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Bullet Articles (February 2016)
  - Forcing job centres to advertise across EU will only drive more people to UK - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - Tobacco agreement shows where real power lies - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - European Ombudsman inept at tackling Brussels excesses - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - Cameron's pig in a poke is not the real issue - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Advertising UK jobs across EU for big business - Mike Hookem MEP
  - We face Brexit referendum whether we like it or not, says Labour MEP Willmott
  - 'Your politically inspired currency does not work' - Patrick O'Flynn MEP
  - Greens leader believes Cameron's agreement cannot last 'in the long run'
  - Socialist leader confirms European Parliament will need to examine Cameron's agreement
  - No more negotiations after UK referendum - James Carver MEP
  - Cameron's sham deal is not even legally binding - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage
  - EU energy policy undermining our economy and increasing global emissions - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Weapons directive does nothing to protect our citizens - James Carver MEP
  - 'Ever Closer Union' report makes absolute nonsense of Cameron's claim - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Not such a 'done deal' after all - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Weapons directive penalises the law abiding not criminals and terrorists - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Questions to the Israeli foreign minister in the European Parliament - James Carver MEP
  - Questions to the Iranian foreign minister in the European Parliament - James Carver MEP
  - Get EU red tape off the back of small and medium-sized enterprises - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - Pet animal tracking not a job for Eurocrats - Julia Reid MEP
  - Spending a fortune on a railway system the average commuter will not afford - David Coburn MEP
  - The Bismarcks of the 21st Century - Nathan Gill MEP
  - Big-group carve-ups in the European Parliament - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - West Midlands region forced into combined authority designed around EU loans and funds - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - The EU is putting women in direct risk - Margot Parker MEP
  - Investor-state dispute mechanism subverts national laws - Ray Finch MEP
  - EU meddling is just making Libya situation worse - James Carver MEP
  - Western bombing led to anarchy in Libya and crisis in Europe - Ray Finch MEP
  - EU breaks own rules when ends justify means - James Carver MEP
  - British people will also be voting on EU expansionism - James Carver MEP
  - Calais migrants speaking with their feet about euro economy - David Coburn MEP
  - Greens group leader dodges question on UK 'emergency brake'
  - UK concerns not acknowledged by EU - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - Can you have a fair British immigration policy within the EU? - David Coburn MEP
  - EU policies have supported bankers not ordinary people - Raymond Finch MEP
  - It's people power that will win this referendum - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP
  - EU should not be regulating clinical trials - Julia Reid MEP
  - Cologne cover-up shows politicians care more about Political Correctness than safety of women
  - EU having to resort to bribing Turkey - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - Tackling the migrancy onslaught that Merkel unleashed - Diane James MEP
  - Migrant crisis: the Turkish question - Diane James MEP
  - Migrant crisis: A spectacular failure of EU principles - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - A taste of what's to come across our continent - UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP
  - EU's own definition of 'refugee' has opened door to countless millions - Margot Parker MEP
  - Rich irony over hidden economy - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - EU Corporate Tax: Drawing the Red Line
  - The EU's record on tax kills jobs and stifles innovation - Tim Aker MEP
  - More regulation begets more undeclared work - James Carver MEP
  - Tory MEP says EU better able to tackle undeclared work than UK
  - It is deregulation that promotes economic growth and jobs - Jane Collins MEP
  - Biodiversity: EU centralised bureaucracy not the solution - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - Labour MEP says scrap metal exports to China can revive UK steel regions
  - Protecting national habitat is a national responsibility - Julia Reid MEP
  - Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA): Will Labour support ratchet clauses?
  - EU's Trade in Services Agreement will not protect UK's world leader status - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - Entire energy industry dominated by central planning from Brussels - Roger Helmer MEP
  - China dumping steel on UK market - William Dartmouth MEP
  - Labour rights are better determined at national level - William Dartmouth MEP
  - Whatever it takes to save the euro - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - We should look at countries leaving eurozone rather than joining - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - Schengen and the euro face collapse - Patrick O'Flynn MEP

Strasbourg plenary
02-05 July 2018

Strasbourg plenary
28-31 May 2018


Strasbourg plenary
28-31 May 2018


Brussels mini-plenary
02-03 May 2018


10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: You can only get money if you change the world's weather (AGRI committee, PM)

10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: Will EU Directive on unfair trading in food supply chain cut across what we're already doing in UK? (AGRI committee, PM)

10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: When in Spain... join the AGRI committee delegation visiting farmers (AGRI committee, AM)

10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: Food safety is not just about pesticides (AGRI committee, 09.07.2018)

10 JUL 2018: Stuart Agnew: No meaningful progress on Brexit, preparing for all imaginable scenarios - Austrian presidency (AGRI committee, 09.07.2018)

10 JUL 2018: William Dartmouth: Comparing EU-Japan trade deal with Brexit negotiations (International Trade committee, 09.07.2018)

05 JUL 2018:
Margot Parker: Return to barbarity in Burundi must be avoided

04 JUL 2018: Mike Hookem: Tories throwing billions at EU in spineless Brexit betrayal

04 JUL 2018: David Coburn: Bending the rules to suit themselves

04 JUL 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: High Priests of European integration keep Greece trapped in the euro misery

04 JUL 2018: Gerard Batten: Freedom loving Poland should help Britain leave EU

03 JUL 2018: David Coburn: Hungarians have every right to kick meddling multi-billionaire out of their country

03 JUL 2018: Margot Parker: Charities up against unelected Commission's proposal

03 JUL 2018: Nigel Farage: The Rebirth of the Nation State

03 JUL 2018: Nigel Farage: Vision of a United States of Europe is thankfully dying before our very eyes

03 JUL 2018: Gerard Batten: What will EU Commission do if European Parliament or Council reject Brexit agreement?(Constitutional Affairs committee)

02 JUL 2018: Julia Reid: Decarbonising Europe with lots of hot air

02 JUL 2018: Jonathan Bullock: EU army cat out of the bag

28 JUN 2018: Jonathan Bullock forces Budgets committee vote on Court of Auditors request for extra funds (Budgets committee)

25 JUN 2018: Gerard Batten: Two donors in referendum campaign that remain unregistered (LIBE committee)

21 JUN 2018: David Coburn to
Guardian journalist: Why not go chase George Soros! (TAX3 committee)

21 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Greens lead the way in refillable plastic politics (Fisheries committee, 20.06.2018)

21 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Verhofstadt and Barnier turning British people into enemies (Fisheries committee, 20.06.2018)

21 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Your only concern is about the vital interests of those who want to spend taxpayers money (Fisheries committee, 20.06.2018)

21 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Socialists and Greens furious over EFDD victory in AGRI committee (AGRI committee)

20 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Will UK get dead money on its EIB investments after Brexit? (AGRI committee with EIB vice-president)

20 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Invest in bio-security not agricultural climate action that takes up 40% of CAP budget (AGRI committee with Commissioner Andriukaitis)

20 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Dutch MEP gets sound advice (Fisheries committee)

20 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Sugar beet industry in Finland gone downhill (AGRI committee)

19 JUN 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Erasmus programmes go beyond cultural and educational exchange (CULT committee)

19 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: EU should wait on outcome of US sanctions before blundering into Iran (Budgets committee)

14 JUN 2018: David Coburn: EU anti-corruption scope does not extend to its own institutions

13 JUN 2018: Raymond Finch: NGOs colluding with people smugglers in the Mediterranean

13 JUN 2018: David Coburn: Why do we keep attracting more migrants? (Bluecard Question to EPP MEP Rangel)

13 JUN 2018: Gerard Batten: This is invasion, not immigration!

12 JUN 2018: William Dartmouth: EU aiding and abetting corrupt government in Ukraine

12 JUN 2018: Mike Hookem: Theresa May surrenders to EU policy against Donald Trump over Iran

12 JUN 2018:
David Coburn: LibDem MEP living in another world on another planet (Point of Order)

12 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Farmers forced to measure vapours and gases to improve world climate (AGRI committee, 11.06.2018)

12 JUN 2018: Gerard Batten: Theresa May should make way for a PM who supports Brexit

11 JUN 2018:
Gerard Batten: British ex-servicemen who served in NI are being unjustly persecuted in the UK

11 JUN 2018: Stuart Agnew: Bulgarian justice system fails to protect EU citizens against property fraud by Russian groups

11 JUN 2018: Julia Reid: Baseless energy and climate policies profoundly damaging EU economy

11 JUN 2018:
David Coburn: EU attempts to micro-manage markets - financial dog's dinner

07 JUN 2018: Patrick O'Flynn: Theresa May rolls over to EU rule over Brexit (CULT committee)

07 JUN 2018:
Patrick O'Flynn: For eurozone to continue those who benefited from the euro must fund those it destroyed (CULT committee)

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