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Today (26/10/2016) in the European Parliament Nigel Farage MEP, speaking in the conclusions of the European Council debate, confronted the British and European establishment that is stalling on Brexit. He stated that the British referendum is something they cannot ignore and that it is in everyone’s mutual interest to get on with it and secure a sensible, tariff-free trade deal.

Nigel Farage MEP commented: “Frankly the whole thing is a disgrace and it’s even worse that it is supported by quislings in the British parliament, people like Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, who are desperate to keep Britain inside this awful Single Market. Well I’m sorry but it simply isn’t going to happen.

“If you think by delaying Brexit, if you think by stopping Brexit, you are going to help your own businesses, your own industries, you’re wrong. It is in the mutual interest of all of us to get on with this and conclude a sensible, straight-forward, tariff-free deal.”

Press Release

Today (25/10/2016) the European Parliament, Conservative and Labour MEPs included, voted to hire 35 armed EU officials. These individuals will work exclusively for the European Parliament unlike the current security arrangements which are provided by external contractors or the Belgian/French state.

UKIP MEP Julia Reid commented: “We have always warned about the prospects of an EU army but now Schulz seems to have taken our predictions very seriously by hiring his own firing squad.”

“A suspected terrorist in the Brussels bombings worked as a cleaner in the Parliament in 2009, it was lucky he was only armed with a mop then. Let’s leave the armed security to those who know what they are doing.”

“To pay EU officials more than the Prime Minister to do nothing seems rotten but then getting value for British tax-payer’s money has never been a high priority for the EU which is a bonfire of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash.” - UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott

Press Release

Last night (24.10.2016) in the European Parliament Budget Committee an amendment was passed which will allow an employee of the European Economic and Social Committee to be put on leave and given a maximum of  €18,000 per month allowance until he retires, which could take up to five years.

According to the Staff statutes, 5% of all EU staff eligible for retirement, can get full pay for doing nothing up to a maximum of 5 years.

The staff member in question was on AD14 which means his basic is 12k euro per month.

UKIP MEP and member of the Budget Committee Jonathan Arnott commented:

“For this individual to be paid this staggering amount of money and then be explicitly asked to do nothing flies in the face of hard-working Brits who do a hard day’s work for their money.”

Nick Clegg should focus more on persuading the good people of his town Sheffield the merits of EU membership, who despite his sage advice voted to leave the EU. - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

Press Release

Today (18.10.2016) Stuart Agnew MEP, UKIP agriculture spokesman, responding to Nick Clegg’s claims that food prices will soar with a ‘hard Brexit’, commented:

“Clegg’s desperate resurrection of Project Fear is persuading nobody.

“He should realise the main factors that impact UK food prices are the Chicago Grain Futures Exchange, supermarket pricing policies and the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, which is designed to prop up inefficient farmers on the continent.
To see the likes of Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg stand up in the House of Commons and proclaim that we must stay in the single market is to ignore the reality of the referendum.

By Nigel Farage MEP (Sunday Express)

For those of us who have fought for so many years for this country’s independence, June 23 truly was an historic, incredible day.

More than 17 million people went out, voted Leave and ignored the disgraceful doomsday predictions of the Treasury’s wildly inaccurate warnings of impending economic collapse by the so-called experts and the establishment’s pathetic project fear.

They voted for a Britain back in control of her borders, her trade policy, her democracy; her destiny.

Yet months on, it is painfully clear the establishment have absolutely no intention to respect the mandate given to Brexit by the British people.

Though the Government has announced its intention to trigger Article 50 early next year, the majority of our political class still want to do all they can to entangle us with the failed European Union as much as they can, or if possible stop us leaving the EU completely.

Press Release

It's a good thing that the British people voted to leave the European Union when we did because the levels of waste and bureaucracy are absolutely breath-taking - UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott

The European Union's Court of Auditors has failed to give the accounts a clean bill of health for the 22nd year in a row.

The report blasts the payments underlying the accounts as being 'materially affected by error', leading the Court to issue an adverse opinion on the legality and regularity of the payments underlying the accounts. An adverse opinion is rare in accountancy, and is issued only in serious cases where there has been a substantial departure from generally accepted accounting principles.

In the 320-page report, the Court of Auditors blasted various examples of EU waste and mismanagement. But the Court of Auditor's findings only told a small part of the true scale of EU wastefulness, because only a small sample of all expenditure is scrutinised by the Court. There are undoubtedly many similar examples which will simply never be found.

The error rate is 3.8%, almost double the 2% threshold which is the maximum considered acceptable by the Court of Auditors, affecting a whopping €5.4 billion of EU spending.


UKIP MEP Tim Aker speaks during the debate on the "Preparation of the European Council meeting of 20 and 21 October 2016", European Parliament, Strasbourg, 05 October 2016

Diane James, elected UKIP Leader, Bournemouth, 16 September 2016

Final speech as UKIP Leader, Bournemouth, 16 September 2016

Today (14.09.2016) in the annual ‘State of the Union’ debate in the Strasbourg parliament chamber UKIP’s Nigel Farage MEP labelled Guy Verhofstadt’s appointment as chief Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament, “pretty much an act of war on any sensible negotiating process.”

Nigel Farage said: “If you think of this building as a temple, well Mr Verhofstadt is the high priest. A fanatic - in fact there is only one real nationalist in the room and it’s you because you want flags, anthems and armies.”

“I would argue what we really need is to have a sensible, common sense approach and for this parliament to recognise it has made a mistake and to find somebody who actually likes the United Kingdom to lead these talks.”

European Parliament Brexit negotiator is anti-British to the core, and not a man with whom we can have a grown up conversation - Nigel Farage

Press Release

Preparing for tomorrows 'State of the Union' debate in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said:

“In tomorrow’s State of the Union debate it will not just be Mr Juncker that British MEPs will be looking to.

“The European Parliament’s choice of former Belgian Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt as the Parliament’s chief divorce lawyer following the Brexit vote in the UK places a dangerous fanatic in charge of the process.
Its looks as if Great Britain just got out of the EU in time, but it is now other countries, still remaining in, which will suffer most from fiscal interference by the EU - UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe.

Press Release

Commissioner Moscovici said today in Bratislava that he would introduce a Common Tax Base system (CCCTB) throughout the EU.

Responding, UKIP Finance Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said:

"While EU Treaty law says that the EU has no competence whatsoever on direct taxation, it is clear the EU will use the CCCTB to carry out a power grab over national corporate tax regimes via the back door.

"If you change which countries receive the corporate tax, you also change their tax take, and put fiscal pressure on them to change their rates.

"As former Irish Commissioner Charlie McCreevy correctly noted: the claim that the CCCTB would have no impact on tax rates is 'unsustainable'.

EU Brexit negotiators are different fish swimming in the same bowl of tears says UKIP's Nigel Farage

Press Release

Nigel Farage MEP commented on the recent appointments of Guy Verhofstadt and his former employee Didier Seeuws as chief negotiators for the EU:

"It is regrettable that the EU is taking such a puerile and partisan approach to the negotiations, there is no way they can be classed as independent when one formerly worked for the other. This is a textbook example of the Brussels bubble, different fish swimming in the same bowl of tears."

"Verhofstadt and Seeuws in no way represent the Flemish people who are increasingly Eurosceptic. This clear anti-British sentiment will only reinforce the British public's vindication over the Brexit vote."

EU names Belgian to coordinate Brexit negotiations
Brexit – Belgian Didier Seeuws named chief negotiator for Britain’s exit from the EU
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Who is Guy Verhofstadt? Farage’s ‘worst enemy’ appointed EU Parliament's Brexit negotiator
Press Release
Following the creation of a working group between Britain and Australia to discuss a future free trade deal William Dartmouth MEP and UKIP trade spokesman commented:

“Our relationship with Australia has always held special significance so I am greatly enthused to see these preliminary discussions taking place about a free trade deal.

“I urge Liam Fox to grasp this great opportunity to make Britain's trade outreach truly global in nature. Making trade deals with our Commonwealth partners is a great way to start.

“I hope that by pursuing more and more such deals we can prove that Britain is open for global business. Some people who advocated a ‘remain’ vote now seem desperate to see Britain fail, let’s show them what a free and independent Britain can achieve.”


Press Conference: Brexit - Let's Get Things Started
European Parliament, Strasbourg, 06 July 2016
UKIP Press Release

Speaking today (05.07.2016) in the European Parliament on the conclusions of the European Council meeting UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP said that the British people have spoken and now both the UK and the EU should work together to get the best deal possible.

Paul Nuttall MEP commented: “The British people have spoken and threats and bullying are not the answer to the questions the UK leaving the European Union has thrown up.

The UK and Europe are joined by geography, culture, history and trade and that will not change. Therefore it is imperative on so many levels that we are good, healthy trading neighbours.

We owe it to the citizens of both the UK and Europe to conduct these negotiations in a grown up manner so we can get the best deal for everyone.”

Strasbourg plenary
24-27 October 2016

Strasbourg plenary
03-06 October 2016

Strasbourg plenary
12-15 Sept 2016

Strasbourg plenary
04-07 July 2016

Brussels - Brexit debate
28 June 2016


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