ireland set to tap 80bn loan as it opens door to IMF mission
  - Ireland bail-out in one week, Bulgarian deputy PM says
  - EU leaders prepare to take on bond markets
  - Europe`s bad debt `dominoes`?
  - Icelandic justice minister criticises `Kafkaesque` EU talks
  - EU denies delaying aid payment to Greece
  - UK pledges £7bn to help bail Ireland out of debt crisis
  - Commission president hits out at member states over deadlocked EU budget talks
  - EU President Admits That Europe Is Fighting For Survival, Invokes M.A.D. Card
  - EU-IMF troika heading to Dublin to oversee budget preparations
  - State will take EU-IMF aid if bank problems `too big`
  - Greek rescue frays as Irish crisis drags on
  - Is Europe Coming Apart Faster Than Anticipated?
  - Tories risk fresh embarrassment over EU bedfellows
  - EU says it`s on track to deliver 2.4bn climate aid to develeoping countries
  - Ireland`s smug, Euro-loving elite has led their country to ruins `Little Englanders` saved ours
  - EU `puts final nail in coffin` of our gold-plated pensions
  - Euro-Area 2009 Deficit Widens to Double EU Limit as Greece Revised Higher
  - Euro under siege after Portugal hits panic button
  - Merkel Defends Tough Stance on Euro Bailouts
  - Ireland told: Take EU bailout or trigger crisis
  - EU Could Swap Sovereign Debts, Ireland Needs Restructuring, Roubini Writes
  - EU budget talks collapse after MEPs seek new powers
  - Italy blamed for EU failure on 2.4bn climate-change aid to third world
  - How happy are you? Cameron wants to know... to include figures in national statistics
  - Do most people share UKIP members anger?
  - Hungarian Presidency eyes Schengen and EU enlargement
  - Survey: Croats sceptical of EU as accession approaches
  - Iran, EU agree on date of nuclear talks, venue not yet clear
  - Turkey objects to Iran-centric Nato shield
  - Passenger becomes internet sensation for telling US airport security `don't touch my junk`
  - ECB Says Ireland May Use Emergency Aid for Banks, Fueling Bets on Bailout
  - Europe`s government debt increases, GDP falls
  - Europe stumbles blindly towards its 1931 moment
  - Britain could face £10bn bill to bail out Irish economy
  - Ireland leaves door open to bail-out
  - Irish resisting EU bail-out pressure
  - Greece`s Deficit Revised to Largest in EU as Debt Tops Italy
  - EU Solvency II proposals could undermine provision - NAPF
  - The climate change scare is dying, but do our MPs notice?
  - EU Carbon Allowances Advance to Two-Week High on German Power, Natural Gas
  - 52.8% of Estonians are against the euro
  - Is EU accession the main goal of Turkish foreign policy?
  - Should UKIP be a libertarian party
  - EU to target individuals in exchange for retreat on budget
  - Herman van Rompuy: The man who wants to control your finances
  - Ask us for 60 billion bailout now, EU banks urge Ireland
  - Irish Minister: No Talks Or Pressure For EU Bailout - Radio
  - Telegraph Editor: vote for AV to help UKIP and annoy eurocrats
  - Nigel Farage backs `Yes to AV` campaign
  - Greece Expects Budget Pressure from EU, IMF
  - 43% of Croatians against joining EU, 38% in favour
  - Icelanders Frosty Towards EU Membership
  - Dutch oppose EU visa decision - poll
  - Tories gear up for a showdown on Europe Bill
  - Another EU threat to the British fishing industry
  - Speeding fines banned by German judge
  - `I am Spartacus`: Twitter rises up for free speech
  - Details emerge of EU plan to indoctrinate Britain
  - European Double Dip Begins, As Continent Finds Its Monetary Policy At Mercy Of New York Fed
  - Revisiting American History (Compare to EU creeping takeover)
  - The CATO Institute Finds That The Fed Must Be Abolished
  - EU budget talks collapse
  - Ireland has been betrayed by its EU `friends`
  - Eurozone finance ministers gird themselves as Irish situation deteriorates
  - EU referendum law is dismissed by sceptics
  - EU Bill no guarantee say UKIP
  - Hijacking of a very middle class protest: Anarchists cause chaos as 50,000 students take to streets over fees
  - 5,000 border agency jobs to go
  - Security chief criticises EU approach to air safety
  - EU calls for 50 per cent cut in cod fishing
  - EU launches 5.5bn infrastructure fund for Latin America
  - Brussels investigates after EU funds `used to put on Sir Elton John concert`
  - Georgia proposes Ukraine cooperate in bidding to join EU
  - Study: Biofuel not the answer for EU
  - When will the media stop ignoring UKIP`s domestic policies?
  - Debt Is Wrongly Assumed To Be Inflationary
  - Whose Tea Party?
  - Thousands of Romanians flock to UK to find work
  - Muslim MP bravely leads calls for Islamist Extremists to get out of Britain
  - Glenn Beck Says Government Will Stage False Flag Terror to Discredit Opposition
  - Hague: No more UK rights to the European Union; Farage: Coalition Government is Europhile and elitist
  - Why I believe it is time for Britain to get out of the EU
  - Irish turmoil reignites eurozone debt crisis
  - Irish borrowing costs hit high, EU says has tools to act
  - EU states and parliament in showdown over 2011 budget
  - Brussels defends pay rise for EU officials
  - Cyprus dispute threatens to halt talks on Turkey
  - The end of Britain as a nation state? Not on your life, Mr Van Rompuy
  - Herman Van Rompuy: `Euroscepticism leads to war`
  - The new politics: Student riot marks end of Coalition`s era of consensus
  - A Revisionist Greenspan Accuses America Of Weakening The Dollar
  - Naked body scanners: Meg McLain Singled out by the TSA, Cuffed to a Chair and arrested
  - Independence Criminalized: The Great Wall of Bureaucracy Comes to America
  - Student tuition fee protest turns violent as Tory headquarters evacuated (with video)
  - EU President issues Soviet-style warning against nationalism
  - 90 per cent of EU budget `materially affected` by irregularities, report finds
  - Auditors refuse to give EU accounts full clean bill of health
  - EU`s Van Rompuy Vows to Listen to Concerns Over Merkel`s Euro-Crisis Plan
  - Commission seeks public support for further enlargement
  - EU court finds transparency rules on farm subsidies `disproportionate`
  - EU Commission slaps BA with £90m fine
  - Douglas Carswell and John Redwood pile pressure on Cameron over EU Economic Governance
  - Deep tensions over global economy ahead of G20
  - Torture did save British lives, insist spooks who back Bush
  - German Finance Minister: The US Has Lived on Borrowed Money for Too Long
  - Congressman Paul discusses the Fed and fiat money with Neil Cavuto
  - Rand Paul says Tea Party already changing Washington
  - David Cameron`s EU budget promises are `dishonest`
  - U-turn on smoking ban as Holland allows smoking in small pubs
  - European Parliament hints at compromise on EU budget
  - EU to let in 50,000 workers from India
  - Poland accused of buying Twinings with EU funds
  - Is Ireland next for a Greek-style bailout? Dire forecast from top economist
  - Grant Says Ireland `Going Bankrupt,` EU Rescue a `Sham`: Video
  - Sword of Damocles hangs over visa liberalisation
  - European Union Opens Bidding for $6 Billion in CO2-Capture, Renewable Aid
  - Iceland spurns 30m over fears of EU propaganda
  - They used to send convicts there - where is the change?
  - Liberty: it`s an easier sell than you`d think
  - Tory revolt looms over EU meddlers
  - Clegg sparks row with Tory backbenchers by ruling out EU treaty referendum
  - Nigel Farage Is A Big Problem for David Cameron
  - Irish politicking gears up; EU scrutinises budget
  - Poland rejects Italy`s invitation to join EU `vanguard` group
  - EU Border Agents Arrest 115 Illegal Immigrants in Greece
  - EU biofuel policy will increase CO2 emissions, study says
  - World Bank President Robert Zoellick Calls For Return To `Old Money` Gold Standard
  - So who is brewing up a British Tea Party then?
  - Sunday Paper Review (07.11.2010) by The Talking Clock
  - Is Euro-pragmatism here to stay?
  - UKIP Liverpool branch lecture: Political Correctness - Mike Lane on `Cultural Marxism` (video in 4 parts)
  - The White Revolution
  - Where is the will to stand up for Britain?
  - Nigel Farage fights back
  - Schaeuble Rebuffs Trichet, Rebukes Bernanke as Germany Diverges
  - Twinings jobs set to move to Poland after tea firm lands EU cash
  - Create jobs in Europe and I will cut budget, says Buzek
  - HSBC Executives Warn UK, EU Rules Could Drive It From London
  - Italy to Expel EU Residents Lacking Regular Income, Housing
  - Let them eat cheese: Irish government uses EU funding to hand out block of cheddar to every family
  - EU sees US `disappearing` as partner on climate
  - Federal Reserve is private cartel that needs to be audited - Congressman Ron Paul on Fox (video)
  - QE2 - The Day After: Entire World Blasts Deranged Madman`s Uncheckable Insanity
  - Nigel Farage gets the handsome win he deserves
  - An open invitation to Conservative Party members and supporters, and to freedom loving patriots all over the UK
  - Clegg: UK Won`t Stop EU Treaty Change On Permanent Bailout
  - Signs of backtracking on EU treaty change
  - Inevitable charade over the EU Budget
  - UK, Germany resist attempted EU power grab on trade
  - EU Urges Portugal to Cut Deficit at Faster Pace Than 2011 Plan
  - ECB wants tougher EU economic governance rules
  - Germany`s Stranglehold on EU Tightens
  - EU members resent Franco-German axis
  - Germany accuses US of breaking promise on monetary policy
  - EU farm chief unconcerned by budget review
  - EU simulates cyber warfare
  - It is not Cyprus standing in the way of Turkey`s accession to the EU
  - Jamaica ranks first in EU assistance to the Americas
  - Carbon for European Union Gains From Three-Month Low After Volumes Jumped
  - Binding climate change deal is impossible after Barack Obama`s election defeat, says John Prescott
  - New Republican House Promises Investigation Of Global Warming Fraud
  - Doubts grow over wisdom of Ben Bernanke `super-put`
  - David Stockman: The Fed Is Injecting High Grade Monetary Heroin Into The Financial System (with video)
  - Twisting our fear of terror
  - Farage a frontrunner in Ukip leadership election
  - EU Weighs Legal Charges Against UK On Eurostar Orders - Official
  - EU seeks to strengthen rules on border patrols
  - Anglo-French experiment is good for EU
  - `Anglo-French Defense Pact Should Serve as a Model for Europe`
  - Ireland should take European lecturing with a pinch of salt
  - Ireland is running out of time
  - Video Footage Of Protests In Ireland, Ministry Of Finance Besieged
  - Former BIS Advisor And Central Banker Warns Entire World Is On Verge Of Another Bubble That `Could Burst With Disastrous Consequences`
  - What a shame we can't have a Tea Party PM in Britain
  - The Federal Reserve Is Holding A Conference On Jekyll Island To Celebrate 100 Years Of Dominating America
  - Presenting The Fed`s Balance Sheet Through 2012 - Fed Will Surpass China As Top Holder Of US Debt By The End Of The Month
  - Glenn Beck Explains The Latest Iteration Of Quantitative Easing (video)
  - Clashes over Naples rubbish crisis continue amid EU warnings
  - EU promises 4.9 million for Zimbabwe`s land audit
  - UK`s planned migration cap won`t affect 80% of applicants, lawmakers Say
  - France targets Britain`s £3bn Brussels rebate
  - Dutch referendum scenario returns to haunt EU
  - Merkel deals blow to EU tax idea
  - Brussels to force implementation of EU green laws
  - Barnier to end domination of bank lobby in EU advisory groups
  - Republicans seize control as millions of U.S. voters turn their backs on Obama
  - Victories Suggest Wider Appeal of Tea Party
  - Climate Change Hysteria Falters. Water Is The New Target
  - Aussie dollar breaks the buck as Australia, India fight Fed with `quantitative tightening`
  - NATO Sees Threats, but Is Reluctant to Say Just Who the Enemy Might Be
  - The Next Round: How much money will the Feds create?
  - 74% of Tory members think Cameron missed opportunity to repatriate powers and cut EU budget
  - David Cameron`s Historic Missed Opportunity to Reshape The EU
  - David Cameron says EU has moved forward on budget
  - QE2 risks currency wars and the end of dollar hegemony
  - Trichet`s Concerns at EU Debt Mechanism Are Taken `Seriously` by Germany
  - EU plans increase debt costs for Dublin and Lisbon
  - Angela Merkel consigns Ireland, Portugal and Spain to their fate
  - France and UK to sign historic defence pact
  - Workers `dismay` as Twinings pockets 12m EU fund for new Polish site
  - Luxembourg Finance Minister: Turkey`s EU accession talks must speed up
  - EU Carbon May Fall to 14.20 Euro This Week, New Energy Finance Says
  - End of Liberty (video)
  - Glass Steagall Today, Before it`s Too Late
  - Baroness Ashton`s new envoys `playing at James Bond` in £32m of bullet-proof limos
  - French Fury Goes Beyond Pensions
  - David Cameron U-Turn denies Britain EU referendum
  - European Union could strangle economic revival
  - EU £5.8bn diplomatic corps ready to swamp HM`s Foreign Office
  - Anglo-French Brigade latest
  - Croatia`s EU entry `may lead to Lisbon change`
  - Azarov hopes that in November EU to give Ukraine road map to join Schengen zone
  - Iceland rejects EU mackerel proposal
  - A Look At Global Economic Events In The Upcoming Most Important Week Of The Year - All Aboard The QE2!
  - Franz Kafka Would Be Proud: On America`s End Of Liberty
  - IMF Tax Tribunals Coming to America Soon?
  - War on Terror has new target: Yemen (video)

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15-18 April 2019


Brussels mini-plenary
03-04 April 2019


Strasbourg plenary
25-28 March 2019


Strasbourg plenary
11-14 March 2019


Strasbourg plenary
11-14 February 2019


Brussels mini-plenary
30-31 January 2019


16 APR 2019: Gerard Batten: European Parliament elections will be a rerun of the referendum question

08 APR 2019:
Stuart Agnew: Which illicit product came first from Ukraine? The chicken or the egg? (AGRI committee)

08 APR 2019: Stuart Agnew:  Plant breeders have revolutionised argiculture (AGRI committee)

03 APR 2019: Mike Hookem: British fishing industry: Lost opportunities for future generations

03 APR 2019: Stuart Agnew: You continue to plunder our fishing grounds as you've done for the past 40 years

03 APR 2019: Mike Hookem: Let the UK leave on the 12th of April!

03 APR 2019: Gerard Batten: UKIP leads struggle to set Britain free from EU

27 MAR 2019: Stuart Agnew: When EU interference becomes toxic (Bluecard Question to ENF MEP Troszczynski)

27 MAR 2019: Stuart Agnew: EU fraudulently harassing British innovation in degradable plastics

27 MAR 2019: Mike Hookem: Brexit betrayal: depth of public anger continues to go unnoticed

27 MAR 2019:
Gerard batten: Never before have the British been governed by such a pack of traitors, quislings and collaborators

26 MAR 2019:
Gerard Batten: Copyright Directive is about shutting down dissenting voices

13 MAR 2019: Gerard Batten: Right from the start Theresa May had a plan...

11 March 2019: Stuart Agnew: Commission has a horrible way of putting EU legislation ahead of British legislation

21 FEB 2019: Stuart Agnew: Brexit: Stop political posturing and start negotiating a trade deal now (IMCO committee)

14 FEB 2019: Jill Seymour: Atrocities against women in Saudi Arabia

14 FEB 2019: Stuart Agnew: Animal transport legislation not enforced in parts of Europe

13 FEB 2019: Raymond Finch: Funding your insane vanity project with taxpayers money

12 FEB 2019:
Stuart Agnew: Green lobby cannot have it both ways

11 FEB 2019: Gerard Batten: Mass uncontrolled migration changing European nations unrecognisably

11 FEB 2019: Mike Hookem: Is Tusk's special hell like that of the British fisheries?

07 FEB 2019: Stuart Agnew: Are Australian farmers required to reduce production in order to get subsidies? (AGRI committee)

31 JAN 2019: Margot Parker: Gender quotas are counterproductive

30 JAN 2019:
Gerard Batten: Preventing No Deal Brexit is an open rebellion against the British people

24 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew: No-Deal Brexit under WTO rules will benefit UK not EU (AGRI committee)

24 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew to Commissioner Hogan: New breeding methods needed to tackle colder weather ahead (AGRI committee)

23 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew briefs agriculture minister on handling Romania's EU council presidency (AGRI committee)

17 JAN 2019: Margot Parker: When politicians act without the scrutiny of a free and vibrant press...

16 JAN 2019: Gerard Batten: The British people will never surrender!

15 JAN 2019: Stuart Agnew: By which treaty did the EU gain power over our clocks? (AGRI committee, 14.01.2019)